Monday, November 29, 2010

The Final 1st Blogoversary Giveaway---The BIG ONE!!!!

I'm pretty rested up from my holiday and I thank you guys for your patience. Yesterday marked my 1 Year Blogoversary! Yipee! To commemorate such a great year with you Guys, I've hosted a Giveaway for the last 7 days (with the exception of yesterday). So there's been 6 GREAT giveaways with the only condition being to answer a question to enter the drawing for the prize (if you haven't seen the other giveaways, be sure to revisit the last 7 posts to see them).  Since this is the last Giveaway I thought it would be only fitting to end my celebration with a BANG! So this is it......The final Giveaway prize is.....
Originally I was going to split up these 2 DVD-ROM's in 2 separate giveaway's but that just didn't seem right. I wouldn't want to win one without the other. These are 2 great DVD-Rom's I purchased not too long ago. I'm giving these away because I recently was able to get another "related" item off of my Christmas list (you may recall this post a couple of weeks ago)and wouldn't need these anymore (I'll divulge more about that later). Anywho, I'd love for these to go to a great little home where they'll get lots of use! They are spectacular and I don't have to sing the praises of Thread's compilation DVD-ROM's. The material is exceptional and oh, sooooo useful. It's definitely a resource I think everyone should have in their reference library.

Ok, now on to the's kind of a funny one....

I think we sewers sometimes talk a big game about how obsessed we are with sewing. We talk about all of the fabric we buy and collect, sales we shop, etc, etc but sometimes all of that seems a little blaze--- you know like obsession 101. But I think we're hiding the truth and masking it over with generalities. I know alot of you have that "Fatal Attraction" type of obsession with sewing. You've done some crazy things for your craft but you haven't really gone into detail about it. Beyond doing some crazy things you've probably had even crazier thoughts in regard to your obsession. I don't have a problem about being honest, I know I'm incredibly obsessed about sewing and I have the evidence to prove it. As they say confession is good for the soul so here goes.....

The signs of my sewing obsession are....

-I cringe when I get a library fine. Hey that's money I could be spending on fabric. Come to think of it, if I have to pay a little extra on anything that thought crosses my mind.
-I sometimes juggle my work schedule around  fabric/pattern sales at Jo-Ann's. Hey, you know those new   patterns always go FAST!!!
- Speaking of Jo-Ann's I'm on a first name basis with most of the employees. Well they're really nice people, I go there ALOT and knowing them means sometimes I can get a few perks (they pull and hold patterns for me when I'm at work and can't make it to the store).
- If I'm scared that I may miss the opportunity to get a pattern, I sometimes will buy it at regular price wait    until it goes on sale for $0.99 and return it.
-When we travel, I have to know every fabric store within a 20 mile radius. We usually visit most of the one's I find.
-My daughter and I spend a good time "together" in my sewing room. Hey you can practice the alphabets with your 3 y.o. while sewing a jacket at the same time! It's called multi-tasking! LOL!
-Yes, I catch the Black Friday sales at Jo-Ann's fabric's. This is the first year I didn't "stand in line" at Jo-Ann's and made a later arrival. Still got some good deals though:)
-It's getting so easy for my husband to give me gifts now. If he asks, I tell him money for fabric! Of course sometimes I want other things and can use that money for it if I like, but usually fabric's on the brain. LOL!
-My idea of a great free day is staying at home and sewing.
-When I order fabric online and I get that dreaded email stating they ran out of it, I go into a "short period of mourning". I may sulk for an hour. Hey it's tough to lose great fabric! LOL!

Ok, so some of my obsessions seem a bit ordinary,  but for me this is living on the edge (I'm a bit of a prude)! LOL! So I turn the question to you. You have to divulge. Now let me warn you that if you've done something as crazy as boosting a Hancock Fabrics truck and stealing all of the fabric on it, please don't share (I don't want to be an accessory to the crime).LOL! But if you've done something obsessive but Legal please do share! LOL!

So my Final question, for the 2 Thread's DVD-ROM's giveaway is.....

