Sunday, February 28, 2010

January / February 2010--- 10,000 Hr Challenge Final Report

Just a little less than 4 hours until March 1st and I'm putting down the fabric and stepping away from the sewing machine to reflect on the work I've done for the last 2 months. When I started this challenge I had high hopes of getting alot done---as you can see from my initial challenge post here. It might have seemed that I was reaching for the stars a little bit with some of my lofty goals but I felt it necessary to push the envelope some. The reality for the seamstress is that time is always a limiting factor to some degree or another.  Well I ended up doing alot of "Plan B" garment exchanges based on my change in taste, time limits, etc. So what I actually sewed looks like an entirely different list minus the Jalie 2909 trousers. So let's take a look at what I did do.......

What I accomplished:
So I ended up with the 6 garments (you can see them if you look at the Pattern Review display windows on the right or click on the pattern link to see my blog review--which has more details). They were...

2 dresses ---  Vogue 8593, McCall's 5974
3 tops--- New Look 6714, New Look 6807, New Look 6922
1 pants--- Jalie 2909

My Goal was to end up with 6-8 garments. I was aiming more for 8 but between the lengthy research I did on my pants, the lost of my steam iron, and sewing machine issues through me a bit off schedule. And this past week was a nightmare. I'd really hoped to squeeze in another garment but time wouldn't allow for it. But that's life and we know that life is filled with it's own little interruptions.

My Favorites:
I really liked everything I sewed but I consider the Jalie 2909 trousers as my greatest sewing accomplishment for the past 2 months, especially since they were the first pair of pants I've ever sewn. The two weeks I spent working on these were extremely invaluable and have made me comfortable with fitting and sewing pants----there's no more avoiding them!!!

I also loved this dress and wherever I go I always get compliments on it. I'll definitely be sewing the Vogue 8593 again.

 My Dislikes:

I really didn't dislike this McCall 5974 dress just the high midriff front. But I've decided to wear the dress as long as I can get a blue cardigan to match---you know to lengthen my torso a bit.

Additional Observations:
I didn't realize that everything (except my Jalie trousers) I sewed these 2 months were knits. I love sewing knits and wearing them but I also like to show I can sew other fabrics as well and like the experience of doing so as well. So my next challenge goals will contain a little less knits.

  What I've learned:
These two months have been great and have allowed me to get a better sense of how I spend my sewing time and time in general. Trust me it takes alot of effort to carve out the 3 hours a day I need in to fulfill my 1000 hour challenge for the year and my overall 10,000 hour challenge------(hmmmm, as if being a Wife, Mom, Full-Time Employee, and having my Sewing business doesn't occupy enough time).  And on the days I can't carve out the time I'm pretty good at making it up on the weekends. You Guy's know how determined I am to meet my goals so I'll do the best I can with the time I've got. So far it seems I've got the time.  I need to do a better job at dividing it up for pattern fittings, and doing so in a couple of days time so I can spend the rest of the week actually sewing and completing the garment.

Ok--it's time to clean my slate (and cutting table) and to move onto the March/April 2010 Sewing Goals. I'm excited about Spring sewing. That's next..........

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who's the Scaredy Cat???

I'll be the first to say I definitely am------------especially when it comes to how I use my Serger.

I came to this realization the other day when  my machine was in "the shop" and I needed to finish the New Look 6922 knit top I was working on. Then the thought dawned on me, "hey, you could just use your serger to finish the entire knit top".  Man you would've thought I was being asked to give up my first born. There was no way that I would consider such a thing so I quickly dismissed the thought.

I know it may seem a little extreme but for me there's just something so uncomfortable about the notion of solely using a Serger to construct a garment---such as a knit---which is seen in RTW clothes sewn in factories. I have a computerized Husqvarna Viking Huskylock with all the bells and whistles (it even has a safety stitch), but I only use it for finishing a garment or to coverstitch. I love my machine and feel as though I use it like a pro but the thought of accidentally cutting off too much fabric or  screwing up a curve would just devastate me. You know once it's cut, it's cut. It's just a risk I don't want to take. It's so sad--I know! LOL!!!

