Saturday, March 25, 2017

Father/Daughter Banquet Brocade and Tulle Outfit!!!

Last night's Father/Daugher Banquet was amazing! This is an event our church hosts and I make a dress for my daughter every year (been doing it since she was 4 and she's almost 10!!!). We LOVEEEE this event. All dads and daughters don their fanciest attire, eat great food, have fun playing games and dance the night away!!! A few years back I was asked to volunteer and assist the night of the event so I get to attend as well and it's become a family tradition. It's fun when we all get to hit the dance floor LOL!

I was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to make her outfit in time. I've had an insane schedule and to be quite honest up until the morning of the event I didn't even have a bodice or pattern in her size. Fortunately I was able to use my grading skill to alter an old pattern and 2 muslins later a cute bodice was made. Thank God---I really was sweating bullets for a moment LOL! All in all I sewed up everthing in less than a day so it worked out.

(The fabric is a gorgeous brocade. It was a remnant I picked up years ago. I only had enough of it for a bodice).

 (I combined it with 3 colors of tulle for the skirt. I used a total of 15 yards (6 pink, 6 purple, 3 green). The tulle of course came folded in half so I gathered it on the half edge (so I'd have a double layer of each color---except the green which was a single layer. There is also a purple satin underskirt. I cut the tulle in layers so all of the colors would be visible.)

 (I played with some trim options and ended up using the purple stretch trim on the right. I added it to the elasticized waist of the skirt)

I used these as the base patterns and made a good bit of changes to them. The simplicity for the skirt and NL for the top!

I detailed my ideas in the last Tailor and the Dressmaker show episode....

Here are some pics of the dress and event....

 (She loved twirling in this dress)

 (Hubby, Daughter and Goddaughter)

 (My daughter and 2 Goddaughters-LOVE  my babies!!!)

 (She danced out of her shoes---LITERALLY and spent most of the night dancing on the stage! She's a little party animal. Like someone else I know (pointing at her father LOLLLL).

(Afterwards they always head downtown for ice cream. Another great year! My daughter is so blessed to have a great Dad, Goddad, and her Godsisters for special events like this! Looking forward to the next!)


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