Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sept/Oct. 10,000HR Sewing Challenge Wrap Up and November/December Goals

I'm almost to the finish line with my Sewing Challenge for this year.

Whew.....I can't believe how quickly this year is going by. I started sewing this month forgetting that I had to begin NEW challenge goals. I remember the month of September but it's almost like I blinked and October was gone. Nevertheless, I've got to keep on keeping on. I've got to log sewing & sewing related activity hours so I can meet my 1000 hours for the year. It seems up to date that I'm 182 hours away from doing so (my hours are listed on the right side of my blog) which means I need to log at least 91 hours each month. Hmmmmm......I wonder can I do it? I'm so close to the finish line. Well I've gotten too close not to achieve my goal so it's time to stay indoors and sew nonstop! Fortunately I get over a week off for my Christmas break so I really plan to sew like made. I'm beginning to drool thinking about all of that sewing---let's get back to my sewing achievement for the last 2 months.

Let's recap my sewing for Sept/October:

-Simplicity 3877 for a Client
-Burda Anniversary top
-Simplicity 3867 cute top the 3rd time around
-New Look 6729
-Vogue 1194 Donna Karan Special
-Another set of Nursing Nest Pillow Cover (Boppy Knock-Off's) for my nephews

So I sewed up a few items, not as many as I like (I aim for 6-8 garments), but I'll definitely make up for it during the last 2 months of the year. Overall I loved everything I sewed and was fortunate not to have any wadders this time around.

As for my November/December goals, I'm taking a slightly different approach. I plan to probably finish up a few items that I didn't complete from the Sept/Oct challenge in addition to a few "suprise items".Although the last 2 dresses I made were cute and all, I feel the need to do something more challenging. So I'm embarking on making a corduroy jacket. I feel like doing some handsewing, lots of pressing, and much tailoring. Here's my pattern and fabric choices....
(Here's the 21 wale corduroy and the polyester lining I plan to use)

(Here's the pattern. I want to make view B with the double buttons and straight sleeve)

I'm gathering all of my supplies and preshrinking everything. I've spent the last few days doing my usual research on the project. I love to do background reading on a project so I can make better decisions on how to construct it. I've been checking out these 2 books and dvd. I like most of you LOVE the Tailoring book (which I discovered is a repackaged version of the Tailoring book from the Singer Sewing Library). It covers EVERYTHING and the 4 different ways you can make a jacket. I love having options.
 (Some of the Resources I've been studying)

 Believe it or not, I've never sewn a jacket for myself before. I've assisted one of my sewing students with constructing her jacket which came out rather well. However, I want my first jacket to be constructed very well so I'm exploring all of the possible construction options. The pattern instructions seem fine but I may deviate from them just a little. I should start on my muslin tonight. I don't plan on being done with it  by this week so I may slip in a simpler project to make up for that. However, I hope to be done sometime next week and have a cute jacket to show for.

Lastly, at the end of this month I'll be celebration my 1 YEAR BLOGOVERSARY! Yayyyyyyyy! I can't believe it's almost been a year since I took the plunge and started a blog. For me that was a sorta scary step but I'm so glad I did.  I've been so fortunate to connect with some great people like YOU! So to celebrate I'm planning some fun "stuff" throughout the month. So stay tuned a few Give-A-Way's and Special Deals are on the way!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! And I am so excited to see how your jacket progresses. It'll be nice to watch someone else's tailoring experience for the next little while! :-)

  2. I can hardly believe it's been a year since you started either. You 10,000 hour comments have resonated with me all this year. I've had to unlearn a lot of things I thought were true over the years and one of those things is that someone is or isn't "a natural." It takes hours to master anything and that's actually a comfort since it means that anything is within my grasp! Your jacket looks like it will be lovely....especially that wonderful lining.

  3. It has been very inspirational watching the results of those almost 1,000 hours of sewing. Keep up the good work I'm cheering for you!

  4. Happy anniversary! It's great to see all your sewing projects- keep 'em coming!

  5. Happy Anniversary, I can´t wait to see the corduroy jacket you have on the project, I really like the color and above the liner. I have followed you to many of your year of sewing and I'm really enjoying your progress.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for taking the time to communicate about your sewing adventures. You are inspiring! Looking forward to the next year.

  7. That lining fabric is terrific. Congratulations on reaching your goals! You should be proud.

  8. mmm, I'm excited to see your jacket... I've made a couple, but not anything fancy yet. I want to make a blazer for my son soonish, so I'll be eager to see yours in the process. I'd love to make a really nice blazer for myself ... and have a great pattern that could produce 20 more! Well, I have the patterns, just not the time, lol!

    I'm glad you found my blog, and hence I found yours, happy blogoversary!

  9. Congratulations on your year of blogging and on doing so well with your challenge - you have certainly been sewing some wonderful clothes! The jacket you are planning is going to be beautiful - I love the colour of the corduroy and the lining fabric you have picked out is perfect!

  10. Happy Anniversary Victoria!! I really shocked that this will be your first jacket...your sewing skills are so awesome, I thought you've done everything from shorts to coats!!! I really like the project you're starting and can't wait to see it!

  11. Happy Anniversary! My siser lives in Savannah! I hope to visit this spring. Love your blog. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  12. Happy Anniversary!! I just decided to do a corduroy jacket the other day. I am using B4610. It was rated well on patternreview and I liked the two piece sleeve. I just watched half of the Jackets DVD this morning. They give alot of info and great tips. I have altered my pattern and cut the fabric. I will be cutting my lining and interfacing tonight. Cant wait to see your progress. I think I may even blog about this project. I havent had the time recently to blog but got to get back in the swing of things.

  13. Happy Anniversary Victoria. You are so talented. I admire your determination. God bless!

  14. Congratulations Victoria! You have accomplished so much, and there is so much more to come!

  15. Pretty. The fabric and the pattern are a winning combination. The chocolate cord is rich and warm. I bought this same pattern a few months ago. May be I'll tested out soon. In the meantime, I see how you work it.

    Happy Blogoversary! You sew beautifully.

  16. Happy one year blogoversary! You're incredibly talented and dedicated to your goals. (Imagine the celebrating you'll do when you reach your 10,000 hours!)


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