What are the "tell-tell" signs of your Sewing Obsession!!!! You know the crazy (yet legal) stuff you've done that you'd feel crazy sharing with anyone other than a fellow obsessed sewer!

Please do tell.....

BTW, don't forget to enter the giveway's of your choosing (see the last 7 posts). Tomorrow's the last day to enter.  I'll announce the winners on December 1st!


  1. My tell-tale signs are... the fact that I have at least 100 sewing mags... Burda, Threads, Patrones and tons of vintage patterns stacked / strewn around my bedside as 'late night reading.' It's a little sad really, but I can't help it!

  2. I want the Threads DVDs. The tell-tell signs of my sewing obsession are: my nine tape measures, umpteen pin cushions, gads of fabric and the lack of where-with-all to resist the 99 cents pattern sales although I have enough patterns to last me the rest of my life!

  3. When my husband's away (like now), I have a year's Burda magazine's stacked on the bed next to me in the place where his pillow should be! Well, you know, I am plotting and planning away and why would I get out of bed to put them back in their place?

    I hide from people exactly how much sewing I do. (That is real twelve-steps stuff...)

    In the last two years I have only bought three RTW garments but NONE OF MY FRIENDS KNOW THAT (otherwise I couldn't hide how much sewing I do)!

    Last time my machine broke down, I cried.

  4. I secretly love visiting my mother in law, just because our son sleeps in her sewing room...and as I read him goodnight stories, I scope out fabrics to try to persuade her to give to me! I always tell her that her sewing room is my favorite place to "shop" because the prices are just right! LOL
    I even hesitate to travel, because I know I'll be missing out on valuable sewing time! So we always come back a day before we got back to work just so I can squeeze in a bit of sewing....and I LOVE visiting out of town fabric shops for something different :)

  5. I really want the Threads DVDs. I think the sure sign of my sewing obsession is my fabric stash. My husband brought me a storage building to store my fabrics.

  6. Well, I go to the sewing store routinely at lunch (and it's a subway ride away - albeit a short one). My daughter says she feels safest in my sewing room and likes to sit on the floor and do stuff in there, even when I'm not in there also! I guess she too, is very used to it. I have a serious injury and somehow I've convinced my husband to cut out fabric for me and I'm (very slowly and labouriously) making a top even with a major foot injury. I mean, that is pretty sick. This is just a small sample of the things I do in my sewing obsession.

  7. I rarely buy store bought clothes anymore. But... sometimes... I will buy clothes I like take them apart and re-create them. BUT.... I don't keep the bought clothes. I sew them back up and return them.

    If I win, you won't forward the police my address will you?

  8. The signs of my sewing obsession are that I would rather spend the time knocking off a garment than saving up to buy it. I also have about 20 sewing books I have never read because I just had to have them in my library. I buy fabric because it is pretty even though I don't have any plans to sew with it in the near future. I am probably about to do that today.

  9. First of all: congratulations! And I am very much interested of the Threads DVDs, I wish myself luck! I guess with me is the same like with everybody here: too much materials, too much patterns. But I always buy more. Done it around the world, coming with me back as souvenirs: bags full of materials, magazines and yarn. I call this as investment. And can tell about every piece their own story - in details. I this case I have a very good memory.
    Like also to "read" the pattern-magazine`s. Hard to tell to my family what is there so interesting and why this takes so long. I just don`t get tyred of this. Stumble in details and absorb the information. Always pile waiting my bedside.

  10. Oh, I really, really want the Threads DVDs! When I bought my condo, I had to get one with 2 bedrooms (it's only me and a cat) because I wanted to have a sewing room! I cannot pass up a 99 cent pattern sale even though it might be years before I can sew all the patterns.

  11. Gosh... obsession? Not me. No sir. I do not have an obsession...

    At least I like to tell myself that. My obsession involves stalking the Barnes & Noble for the latest issue of Burda, buying a $2600 serger even though I had no idea how a serger even worked, checking Craigslist on an almost daily basis looking for people cleaning out their fabric stash, convincing my hubby to take me to New York (when he has to go for work) just so I can hit up the fabled fabric shops, etc. No really, there's really no obsession here...

