Sunday, February 26, 2017

This Week's Sewing Plans and other goings on......

I'm super excited about this upcoming week! I FINALLY get to do some sewing for myself and can't wait!!! The inspiration behind my upcoming sewing project is mainly based on a lovely gift I received from my Husband from my recent birthday (Feb 9th). He got me tickets to see Shen Yun!!!! As you know I've done ballet costumes for the last couple of years so dance costumes have really intrigued me as of late. Anyhow he got me tickets and the show was PHENOMENAL to say the least. The colors, choreography, music--it was all extremely beautiful. It literally was a visual assault of colors! I was really enthralled with the costumes (my motivation for wanting to go in the first place)--they were so colorful and were made from the most beautiful textiles. Anyhow here are some pics. Mind you everyone was prohibited by law from taking pics during the show but here are some from the brochure.

See what I mean, just breathtaking! I recommend this show to everyone! So because I'm in full "celebrate Asian cultures mode"---China, Japan, etc. I have this gorgeous piece of purple cotton Geisha girl themed fabric that I want to create something cute to wear out of. I JUST LOVE IT!!! It has shiny gold accents throughout.

I plan on wearing it at the next filming of the Tailor and the Dressmaker show as I mentioned in the episode from last week HERE. So I've got lots to do and will be busy, busy the next couple of day.

The month of March is going to be pretty fun in the sewing department as well. Our church is having it's annual Father/Daughter Banquet at the end of the month. For those who have been following me for quite some time know I ALWAYSSSSS make a custom dress for my little princess. I started at age 4 and she's 9 so needless to say those dresses get bigger and bigger and fancier and fancier each year. It's such a fun project. Here's her dress from last year.....
Anyhow we're going back and forth on the color scheme but we may do something "tropical" this year so stay tuned.

Also, as you know I have a custom sewing business---how I make my living. Well I've expanded into Image and Style Consulting through my business Dressed In 10 ( I love empowering women to discover their best style and effortlessly maintain it through resources and educational tools we offer. With that being said I'm hosting my FREE 7 Day webinar for those who are interested. If it takes you more than 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning or you experience any frustration selecting your clothes then this is for YOU!  Just go to my site dressedin10 and sign up (see box upper right). Here's the flyer. I PROMISE you won't be disappointed!!! I love to teach and teaching women to uncover and discover their true beauty without stress and struggle is what I love to do! It's just liberating to really step into being who you want to be.

I also have a very exciting project coming up in March that I can't wait to share. Will fill you in later this week! Hope you have an amazing sewing week!!!


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