Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Designer to Watch: Delpozo

As a designer I really do have a LOVE AFFAIR with color and all things color blocking. Needless to say when I saw this dress worn by this lovely actress at this year's Golden Globes  (don't even know her name unfortunately) I knew I just had to research the designer and go peep his/her/their designs. The design is by Delpozo and this dress is part of the Spring 2016 line. Check out the video below. I find it fascinating to watch other designers ideas and design asthetics! Even if I don't like the work I definitely respect the thought and work that goes into it. Glad the Golden Globes dress led me to learn about a designer I hadn't heard about before. Have you ran across any designers you just discovered that are worth sharing????

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Simplicity 1198 Knit assymetrical top & a Trip to Fine Fabrics in Atlanta

I whipped up this cute little top using animal print knit fabric I've had in my stash a good while. I'd been looking for the perfect pattern for this fabric and found it with Simplicy 1198 view E. I LOVE to wear leggings so this was a cute shirt to go with a pair. Very easy top to make. I actually lengthened it about 4" after reading other sewer's reviews. I'm short-waisted so I needed my top to be long enough. Here are a few pics. Sorry they are the WORST! That was a busy day but at least I looked cute in the process LOL!

 (Forgive the blurry pic. Here's how I styled the top. Had a cute jacket and denim leggings I made long ago and paired it with tall brown boots. I'm a very unfussy dresser so my aim is always effortless and cute! 

 (I like the side drape. It's a cute detail)

(Back view---you can see the colors a little better. They are fab. I have such an obsession with animal prints!)

I was in Atlanta for a wedding so I took advantage of a Fine Fabrics trip. Next Month is our annual Father and Daughter Banquet so I picked up some fabric---will divulge deets soon.  If you've never been you NEED to go. I go anytime I'm in Atlanta.

 (I love seeing this sign)

 (There are SOOOOO many rows of fabric. The prices are a steal! Not surprisingly I went to only get the things I needed which wasn't much. I don't have an interests in collecting fabric anymore---it's liberating! I already have a big stash. I use to collect fabric because finding it on sale was few and far in between. Don't need to do that anymore. I'm becoming more of a minimalist everyday:)

(Being silly)

Ok, lots going on and can't wait to share. In the meantime don't forget to check out the Tailor and the Dressmaker premier show on TOMORROW. And you can follow us  on Facebook!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

At least I don’t have to build the Dome of the Cathedral of Florence!

I was thumbing through one of my National Geographic magazines and came upon this extraordinary article on the Cathedral of Florence Il Duomo.  It’s nothing short of amazing! If you know anything about it (which I didn’t) you’d know that it’s dome design was the result of an architect by the name of Filippo Brunelleschi. He took on this task with very limited experience! At that time many thought his idea was overly ambitious and many professionals in the field today still don’t fully understand his methods. I was intrigued reading about the construction details.  My description wouldn’t do it justice so check out the video for yourself. It’s amazing both inside and out!.

My point in bringing this all up is……………….no matter what I've got going on it's not the grandiose scale of a project as the Cathedral of Florence Il Duomo. Yes, I’m a professional dressmaker who makes gorgeous outfits for herself, family and clients. What I do is VERY CHALLENGING  (not discrediting it at all) but it’s not on the Il Duomo level of challenging LOL. I know everything is relative so there are some very challenging areas in the field of fashion design and sewing. But for the sake of me making a practical point (and being slightly facetious) just follow me on this. Whatever I'm doing may be a big deal but at least I don't have to build the Dome of the Cathedral of Florence. Just thinking of that helps me change the way I look at my sewing/sewing business challenges. Up against that great feat they don't look as big. And that thought for me is quite helpful and comforting.  Especially since this year I anticipate having a few challenges since I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to do some amazing things!!! Challenges arise anytime you don’t settle for mediocrity :)
So from now on whenever I face a sewing challenge I’m going to say aloud 3 times (you do it too!) ….even click your heals for good measure....

This is not the Cathedral of Florence Il Duomo!
This is not the Cathedral of Florence Il Duomo!
This is not the Cathedral of Florence Il Duomo!

 Doesn’t that feel better? Those sewing tasks/projects don’t seem as complicated or nearly as hard now do they, huh? LOL. Ok, that’s my little psychology session for the day, feel free to send me a check for the service or instead…… Go forth and DO BIG THINGS!!!! Truth be told nothing’s too hard when you put your mind to it......................... Even the Il Duomo!!! 


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