  12. Happy Blogoversary! I think it's my obsession with foreign pattern magazines. I only have a few, but I always want to buy them and drool when looking at them online. My frugalness keeps me from forking over the money tho. I do have an obsession with buying 99 cent patterns at J's tho. Ugg, I really don't need any more patterns. I have 6+ years of Burda and 10 years of Ottobre, plus gobs of envie patterns - ugg, I need a 10 step program to help me! lol

  13. While I can totally relate to "all of the above", I think my favorite sewing obsession symptom is the fact that my kids (at ages 2 and 4) have no idea that you can buy clothes, but when we go to the fabric store, they starts demanding! "Mommy, get some red fabric to make a shirt!" "Mommy, I want a pink dress!" And I mean really, how do you say no to that?? You want me to buy fabric - sure, twist my arm!

  14. -Shopping EVERY pattern sale and buying up to the maximum limit per customer, then coming back the next day to stock up all over again
    -I carry around a list of fabric requirements for at least 10 projects in my purse at all times, so when I happen to near a fabric store I won't be caught unprepared
    -I keep a "sewing pattern wishlist" on my computer and check ebay everyday for sales and order them even though I may not get to the project for months to come
    -In the past few weeks I have literally stopped doing all leisure activities so I can finish Christmas gifts and new outfits for me to wear for the holidays!

  15. I really want the Threads DVDs. My obsession is fabrics. My fabric collection dates back to 1976. My girlfriend added to my collection by gifting me all the fabrics from her grandmother's collection, which included beautiful silks, wools and Boucle. My neighbord worked at a factory and last summer gave me the most beautiful fabrics including embroidered chiffon,silk and knits.
    My book collection rivals the fabric collection. I fix my work schedule so that I can go to a sewing class or to a fabric sale.
    My pattern collection is probably over 2,000+ patterns and counting......
    I also have am extensive collection of home dec fabrics, quilting fabrics.
    Lets just say that my notions collection is on par with my fabric collection.

  16. Some clues:
    - My kids like to "shop" for new clothes in my fabric stash.
    -My kids tease me about how many "tons" of fabric I have. (Really, that's an exaggeration!)
    -If I'm not cutting or tracing a pattern while watching TV, I always have a Burda mag. in hand.

    The biggest sign to me was realizing that:
    -I dream sewing. You know how you remember your dreams when you're awoken in the middle of them? Often when one of my kids wakes me in the wee hours of the morning, I'll have been dreaming pattern drafting or stitching a polo placket. Eek!

  17. Wow, what a generous giveaway! (That I hope to win, of course!) My obessession manifests itself in buying fabric like there's no tomorrow - and I don't like shopping, and I'm not a hoarder, usually... Then there's the pattern magazines, hundreds of them. Even when I can't sew I love to read and re-read my pattern mags - and dream of all the garments I could make!

  18. I'm more of a want-to-sew obsessive. My dream would be a week at home just to sew. I stash my fabric around the place in different drawers, under different beds, etc so that when my partner stumbles across it the full extent is not obvious. I smuggle fabric into the house when everyone is out. I haunt thrift shops and buy old patterns I will probably never make up. I've bought 10 copies of Burda at airmail prices (ie expensive) but I've only made one (ONE) garment from them so far...
    Recently I took two banana boxes of fabric to the Refugee Sewing Group, and two for the local hospice to sell at their sale, and it's hardly touched the stash. Right now I have 6 garments in the mental planning stage, fabric ready, pattern just waiting to be traced and fitted...
    I'm such a beginner everything takes me ages. The Threads DVDs sound fantastic!

  19. Teaching beginning sewing just so I get the 40% discount from the shop owner on machines and fabric. Stacks of sewing magazines and books everywhere I might lay my head or sit on my booty. I hate to shop but I could spend hours in fabric stores. Dreaming of things I am someday going to make.

