Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Easter "Rose Cluster" Vogue 1027 DKNY Dress

It's crazy Easter has come and gone! I really enjoyed it! I managed to finish my dress in time to wear to church. Easter/Resurrection Day is one of my favorite holidays and such an important part of my Christian faith! So of course I had to make a lovely dress to wear.  I received LOTS of compliments. This dress may look a little familiar since I made it a few years back. It's Vogue DKNY dress # 1027 and it's one of my favorites! It's a high waisted mock wrap dress with ties, full skirt and pockets. I reserve this pattern for my most beautiful fabrics. I used this beautiful floral print named " Rose Cluster" which comes from MyFabricDesigns.com. What's amazing about their fabrics is that any print can be made into 26 different types of fabrics. Yes, it also means you can get your own fabric designs printed or you can choose from their designs for those interested. I chose the Rose Cluster printed on to Modern jersey which is so soft and just the right weight. The dressed sewed together very easy and comes with pockets which I love! I followed the pattern directions except I omitted the waist elastic which wasn't needed. Ok, now for pics.  I want to warn you they're not very good. It was raining for most of the day so we couldn't get many good outdoor shots :(
Front, up close view

 Full view

 Back view

another angle

The fabric really is gorgeous! This pic shows it best!

This photo is courtesy of Esther Griffin photography, Esther is one talented Lady and sure did know how to capture the moment and make us look good. This was a quick impromptu shot (hence my awkward lean in) but it looks like my daughter was more then ready with her pose LOL!

I didn't sew my daughter's dress this go around. I intended to but it got pushed last due to major client work. I even had the fabric and pattern ready but opted to skip it to hang out with the fam the night before. In the past I wouldn't have done that I would've slaved and stressed until I had it finished sewing right before we left for church. It was nice to not put myself under that kind of pressure and chill. I'm getting older and wiser! Besides we had a blast!  It was also nice to get her dress at TJ Maxx for only $14. Heck for that price, I was cool with not sewing (wink). But on a sad note look how big she's getting! My little girl is growing up so fast sniff, sniff!

 Some other highlights from the day----There were well over 60 Baptisms that took place at the end of the Easter services! It was such a beautiful sight! My Hubby even got to help with some of them :)
                               photo courtesy Savannah Christian Church FB

After service we enjoyed going to see Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice---forget Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman is my new favorite! She brought the GIRL POWER for sure!!! And we enjoyed an unconventional Easter meal at our favorite Mongolian restaurant (so thankful I didn't have to cook.) Had fun with these two! They have the same personality! They are a hoot! Nothing but giggles when she's around her Dad LOL

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter too!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

That Sewing Blab Interview, Easter Dress Fabric, Coupons and more......

Well this out to be a nice mish of a post! Lots going on of late.

That Sewing Blab Sewing Show
So recently I had the extreme pleasure of appearing on the WONDERFUL sewing show "The Sewing Blab" which is co hosted by Alethia Hudson from the blog Sew Much Talent and Dawn Pengelly from the blog Duelling Designs. Both are immensely talented Ladies and they've joined forces to create a stellar, interactive evening show that covers topics all about sewing. It's funny, I'm actually excited about Tuesday nights! Nothing like going through a long day and unwinding with some of your virtual friends over great sewing convo. Anyhow the show is every Tuesday at 7:30pm. Here's my interview here. Again I had SO much fun talking with all of the ladies. If you're on Periscope be sure to check out the group Pericrafters and of course tune in to this awesome show!

Easter Dress Fabric
Ok, I'm also working one Easter dresses. Well let's just say I have plans for mine that uses this fabric below (floral print matte jersey from MyFabricDesigns.com) but I'm still working on nailing down both pattern and fabric for my daugthers! It's almost Wed. I've got to get a move on!


-Did I mention I was on Periscope----you can find me under 10,000 Hours of Sewing.

 -I'm on Instagram as Victoria Baylor

-Twitter as VictoriaDBaylor

-On Facebook at Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing and The Tailor and the Dressmaker
Let's keep in touch!