So my question to you is are you a "Scaredy cat" like me (nothing wrong with that of course) or do you use your Serger to courageously and completely sew certain garment? If you do, what gives you such courage?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

NewLook 6922

 After I made my black trousers and spent so long working on the fit, I needed and something cute and quick to make to wear with them. So I'd been eye-balling this fabric at Jo-Ann's for the last several weeks. I mean I absolutely love it!!! I could just drape myself in it and roll around on the floor smiling contently---I'm sure you're getting my drift!  I finally gave in and bought 1.5 yards (since it was regularly price $14.99/yd and was only on sale for 30% off). When I ran across this New Look pattern, I instantly knew that the two would be perfect together. Sorry I meant to review this pattern on yesterday but my Camera Man (aka--my husband) came home too late for me to take an outside pic.
New Look 6922
Pattern Description:
Knit top with scooped gathered neckline and 3/4" sleeves.
Pattern Sizing:
I used the size 12.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Yes, Yes, Yes!!!
Were the instructions easy to follow?
All too easy!
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I'm a knit top (dress, and everything else) fanatic! I loved the scooped neckline and the gathers and the overall fit of the top.
Fabric Used:
Matte jersey in a really cool print!!!
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
Nope, well at least unintentionally. I wasn't paying attention when I went to sew the seam binding (self fabric) around the neckline and ended up sewing it 5/8" instead of the recommended 3/8". No big deal. That just meant I had to cut the 5/8" S.A. to 3/8" so I could fold my seam binding over and sew it. The next time I sew it, I will sew the neck binding by hand instead of doing so by machine to make sure it's perfect.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Oh yes, absolutely!!! Yeah, I'd love to have a bunch of these in my closet!!!
Great top, easy to sew, and absolutely no fuss. This tops definitely worth making and will make a great wardrobe staple:)

I also ran across a few other "wardrobe-building" New Look patterns that I feel I will get good use out of. I love these patterns for knits. They'll be great for me to work some of my knit stash down with:)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Current Sewing status, Challenge review, Upcoming plans, DVD Review...

  It seems like things have been sooooooooo crazy lately. At the tail end of last week my sewing machine began giving me some issues so I dropped it off for repairs and/or tune-up (details in my last post). Well the good news is that all it needed was a little cleaning. It's hard to believe that 7 months of hardcore sewing would produce enough lent to cause the thread cutters to malfunction and as a result cause all that jamming---come to think of it, it's not that hard to believe! It's time for me to stock up on canned air and to do more frequent cleanings since I use my machine practically non-stop---just like you Guys of course!!! Whew, well that's a load off. All it cost me was a $60 cleaning fee from the wonderful Mr. Smiley--the only other person that I trust with my Baby!!!!

Well that delay (and being too lazy to pull out the back up machine) means I've got alot of catching up to do. Sew much to do....... and Sew little time (and yes "so" is swapped out  intentionally). I'm getting antsy because the end of the month is quickly approaching, and I have to wrap up my January and February sewing goals detailed in this Post .  Well I made a few of the items but swapped out some in order to make others (you know we Girls are always changing our sewing plans). I plan on doing a January/February wrap up no later than Monday to evalute my 10,000 Hour Sewing Challenge Progress---remember I'm taking this challenge very seriously and am trying to stay disciplined as best I can! I have one item I'll be reviewing on tomorrow and I hope to get a couple of items done no later than next week. I hope I don't have to spill a little over into the first week of March to complete these items. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I will also be posting my March/April sewing goals by Monday. I'm sooooooooooo very excited to being sewing Spring clothes. You might recall this Post in which I showcased some really nice Spring fabrics I purchase and of course all of the New Vogue Spring patterns  that I can't wait to give a try. I probably should stop talking about this now because I feel myself beginning to drool.