  20. I have many sewing obsessions! I enjoy frequenting sewing stores as well, and I never shop without my coupons for Joanns. That is a no-no! My all-time obsession is hanging my newly sewn creations on my bedroom door so I can see it when I wake up and smile! Oh vanity!Lol

  21. The fabric stash I have will definitely show my obsession to buying fabric. I have over filled my fabric storage cabinet. I know it's going to be more fabric shopping when I go back to Singapore in Jan. More fabric obsession to fulfill.

  22. My telltale sign is so obvious when you enter my home - there is sewing stuff every where. Only the littlest room in the house is excluded, yet I'm sure that on some occasions I drop a pin there. There are small bits of string on our rugs and my husband would say that sticking a pin in his heel is a regular event at our house. I say it's just one of the hazards of the industry (or obsession).

  23. Ooh! Super Giveaway! I would love to have those DVDs. There are so many crazy things, but the first one that comes to mind is that when I walk in our local thrift store, Linda will holler out..."there's more fabric Mary" and she even lets me look at stuff in the back room before it's put out. I am her resident authority too when something sewing comes in and they don't know what it is.

  24. I loved reading everyones elses OCD! I am torn between browsing the web constantly for new ideas, gorgeous fabric, patterns, magazines (yes I subscribe to Burda, Patrones, Knipmode and never miss a La Mia Boutique along with several other crafty/sewing mags) and reading sewing related blogs WITH SEWING as much as I can.

    I will give a very recent example of my obsession, I have two small children (2 & 3) and I have Tuesdays and Fridays to myself, well this Saturday just gone was my Birthday and I wanted to sew a dress, so on Tuesday I chose, fitted, traced, cut and sewed a dress, all except hemming which I did that night, it was fully lined and had a V neck facing that I had to hand sew. It was black, gorgeoues but just plain black. So the next day with Children (I have boys) I chose, fitted, traced and cut out another dress, started sewing it on Wed night, finished it Thursday night asked my husband to help hem it, he didn't like it! What?! So, on Friday I chose, fitted, cut, TRACED and sewed another dress! I had my hair done on Saturday morning for the party that night, and I sat in the car at the shopping centre doing the hand stitching to finish the dress because I knew it would never have been finished at home if I didn't! It was gorgeous and I felt chuffed that I made it! Obsession complete!

  25. I have a filled up dedicated sewing space, I read sewing blogs every day, I think sewing every day, I get cranky if I don't get to sew at least twice a week. If I write words that are similar to sewing words, I will write the sewing word (like "sew" instead of "so", just in my own language :-). I listen to sewing podcasts when I can't sleep. I'd rather sew than read, watch tv or cook. I have several sewers among my best friends.

  26. Don't tell my advisor, but I've been known to take a day or two off of school to stay home and sew. I like to think I make up the time by working longer days the rest of the time...

  27. I stay up till 3 am Friday night sewing. It's the only time I have. I will take anything but prefer DVds I am new to sewing

  28. A sign of my sewing obsession- I can't pass up a sale on fabric. Even though I have a ridiculous stash already. Even though I really don't have the extra money. Even though I have no idea what I will make with it. If it is beautiful and on sale I have to buy it.

  29. My tell tell signs of sewing obession:Since I am not stateside I lurk the Vogue, McCall, Butterick for new sales, patterns etc every couple of hours,seriously, yes seriously.. I also buy fabric like we might be going into a depression lol.... And when I am sewing a project, sewing is more important over sleep!

  30. A lot of the above comments contain sentiments that are very familiar to me. Patterns hold all the secrets. I want the best cuts, I want to know what makes the best patterns different from an ordinary pattern. My daughter is in a dance concert this weekend. She needs full briefs under her costume for 2 performance nights. Barring accidetns, these briefs won't even be seen. I have already made up 4 different patterns and compared them on her. There are a couple of tweaks I want to try. I am busy with so many things that need to be done, but still I "make time" to try out more brief to try out one last one now!

  31. Happy Blogoversary!! Here are my signs: I own many sewing books, I always get patterns when they are on sale, I always say yes to sewing costumes for high school plays, and I said yes to sewing four nightgowns on my day off...

