Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Client Work: Bride's Stretch Lace- Wedding Reception- Jumpsuit revealed......

A few month's ago I was approached about making a wedding reception jumpsuit for a bride. I wrote about the inspiration, fabric and fitting details  HERE. I'm pleased to announce that my client, Mrs.D's, wedding has come and gone and in her very own words the "jumpsuit was a hit"!!!!  And I couldn't be happier to hear that! Alot of work went into that jumpsuit and it was well worth it.  This was my first ever jumpsuit for a bride. I'd made non-traditional wedding dress for a client years back. Forgive the photo quality. As you can see it's a cell phone pic she sent me since she hasn't received any of her formal pictures back from the photographer yet. I've seen the formal pics online and actually love this one a bit more since you can see the texture of the fabric. In addition to my work to construct the jumpsuit afterwards she had the fabric beaded to add some extra pizzazz. I think that was a wonderful choice and made the jumpsuit that much more glamorous. I love the attitude she displayed in this pic. From the hand on her hip, head thrown to the side and rose she carried--- it was obvious that she was feeling fabulous. She DEFINITELY looked the part!!!

Again, I used this pattern......

I won't do a formal pattern review. I'll just sum it up by saying the pattern was definitely a good one. It's well drafted and went together fairly easily. I only had to make 2 minor alterations for my client. I took it in a good bit so it would fit her like a glove. And it sure did!  I intend to make it for myself and highly recommend it to others.

.....and this fabric with 2 layers of white jet set underneath to prevent show through. I'm ALWAYS a bit nervous working with white. My entire sewing room is nearly cleared out and everything ends up covered in sheets. You can never be too cautious LOL!

I'm SO happy this turned out so lovely for my client. Mrs. D was such a pleasure to work with. It's always exciting to see wedding photos and know you've contributed in such a big way. This is the REASON I do what I do!!! Anyhow, enough about that. I'm on to the next adventure. Sewing pants for my male client. Had fitting that went great so working on the final pant. More to come.......

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sewing Jots and Tittles 6.22.14

Wow! It's been a long time since I've done one of these. Here's a sneek peak into my little world.....

Sewing, Fashions and Such
Saw this Rhinestone net bikini while in the mall. I felt shameful for the mannequin LOL! Can't imagine someone wearing it for real!

 Burda Style have retro styled patterns! Pretty cool!

There's a product for everything. Canned good weights are more of my speed.

 Attended a friend's fashion show on last month. I can't wait to have my own one day!

 My daughter loves to reflect her sense of fashion in her sidewalk chalk art!

 Can you say I got a free duplicate pattern sheet. First time that's ever happened.

 Had to make a maternity dress for a photographer friend's client's photo shoot. It's a modified version of McCall's 6558......'s the dress and it turned out really cute. The front splits open for belly photos!

I've been doing draping/patternmaking on my half scale dressform

Half scale sloper patterns are so tiny!!!

 When the family room get's converted into an indoor sheet/pillow fort.

 Don't know if you can see it but right above the leaf is the LARGEST BROWN WIDOW spider I've EVER seen! She was huge!!! Her body was about the size of a nickel and legs were super long. The red hourglass was VERY visible. Unfortunately she built a nest too close to my home so.......well I'll just say RIP.

 There's a coffee shop right next door to Mr. Jim's sewing studio. These cookies ALWAYS get me in trouble.

 Having a Skype dance session with her cousin.

 I've never seen a fire hydrant like this. There's so many questions racing through my mind. How heavy is it? is definitely my first one.

 Went to Sam's on Sunday and ended up having lunch for free. They had a TON of samples as shown here in Exhibit A. LOL!

 This was a GREAT laugh for my daughter and I at the drugstore! I won't even begin to ask question about this one LOL!

  My daughter was all too enthusiastic about vacuuming out the car. I hope she's always this anxious about cleaning. LOL!

 What discount? Just $0.05 each. That's just insulting!!!

You would think she doesn't like using her own legs. Always trying to hitch a ride with Daddy! 

Gary Chapman gives the best marriage advice. I loved "The Five Love Languages" so I definitely want to check this one out! 

 Looks like a book of truth!!!

 Gorgeous sunset in the neighborhood

 Saw this at my local Jo-Ann's. Isn't that the cutest caddy.