BurdaStyle Pants Fitting Course
My BurdaStyle Course is ON SALE for those who were asking me about it! It's an amazing course that gives the "how's and why's" on how to properly fit pants. Use the coupon code 20Baylor for 20% off the March session and expires on 4/3/16. You can find the course here https://academy.burdastyle.com/courses/perfecting-the-art-of-pants-fitting-construction-the-easy-way-on-demand

There's so much more to share! More later! Happy Sewing!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blue/Green Floral Peplum Top

I've been wanting to make this top for some time now so glad I was finally able to knock it out! Ok, by that I mean I've wanted to make a peplum top out of this fabric. We all know I have a little peplum addiction. I can't help it! I LITERALLY could wear one every day! Don't judge me!!! LOL! Anyhow,  I found this fabric at Joann's several months ago and let me tell you it was love at first sight! I even bought another 3 yards since I couldn't decide whether I wanted to just make a top and also make a fitted dress. Well I settled on the top and returned the rest. But I LOVE THE PRINT AND COLORS! They're so vibrant, so me!!! LOL!  I used and modified Simplicity pattern A1488. I made the size 12, only used the front peplum piece (without the pleats) for both sides---so I cut pattern in half, using side without the pleat and cut on the fold. I slash and spread both the front and back pattern to add more flare to the peplum and added 2.5" of length. I also made the sleeves 3/4. Since I have long arms I don't usually make long sleeves out of patterned fabric. Sometimes that can be a bit much. Anyhow, loved this top.  It turned out just the way I wanted. Oh, I paired them with these capris I made LOOONNNNGGG time ago!  Due to wear and wash they're not as dark anymore but I still love em'. I love wearing my own clothes from head to toe! Also, FYI--- I'm now on Periscope if you want to connect. My handle is 10,000 Hours of Sewing. Also, Gentleman Jim is too and you can connect with him at Jim McFarland. Lastly, we're hosting a giveaway (here) on our The Tailor and The Dressmaker Show so feel free to join in that. Take care and happy sewing!!!!

 (back view)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Chasing the Rabbit Down the Rabbit Hole

I don't know about you but chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole has always been a little scary. If you think of your creativity as that rabbit then you know it can potentially lead you to some unfamiliar and strange places or some cool one's. I'll admit, I'm often  a little bit nervous for that adventure. The main reason is I don't know where I'm going to end up! Sometimes that's a little too risky for me.  And when trying to explore my creativity directly affects a big project, especially a client project, I get even more nervous. Truthfully none of us want to make any creative decisions that lead to ruin or as I like to joke "the point of no return".  So the question is how does one chase the rabbit down the rabbit hole without getting into hot water? How does one explore the creative urges and inclinations without creating too big a mess? That's the biggest question and anybody's guess. Exploring your creativity is always a bit risky!  But one have to admit, if Alice hadn't chased the rabbit down the rabbit hole she would've missed out one of the biggest adventures of her life. She ended up in some really cool places! So to some degree our ideas can take us to some unexpected places and we just have to take the risk of following them.

A clip from a beloved classic. I found a little humor in this. Alice said it "Curiosity often leads to trouble!" . But she kept crawling! Glad she didn't let that thought stop her! LOLLL

The Father/ Daughter Banquet dress I made for my daughter (in my last post) proved this truth to me. I usually try to play things a little safe with my designs. But with my daughter's dress I felt compelled to do something different. The worst part was I didn't know what that was exactly but I have to admit I had the courage to jump down the rabbit hole this go around. And for that I'm proud! There were several days where I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do---even after visiting a few fabric stores a few times looking for trims and notions. But I kept at it and like magic I found the faux leather/chain trim and the ideas flowed from there to include the chocolate brown tulle. I then played with the asymmetry of the dress to shape it just the way I wanted. So for this project the trip down the rabbit hole actually turned out to be a fun trip! This dress revealed several things to me....

1.  I needed to trust my gut more. I'm an artist and have good instincts--- instincts I'm learning
     more and more about each day.
2. You don't always find what you're looking for but if you persist in your search you can make
     magic happen. Patience and persistence are key!
3. The truest creativity happens when you think outside of the box!
4. Don't let fear or risk stop your creativity! Otherwise you'll live a very boring life!

Again I'm glad for this project and how it stretched my creative muscles a bit more. This dress if by far my favorite of the 6 dresses I've made for her for the event. So from this day forward I vow to make a regular habit following my creativity no matter what it leads me. In the rabbit holes I'll go.....How about you, been down any creative rabbit holes lately? How did things turn out for you?


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