  32. My sewing with most sewists...the F Word:


    I, like so many others buy fabric with certain fashions in mind. I have six storage totes in the cellar (mind you they are not small totes either) and my closet shelves are filled with fabric. I have enough to keep me very busy for an extremely long time but I continue to buy more!!!!! Hmmmm....I wonder if this can be classified as an illness ;-)

    My present project is an example of my obsession...I've hoarded this camel hair wool for was given to me by my father-in-law at least 15 years ago!!! YIKES...Thank goodness for Gertie's Lady Grey Jacket Sew-Along for I have finally utilized the wool along with five yards of a Moire' fabric I am using for the lining that I had to have purchased at least 12 years ago. My challenge with this project is finishing daughter came home three weeks ago and my sewing has been put into a holding pattern until she leaves for her new job in Tennessee...which will be sometime this week.

    A runner up to my fabric obsession is purchasing patterns at Joann's during the $.99 sale. This is one sale I have a hard time passing up knowing how expensive patterns are at the regular retail price!!! I have patterns I purchased years ago that I still haven't used yet...

    Then there is the drooling over the latest and greatest in the sewing machine market. Thankfully this is where my brakes are put on being as these machines are expensive and one just doesn't step out and buy them like you do fabric and patterns. If I had an unending source of cash...sewing machines would definitely be included in my sewing obsession.

    I'm OBSESSED...I admit it...I join a great grouping of people who are equally as obsessed as I!!!

    Happy Sewing to All. :-D

  33. I want the Threads DVD's! Such a great giveaway. I knew I was obsessed when I started looking at vacation spots that had great fabric stores! And the 99 cent patterns, I'm always there the first day of the sale to get the ones I want.

  34. Oh, I'd love the Threads DVD's! I stopped sewing years ago when my husband died and have recently started again, so they would be a welcome help. My obsessions - fabric, patterns, sewing tools. Although I didn't sew, of course I continued to collect everything else! Luscious fabrics cheered me up, new tools intrigued me, and I bought every pattern for basics and special outfits that I knew would look good on my body shape. And the fabric cheered me up the most. All those stunning colors, beautiful textures, interesting weaves. Going to fabric stores to snoop around and find treasures was as calming as snooping in antique stores.

    I recently moved from my large home into a one-bedroom apartment (couldn't find a nice two-bedroom one in time). When the movers were packing up, fabric was everywhere - packed in boxes under the beds, in the closets, in the attic, in the basement, hidden in cabinets, and piled up in corners. They filled up FOUR tall wardrobe boxes with fabric. Half of it came here with me. The other half? Stored in a climate controlled, temperature controlled locker in our local moving and storage facility! No way was I giving up a single yard of those beautiful fabrics I've collected all these years.

    Now my wardrobe will truly blossom as I make up all these beauties. Should take me a while, though. ;=D

    Creative Hormone Rush (Cindy)

  35. Thank you everyone for helping me realize that I am not alone in my addiction!!

    These Threads DVD's are actually on my xmas list so it would be an early present to actually win.

    -I spend my recess break cruising fabric sites in case of sudden sales (DON"T TELL!! - I'M a TEACHER)

    -I carry a Burda in my purse everywhere in case I have a moment to read

    -my 2 year old grabs my sewing mags from my bedstand when he wants me to play chase with him

    -I can't walk past a piece of clothing on a rack without flipping up the hem and/or checking out the pattern lines of the piece

    -hubbie and I argue about time I spend obsessing about sewing, reading about sewing, sewing, tracing, cutting out, sewing........

    Sigh....I suppose there are worse addictions :-)

  36. I got a tattoo of a spool of thread in a place only my new husband has seen. He laughed at me and promised to set up my sewing area

  37. My tell-tell sign is showing up at Jo-Anns at 6am for a black Friday sale and shopping till 8:30am or later. Just shopping and enjoying the company of fellow crafters and seamstress ( whom I meet their every year), lol

  38. 1. Since I started sewing 2 years ago, everytime I see a piece of RTW clothing that interests me, I'd check the label for material info, study and memorize the lines/patterns with eyes like eagle eyeing its prey.