 Dr. Appt check-in/payment made simple. Thank God they got rid of the paper and clipboard. Notice my patternmaking book on the right. I don't go to any appt without a good read!

You'd think that Kindle is permanently attached to her hand LOL!

Got to see the Comedian Chonda Pierce with a dear friend & enjoyed the VIP experience. I had no idea she was so funny. She had us in tears!!!!

Ok, that's it for now, more later:)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mesmerizing Draping......

Tomorrow I begin Mr. Jim's (my Tailoring Teacher, blog HERE) Pants Fitting and Construction Workshop. I'm pretty comfortable with making pants but am really looking forward to this workshop. I get to draft to my own pattern from my own measurements and learn his fancy tailoring techniques for pants construction. Anyhow more on that later. I also took his Tailored Jacket workshop at the beginning of June and still need to review it. I promise to catch up. In the meantime I'll leave you the link to some amazing draping work. Check out this Link.....

You have to check out the student photo albums. So many projects to look at and analyze the techniques. I so wish I could see them in person. I of course am learning how to drape and love to look at the work of others. I know I'll get this good one day. Draping is such an amazing art form in and of itself! Also this is the teacher's draping video. It's neat watching his technique. Just amazing!

 Hope you enjoy the photos and video!!!! If you know of any other informative draping websites or videos please leave them in the comments section!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

May "Sewing Boot Camp" Re-Cap

I'm still playing catch up on posts. Here are a few other pieces I made for the "May Sewing Bootcamp". Of course I made my daughter and I's Mother's Day outfits. Here they are....

 (This is a silver metallic net tank top using Burda 6923)

 (back view)

 (I made this skirt using a multi color rayon challis I had in my fabric stash. It's Butterick 5613)

(fabric up close. I love the colors. I have enough left to make something else!)

So not too shabby, I made 5 pieces in the middle of my client filled May work schedule. Plus I was able to sneak in some draping as well. But more on that later. Can you believe it's already the 12th? Seems like the month just started. I hoping for a productive month!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Know What You Want......BUT Know What It Costs!!!!

Lots of things going on. I'm a little behind on blogging. I've got to post my May "Bootcamp" sewing results. Tomorrow is day 3 of the Tailored Jacket Workshop hosted by my tailoring teacher James McFarland (His Blog HERE) and I CAN'T WAIT to blog about that experience. I've learned SO MUCH!!!! That man is a tailoring GENIUS!  Ok, more on that later but now about this post. I'm a HUGE Napoleon Hill fan. He is considered one of the greatest writers on what it takes to be successful. If you've never read "Think and Grow Rich" then you've missed out on some true inspiration. His books aren't about materialism but really about being your best self. I so love him!!! Anyhow, I subscribe to his daily FB post and they're all amazing. But last week this particular one stuck out to me. It was just the reminder I needed to dig deep, really focus and stay on the same path I'm on. My aim is to excel as a Sewing Professional and design my own fashion line. It will take time but I will get there!!!! It's so easy to get discouraged when you're working hard and not seeing the results you want but good things come in due time, right?  The difficulties are part of the journey. And to make it you've got to put the time in until the door of opportunities open. This goes out to all you folks like me---who are trying to do BIG things and reach their HIGHEST potential! We will SUCCEED!!!!

(You can find this post here......

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!

I wanted to give a SPECIAL birthday shout out to my wonderful Hubby. His birthday was officially yesterday but after celebrating into the wee-hours of the night (that means 10pm for me ya'll I'm old and can't hang like I use to) LOL--- I still felt like more needed to be said. I skipped buying a card this year. It just didn't seem like a big enough expression. It's really hard to articulate things about someone who really means so much to you. Jimmy is and has been my Best Friend for the last 17 years and I love him for it! He's a kind-hearted, funny, smart, personable and all around great person! The list could go on and on---trust me. And he's been an EXTRAORDINARY support to my sewing endeavors on every level---especially since I've turned it into my career. It's been a bit of a "roller coaster ride" at times but he helps keep me sane! And he's always cheering me on and putting up with my craziness! I can't tell you what that kind of support means to me. Don't know what I'd do without him! He's my heart.

 So with that said I want to shout it from this continent and to every other continent around the world! Glad you had a happy birthday Jimmy and I look forward to sharing many, many, many more with you!!!!!


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