Before I forget, I managed to squeeze in a sewing movie. I didn't realize that another movie about Coco Chanel was being released until a couple of weeks ago.
 So I checked it out. I had already seen the Lifetime movie "Coco Chanel" and have done a little reading up on her. Although I already knew a little bit about her life it was good to watch a more current film that focused on  her before she became famous. I just want to warn you that the movie is in French and has English subtitles, so unless you're fluent in French it will be a wee bit difficult for you to sew and watch this film. I have to admit that at times I forgot this film was about the designer since it focused on her love life (actor Allesandro Nivola wasn't too bad on the eyes) and some of the dilemmas and challenges she faced that pushed her toward becoming a designer. That's not a bad thing. It's always neat to see how Great people got their start. I believe that same greatness exists in all of us from one degree to another. I applaud her for following her "unconventional" vision even in the face of adversity. As we all know she has an empire that still remains today and is synonymous with true elegance and grace. If you have the time check this one out. I give it 3 out of 4 Stars!

Well, I've got to hop back to sewing and everything else. Although it's Tuesday, due to some weekend meetings, I have very limited time to sew, so I'm going back to the grind. I hope to maximize the little time I do have. How are your upcoming Spring sewing plans coming along??? You know I can't wait to see the fabulous clothes you make (wink)!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Singing the Sewing Machine Blues.....

 (That's my lil' girl on the left---the Brother Project Runway edition)

I think my sewing machine is sick! I was right in the middle of sewing a cute top when part of my shirt was sucked below the throat plate and my thread entangled. No big deal, right? This happens every once in and the remedy is to clear everything out and go back to sewing, right?  Well, I managed to clear everything out but now my sewing machine won't sew without jamming.  I took it the throat plate and removed any thread or lint that I could see, took out my bobbin holder, etc. But it still won't run properly. Guess it's off to the "doctor" for my baby. I can't help but feel heavy-hearted and mope a little bit. My baby's!!! It's a computerized machine my only one aside from my Serger (the other 3 machines I have are manual). Besides it's fairly new since I bought it in the Summer 09'.  I'm not completely familiar with some of the issue that are common to these machines. I hope it's not too serious or expensive. In the meantime......time to pull out the back-up machine. Sigh----

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Catch-Up

Yahhhh--as most of you know this week is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City!!!! For years (before I sewed and even a couple after) I never even gave a hoot about what went down under those tents.  It wasn't until recent years that I've taken an interest in fashion design. These design not only influence the fashion we see out in the street but also the sewing pattern designs that are available to us. Plus it's cool to look and study the design lines and fabric choices of your favorite designers. It's pretty intriguing.

I've been so busy that I haven't had much time to see what's been gracing the runways. So I tried to find an easy way to catch up and follow the rest of the week's activities. I didn't have to look very far. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website pretty much has it all. If you go  here then you can get the lowdown on all of your favorite designer collections. The clothes is pretty much all I'm interested in anyway.

How about you? Are you following Fashion week? What are your favorite websites?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jalie 2909---Pic Heavy

  Ok, I've submerged myself in a sea of information and  now it's time to come up for some air. I've spent the last 2 weeks (yes, 2 weeks) studying pants fitting. I studied several books, watched dvd's, and studied some of my RTW pants. I chronicled the early parts of my journey in this previous post and have finally concluded with a finished pair of pants.  Are they the perfect pair of pants? Of course not. But I'm delighted to say for my very first pair of pants they aren't that bad and I'm happy with the results.
  I plan to give myself a small break from pants (you know to allow all that great info to sink in) and then have another go at it. My goal is to become good enough with pants construction that I'll be able to not only make pants for myself but for my clients as well! I'm pretty excited by all that I've learned and would love to share some of those tidbits with you. But first, here' the pattern review.