    2. I would stay up all night and not sleep at all to sew, eventhough I know that for the next few days my schedules are empty.

    3. My bedtime reading pleasure is reading different kinds of patterns envelopes and instructions.

  39. Mind you, this is not my habit, but when I worked in a fabric store you got to know the "addicts". There were a few women who would easily spend over a couple of hundred dollars often more than once a month. We just couldn't believe how much fabric they bought and we all loved fabric! There were women, and I did this once or twice in my younger days, who told of how the fabric would go into the car trunk and then be leaked out gradually over the course of a few weeks.

    My obsession? I just want to make it all. There aren't enough hours in the day for all of my ideas. They consume me at times. I am also guilty of reading sewing books and magazines every night in bed before sleeping. I know.....

  40. I would love to have the Threads DVD set.
    I have enjoyed their website's "Teach Yourself to Sew" features.
    My telltale sign of an obsession is I have almost 200 patterns, some I purchase even though they aren't the right size (too small) but I really believe some day I will be able to use them when I learn how to grade ( I think that is the correct term) patterns.
    That is my goal someday.
    I have jean material in 4 different shades, and I was so desperate for a sewing area- I set up shop in our unfinished basement downstairs.
    I also cried and am still crying when I sewing machine's feed dogs got stuck in the dropped position after only having it for a year and a half.

  41. I have been eying the Threads DVD for months now. And yes, I am obsessed with sewing. I drag my son with me to my local notions/fabric shop almost every weekend. I dream about sewing. I think about sewing almost every waking minute. I resent my day job because it cuts so deeply into my sewing time. I contemplate calling in sick to sew. Yep, I'm obsessed!

  42. What fun reading everyone's confessions! I'd also love to win this DVD set, but if I don't, I know it will be well loved by someone here.

    My confession on sewing obsession? I camp for the winter and will run the generator in order to sew if we are "dry camping". I do try to time all my machine work for times when we have hook ups, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

  43. Do we need to have an intervention?? ;-) I've stayed up all night a couple of times to finish some projects. I also scour garage sale ads for more sewing stuff (fabric, notions, etc).

  44. Enter my craft room and anyone will easily figure out my obsession with sewing. loads of fabric stash and bits and pieces of the WIP of the day lying around with trims and the works. 24/7 , 365 days a year, o.k. exclude days when i am not home, sure my neighbors thank god then for not hearing the rhythmic sound of my sewing machine! he he

  45. The signs of my sewing obsession are the ever growing fabric stash, magazine and patterns that can be found everywhere at my place. I am an avid collector. It doesn't feel right if I don't go fabric shopping at least once a week...

    Thanks for this fabulous giveaway, Victoria! And congratulations to the lucky winners!

  46. I am currently clearing a shelf in my closet to make room for my fabric. This shelf used to hold tubs of Christmas ornaments, which will now be stored in my bathtub. (If you keep the curtain closed, no one will know.) I am always on the look out for a good sewing tool or gadget - even though I have a Jean-a-ma-jig, I had to get the Hump Jumper too. I saw Space Tape on the Teach Yourself to Sew video series and I couldn't rest until I had some. I keep a spreadsheet of the sewing machine feet I own and those I want to buy. All of this for a beginner who has completed four garments ...

  47. I agree on many points with your addiction, all the time sewing, fabric and more fabric (never enough) but the craziest thing I did was gross be sewing 48 hours straight without sleep or rest to finish work on New Year's dresses. I ended up with a headache and vomiting.

  48. What a great giveaway!

    The details of my obsession...
    The people at my sewing machine dealer know me by my voice on the phone.

    Since my son's crib is next to my sewing machine table and one morning we woke up to hear, "clink, clink, tap, tap," only to realize that he had climbed out onto the table and was MERRILY playing with everything on the table. My machines stayed on the table thankfully, but the serger was unthreaded and there were pins and needles strewn everywhere--but the end result which has to be related to my sewing obsession is that there is a mattress between the crib and the table now that stands vertically so that he can't get out. He doesn't mind, but it probably doesn't look too good either.

