Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Green/White Geometric Print Wrap Dress!

I have ALWAYS wanted a wrap dress in a geometric print ever since the day I saw one of my friends wearing one years ago! So I was all too thrilled to stumble upon this Myfabricsdesign.com print! You know I LOVE color!!! The green color seemed like it would be the perfect shade for my skin tone and it was. Plus I love that it was a knit with a little sheen to it- it made the fabric very suitable for a semi-formal affair. My Hubby's 20th High School Reunion was coming up so I knew that this fabric as a wrap dress would be PERFECT! So I sewed this up just 2 days before we left. The pattern is Butterick 5454 and it is a staple. I've made the dress at least 3 times before. Sorry I have a bit of an obsession with wrap dresses. You know you do too! LOL!

Front view: Classic wrap. I've made variations with a collar and some other design elements. I opted for the simpler design here. There are pleats in the skirt as well as the shoulder line. That's all the added flare I needed. I paired with hanging earings--they're actually clear with a little tan and crystals in them. I wanted accessories in that color green but didn't get a chance to go accessory hunting. I wasn't going to do stark white since I don't like that color direcly on my skin. In the end I kept it simple and paired it with my cute, white strappy sandals. 

 Back View. I did my normal pattern adjustment. I shortened the center back about 1 inch, grading it to nothing at the sides. I'm a bit shortwaisted. I also shortened the sleeves a tad.

Here's the fabric. It has a little bit of sheen to it, not obvious in this pic. It's sorta visible in the above photos.

 Me and the Hubs. We didn't match but I liked that we coordinated. He wore a deep burgundy shirt and dark gray pants! In my world color means EVERYTHING! It can either make or break an outfit. It's a major part of one's fashion formula! Heck,  I LOVE color so much that I offer Color Consults to my clients! Gotta spread the Gospel LOLLLL!

We hit the floor for some slow jams! I left the fast stuff for the guy who decided to dance shirtless twirling his shirt his over his head. Boy was that entertaining LOLLL!

I had a great time with these guys! 

Also, I keep meaning to post but I wanted to promote our sewing show for those who don't sew. Gentleman Jim who is a Master Tailor (back in the day he made clothes for such famous folk as James Brown, Jackie Robins, Duke Ellington, etc.) and myself, a Professional Dressmaker with over 12 years of experience have joined forces to bring sewer and informative show! We cover everything from hands on tutorials to handling success and challenges. This month we've dedicated our shows to the Sewing Entrepreneur! Here are a few below. New Show's every Thursday! Check us out!!! Also, feel free to join our Facebook page HERE to stay in the loop on what we've got going on :)

Fabric sponsored by Myfabricsdesign.com. My fabric opinion is honestly my own!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Floral "Kimono Dress" Top - Simplicity8091

It's looking like my Summer wardrobe is shaping up into fun and cute pieces that I can make easily and wear effortlessly. And that's just fine by me! This Floral "Kimono dress" top is one I'm happy to add to my wardrobe. I used Simplicity pattern 8091 and was torn between making view A which is called a Kimono dress or View B which a kimono and an opened and shorter version of the dress. I chose view A, the Kimono dress. Well this is hardly a dress for me. Maybe it's because I'm tall but it definitely wasn't a stand alone dress. Like the pattern envelope model I paired it with pants, specifically a pair of dark denim leggings I made a few years back. I'd been eye-balling this pattern for a little while. But I knew I'd need to pair the perfect fabric with it. I can't remember where I picked up this floral poly-blend but I'm sure happy I did. It was just the right light weight for this design and moved so beautifully. As we all know the wrong fabric can completely kill a great pattern. Going back to the pattern---I forgot to mention that it's only 3 pieces and it literally sews together in less than 2 hours. It's SUPER fast to put together and I feel the style can work with a variety of body types. Normally I don't wear alot of loose tops but I'm enjoying experimenting with some loose styles that can amp up my wardrobe. I definitely plan to make at least one more of these! Ok, without further ado, here are the pics......

(I didn't go crazy with my styling. I wore the Kimono dress/top with dark blue jeggings, black suede wedges with ankle strap and silver large tear drop shaped earrings. The silver earrings were a little more antique color instead of bright. I'd love to get some chunky bracelets in that color to pair with this outfit the next time! I pulled my hair back with a side part and wore lip-gloss along with liner and mascara)

 (Full Span)

(Better View of Fabric Up close)

So here's the Recap:
1. This top is SUPER easy to sew---only has 3 pieces and a handful of steps. Goes together fast!
2. Looks great on most body types. Wonderful for those day we all try to disguise a little tummy bloat! LOL
3. Pick a flowy fabric, anything too heavy will make this top look bulky!

If you decide to sew this one up I wish you much success and fun doing so!!!! Happy Sewing!!!


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