Pattern Jalie 2909

Pattern Description:
Women's elegant close-fitting trousers with regular rise (at the navel), flattering flared leg, waistband, back darts and zip fly with button closure at the front.
(I asked my husband to take a full length pic and I noticed he cut my fee off up above. 
So here's the lower half :) I stupidly did a 2" hem. I'll go back and reduce it to 1". For my long legs a pant can never be too long!)
Pattern Sizing:
I cut a size U

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Yes--- minus a few changes that I made to it.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Very much so!!! But I used Sanda Betzina's fly front instructions instead of the enclosed instructions. I love her method--it's just SSSOOO very easy! Anyone nervous about sewing fly front, have no fear! Just Google her method to find the video online.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I liked modern look of the pants.  The wide legs and fit were definitely what I was looking for. Since this was my first pants pattern I didn't want any pockets, belt carriers, etc. Plus I just need some very stylish fitted trousers to wear with all of my cute tops. Pants are so hard for me to find (since I have a 34" inseam) so I needed a pattern that I could make over and over again--and do so rather quickly---and more importantly, inexpensively:)

Fabric Used:
I believe it was a black, stretch cotton sateen.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I definitely had to shorten the crotch length in the front since I had some major folds in the crotch area. I ended up using a deconstructed pair of Lerner of New York capri's as my guide. I detailed some of the changes I made on a blog post I wrote a week or so ago here.  Also, these pants ended up being pretty snug.  I can attribute that to the thickness of the fabric. So I ended up letting 1/8" out of the side seam (especially since the seam allowance is only 3/8"). Also, somehow with the merging of the pattern and deconstructed pants, and letting out the side seam, my waist ended up being a little wider than my waist band. So since I ran a little short in the waistband length, instead of doing a button and button hole, instead I did a clasp.

(I still wasn't able to get rid of those pesky back leg wrinkles. When I remake these I plan to go a size up and work on the "shape" of the back crotch curve. I suspect I'll be able to remedy them that way.)

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes, absolutely I will sew it again. I have a couple of fit issues to resolve, but as soon as I do I'll be "assembly-lining" this one. This is a great pant to have lots of copies of.

This is really a great pattern!!!! For those of you who are experts at fitting pants this will be a breeze. For the newbies I think it's an excellent practice pattern.

So you read the review. Now here's some of the additional things I learned from the time I spent studying pants making......
(Out of all the books that I studied.......)

 (This book ended up being my favorite and in my opinion the most comprehensive one. It took you from body analysis, to measurement taking, to muslin fitting, to transferring changes to the pattern, and ending up at fine-tuning the pants. None of my other books, although really good and helpful, covered this subject in such depth.)

 (I'm a very visual person, so this picture helped me understand the general differences in the shapes of both the front and back pattern pieces. Notice the front crotch curve is alot shorter then the back crotch curve.)

 (Every body is different and thus interprets the fit of a pattern differently (hence the need to make adjustments). So it's important to take time to analyze your figure.)

(I didn't realize that knock-knees and bow-legs would effect the hang of pants---especially since I have neither. But it makes complete sense when you think of it).

(The bodies "wedge", which is depicted here as the angle between the slope of the back and the distance of the protruding rear. Knowing this can help determine how to angle the crotch curve to match it. This is an interesting alteration and a new concept to me.)

(And some fine-tuning tips once your pants are sewn.)

(This is a Threads article (mag # 122) that I also found interesting and helpful....)
(.....especially this page in particular. It's interesting that fitting pants takes more than just knowing your crotch length. You have to understand how that length is distributed and shaped. You have to become familiar with your "body space".  I actually own one of those flex rulers. It was helpful and pretty fun to find my crotch length and shape.)

Well it's been a very productive 2 weeks!!! After 3 muslins and finally a complete pair of trousers I feel I've gotten some real hands on experience in pants construction. Although I have to move on to some non-pant projects for the next couple of weeks, I look forward to my next pants project and to hopefully getting even better at pants fitting and construction!!! Thanks for following along with me:)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Swift (yet gentle) Kick in the Butt

 To myself I say, "Man up, Victoria" or "Woman-up, Victoria" (which is probably more politically correct) "it's time to finish sewing your first pair of pants".

I am just a few scissor cuts and basting stitches short of having what I believe will be my final and more correctly fitted rendition of the Jalie 2909 Trouser pattern (I've done 2 muslin fittings thus far--see a few post back for details). But for some reason, I've hovered around my cutting table, laid out test fabric and pattern but I can't bring myself to begin cutting. I'm just frozen in my tracks. Kinda like a deer in headlights.