    I consider it a successful day if I've managed to move all of my pattern debris off to the side of the dining room table so that we can actually eat at it.

    I hate to admit it, but I assess other people's fit and get indignant when I see that they've been hoodwinked into buying something that doesn't fit them in the least.

  49. Have you looked at the international shipping rates for Vogue patterns? Every time I've ordered some I've feel like an obsessed sewer and I wouldn't dare telling anyone (okay, except ma fellow obsessed sewers, but DH doesn't know)...

  50. Sign of sewing obsession 1) I have visited New York (from Australia) twice in the last 2 years, and spent several days shopping- but all I bought was fabric. 2) I crave the Threads DVD
    mae dot wilson at yahoo dot com dot au

  51. The fact that I have a sewing obsession is very relavant when my 16 yr old son asks me to take him to the mall to shop and I don't even know where the mall is:) I can find every fabric store in my city but I NEVER go the a mall.

  52. My obsession is with $0.99 patterns. (Does anyone pay $15 or more for a pattern? I REALLY hope not!!) And storing fabric. So bad, I just took over my mothers fabric stash, hauling more than one SUV FULL from her house to mine, just to add to my collection and then we promptly went out and hit our local fabric warehouse for... more fabric.... and I do not have enough. I have three little ones so I have to sew in the middle of the night, been known to be up until 3am sewing away. The funny part is my husband will sit upstairs in the living room watching TV or playing video games until I'm finished sewing because neither one of us can go to bed without each other.... then I come up from sewing and he scolds me for making him stay up so late.. Ha!!

  53. I gotta tell you this cracked me up. I am in my office (should be working - 1 sign of obsession) trying not to laugh out loud!! This post is priceless. I am soo happy not be alone in my obsession. I feel you on sooo many levels.

    2. I cant justify spending money on anything unless it has to do with sewing. Recently, my daughter wanted to go to the mall and buy some new shoes, I told her she didnt need them and then realized I could drop her off at the mall and go to the Hancocks to see what was on sale and transferred money from my savings to pay for both of our indulgences.

    3. I drive on my lunch hour to G street and Joann's to catch a sale (especially patterns). It takes me 20 minutes to get there and 20 minutes to get back and leaves me 20 minutes to shop.

    4. I keep a list of patterns I want to purchase on my phone for upcoming sales although my cabinets are bursting at the seams.

    5. I too know most of the staff @ my Joann's and Hancocks. When I miss a week or two the lady in Hancocks says "where you been?"

    6. I rent movies for me and my children to watch in the sewing room while I work on projects and call it "family time".

    7. When I have ordered fabric, sewing books, magazines I constantly check the mail I mean like 3 times a day compared to when I havent ordered anything. I dont get the mail at all.

    8. Yesterday I tried to stuff my closet with the fabric that I purchased recently and vowed no more fabric shopping and today I thought "I should go to New York and do a little fabric shopping LOL"

    8. Finally, I decided for my 40th (cant believe I'm 40) b-day a couple of weeks ago that I had to have a Coverstitch but didn't want to spend more than $300 and stalked websites and called stores, even made an offer for one on Patternreview. I finally decided to just bite the bullet and bought one from an ebay seller who contacted me and offered to send me the newer version for $150 more and I couldnt resist.

    I am sooo addicted. I stalk websites all day for inspiration and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the blogs!! Finally I have to show my husband this Post so he can see I AM NOT CRAZY!!! LOL!

  54. Victoria, congratulations! What a great way to celebrate. I love all the comments, although I think Carla(LoverofWords) has us all beat! Here are mine:

    1. I never go anywhere without my tote bag which generally has 3 Burda magazines. I love seeing and reading how all the different styles go together.

    2. My only magazine subscription is to BurdaStyle. I have a large binder with copies of all the illustration pages at a glance for fun reading and reference. I won't discuss my magazine stash.