Well I know myself rather well and I've definitely been here time and time before. This is the part in my sewing, specifically with something new, where I have to jump over the mental hurdles that cause me to second guess myself and prevent me from finishing my garment. You see I'm an over-analyzer by nature; one of the left brained people who methodically plans there steps and studies meticulously to solve problems. I'm no way far left with this--you know OCD or anything like that. For me I think I spend so much time investing in a sewing project, especially the difficult one's, that it's hard for me to sometimes just throw my hands up and just finish without second-guessing myself. Weird, huh?  Do you ever go through this?  Do you experience simultaneous elation and apprehension about finishing a sewing project?

In order to override this "issue" I find I  just have to turn my brain OFF and as the Nike slogan says, "Just Do It"!!! You know, "Take the Plunge", "Grab the Bull by the Horns", and all of those wonderfully colorful metaphors out there that encourage progress. I have to just finish this! No more over-thinking from this moment on!  It's as easy as that! Just cut out the pants and sew them. No need to make this task harder then it has to be!

Whew--I'm glad that I got that out.   I feel I needed a swift kick in the seat of my pants. I feel somewhat better already. I figure putting myself "out there" would make me stop stalling, face my apprehension, and move forward. Ok--I'm ready to move ahead. The brain is turned off and scissors are in hand---it's time to go cut out and sew some pants.........

McCall 5974 Pics..... Finally

   Sorry, I'm just getting around to posting these pictures of my dress. I had to wait for the rainy weather to stop and for the "other" mother nature to pass (I think you catch my drift). Even with all that time I still haven't hemmed the sleeves or dress yet! Ok I digress.  You might recall that I  posted a review of this dress here a couple of weeks ago as well as on Pattern According to my post I wasn't a big fan of the dress because I felt the midriff wasn't very flattering on a short waist-ed person such as myself. A few of you (on both sites requested) that I post pics of myself in my dress (instead of the dressform) so you Guys could see it for yourself.

   For some reason I'm still on the fence about this one. I love everything except the midriff band in the front. I'll definitely keep and wear the dress but I do believe a navy blue cardigan will help balance out this dress a little better and give my torso the length is so desperately lacks!  But my opinion aside,  I'm going to let you Highly Fashionable Gals decide. What do you think?  BTW: I took several pics so you could get a good look at the dress. I'm in NO way vain or anything of the sort. If I was so vain my hair wouldn't be so messy--sorry long day at work.  LOL! Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rowenta Steam Iron (2006-2010)

To my Trusty & Beloved Rowenta Steam Iron
  You've been by my side (well more like on my sewing table) for the last several years. We've spent so much time together. You always steamed up fast and gave me 2 hours of continuous steam action. When we first met and I welcomed you into my home, I religiously changed your water after every use. Being careful to rinse out your water tank and top you off every single time.

  As we got more familiar with each other I tapered off on that a bit---sorry I know I got a bit lazy in our relationship. And then there were the times that I accidentally would leave you on overnight. But did you hold a grudge? No, you just kept right on steaming. It was always you and me--- especially since my husband was forbidden to use you since he scorched his shirt and dirtied your surface with burnt fabric fibers. Come to think of it, I always hated to clean your scorched surface. The two times I had to, despite using Iron off, it took over an hour and was a stinky task. Ok, but back to the fond memories. As far as I can remember I was always careful handling you--dropping you maybe once or twice. But it was when your trigger lever broke that I realized that our time together would soon come to an end. It wasn't your fault, just an unfortunate product defect (if only you'd been made in Germany, we would have had more time together).

As much as it hurts I know I have to let you go. But I know you would want me to move on.
So I have. And in the same Spirit of Love that I have had for you I will extend it to my new steam iron.
But please know, Rowenta Steam Iron, that I will never forget you. As my first steam iron, you'll always be in my heart.