    3, My email groups and book marks are vastly sewing related.

    4. I keep index cards in my purse with fabric amounts needed for various patterns I want to make. I used to keep a pattern wish list on my PDA until I found Burda.

    5. I have 8 seam rippers, 5 seam gauges, and three different colors of chaco liners.

    6. If I visit a thrift shop, I go directly to the sewing books, and I see clothing as potential fabric.

    7. When I visit a fabric store, I have to *touch* the fabric!!!

    And Victoria, oh how I miss the Jo-Ann's in Savannah. (Is Micky is still the manager?) The staff at the store where I live now aren't even half as friendly. Lucky you.

  55. Lady, you are so funny. I think my most tell-tell sign of my obsession is the enormous pattern collection. I have ten banker file boxes of patterns. To top that, I have one book shelf of BWOF and Kwik Sew pattern magazines. I simply love shopping for patterns and fabric.

    Congratulations on your blogoversary!

  56. I had to print all these comments...I feel like I'm in a therapy group with fellow addicts! But don't "cure" me because I love my obsession!
    Several years ago, right before a visit with my in-laws, I discovered that I had high blood pressure and my doctor asked me to keep a diary of my readings. It was sky-high every day EXCEPT for the afternoons I visited the nearby fabric store. I've continued to monitor it and know that visiting a fabric/sewing store brings my reading down considerably! Now we all know that this obsession is good for our health but I have proof!

  57. My tell-tale sign is that my husband and I are planning a vacation and I am planning it around what fabric stores are in the area not what sites we can see or things we can do.

    My other sign is that my favorite shopping day is Black Friday because I only go to Jo-Ann's at 6am to stock up on fabrics for my stash. Last year I when I went I got this great black and white plaid wool to make a coat out of. I told my husband and myself that I would use it to make a coat for someone for Christmas. He called me on it and made me realize I was lying to myself if I thought anyone other than me was getting something made out of it.

  58. I would love the Threads DVD's. My most recent sewing obsession, instead of waiting in line on Black Friday, I got online to buy flannel at The site must have crashed about 4 times and it took about 3 hours for me to complete my purchase. But I am now anxiously awaiting enough flannel to make some nice PJs and a pretty robe!

  59. Threads DVD's! Yes!
    My sewing obsession? Well, my husband shakes his head about how many sewing bookmarks I have. They're all organized into categories to facilitate sew-surfing. :)

  60. Happy Blogoversary!!!! And yes, I'd love to have the DVD's. Of course. Sewing obsession? I sneak off to the fabric store and say I went somewhere else. Everytime JoAnn offers patterns for 99 cents, I get the 10 minimum. And then go back for 10 more.

  61. I'm a little embarrassed about this one, but when JoAnn's gets their 50% off red tag sales I often go on a scouting 4 different JoAnn's spanning across two counties, lol. (In my defense, two are kinda close to my BF's apartment...which is in that 2nd county, one is right across the street from me, and the last one is kind of close to my parents house.)

  62. I have had to create a very strict rule for myself that I can't turn down social invitations for sewing. But I admit I've done it a few times, like turning down Inauguration Eve drinks to finish a coat to wear to Inauguration. Otherwise I would be a hermit with a closet full of fabulous clothes and no friends with whom to wear them!

    Also, I used to track my spending, putting it into categories to see where I was spending too much. I had to stop because my categories were telling me to spend less on sewing. Better not to know where your money goes!

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. I collect sewing patterns. Although I know I will never be able to use them all, I have to have them. About a hundred of Burda magazines, some Patrones magazines and over a hundred "single-patterns".
    I sort my sewing patterns in my computer - if a pattern consists of, let's say, a skirt and a shirt, it goes into two folders - Skirts and Shirts.
    I am now in the process of scanning all the drawings of the Burda magazine patterns, to have them electronically stored as well.
    Since I don't have a sewing room, I turned our living room into one. Not officially ;-), but a sewing machine, an overlocker and a coverstitch sitting constantly on our table say it all...


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