Rest in Peace!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pants Fitting Part 1------Pic Heavy

You ever had one of those week where you know you've been working hard but haven't had much to show for it. Well that's where I've found myself. In the midst of the usual everyday craziness and preparing my tax package for my CPA (which is a little more involved when you have a business) etc, etc, I've been doing alot of fittings and sewing. But despite not having any finished garments for this week just yet--I still have 2 days to go--- I feel that I've made good progress on at least one of the 2 garments I'm working on.

I've been working on the Jalie 2909 Trouser pattern. I made it straight out of the envelope just to see what types of adjustments I would need to make. I had a feeling that it would fit pretty ok since I compared the pattern pieces to a pair of RTW-white-striped- fitted Lerner of New York Capri's that I deconstructed after they were unfortunately ruined when they were washed with a red shirt. I loved the fit of these Capri's and although they were ruined I promised to preserve their memory by converting them into a pattern and remaking them.

I actually wore the Jalie trousers in the picture that I took with the New Look pattern I made on last week. I had hoped to have them finished then but they needed a little more work.

 From the front, the fit was pretty decent but after really studying it against some of my RTW pants that fit me very well I noticed that the crotch depth and length was way too long for me. I need to take out between 1" and 1.5" and that should eleviate the horizontal wrinkles.

The back was where most of the issue really were obvious. After comparing this pattern with my Lerner's deconstructed pair I realized that the Back crotch needed to be a tad bit higher for me and longer in comparison to the front. This makes sense for me because I actually have (which isn't very evident in this pic) what my Mom used to call a "high butt". My waist sits lower in the front then in the back.

 (Here's a pic of my Lerner NY pants on top of my traced Jalie pattern for comparison purposes)

 (Front crotch curve of both. Notice the longer crotch depth and length in the Jalie pattern compared to my Lerner pair.)

(Notice the inverse with the back crotch point. The back crotch is higher in my Lerner paints.)

I think once I adjust the back, as well as front, crotch curves, I'll be able to pull my pants up over my derierre thus eliminating some of those back leg wrinkles. The rest I believe I can get rid of by narrowing the pants leg a tad bit. Just to make sure my fitting ideas were on point I re-made the Lerner's pants and they fit very good except for the fact that they were super tight since using a stretch woven with a lot less stretch then the original pair.

At the same time I've been studying alot of textbooks on the subject of pants fitting. When trying to learn about something, I like to do it in a manner that's very thorough and exact. That just stems from my career in the research sciences. I'm a bit of a book work. Trust me, I've been avoiding making pants (and have been slightly intimidated by the notion) for a long time but now I'm intrigued by the very thought and motivated like never before. I'm really having fun with all of this.

I had some pretty good resources in my library to pull from. Here's a few of my books and dvd's I've been using.

I'm also tempted to draft my own pattern based on my measurements as well. Doing so will allow me to understand the contours of the pattern as well as my body even more. If I do, I'll more than likely use Elizabeth Allemong's book European cut (pictured above) --which have the instructions to draft patterns with more of an European fit instead of an American one--you know like Burda patterns--(and we all know how well they tend to fit).  Fitting pants can be an interesting task especially when dealing with different body types. It's my dream to learn to fit pants really well so I can offer to make them for my clients.

In addition to Jalie 2909 I'm working on the McCall's ----- Boyfriend jacket. I didn't have any lining I liked in my stash for this project so I picked this up at JoAnn's the other day.
I love it--but I love most paisleys. But can you believe I'm having second thoughts about using the 14 wale chocolate brown corduroy for this project? I watched the movie "Love Happens"--with Jennifers Aniston-- the other day and saw her in the cutest denim coat with a peplum--similar to the Boyfriend's jacket. So I'm feeling a little torn. I'm sure I'll be able to decide once I've worked out the fitting issues.

Well that's enough for now. I'm back to fitting and sewing. One last request though. If you know of or have any other Pant Fitting books that you think are great please let me know so I can check them out! Of course any tips or observations are appreciated as well:)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Knit Goodies!!!

After making it to work and checking my emails I ran across this Fabric.Com sales flyer in my inbox.
I figured they were still trying to see some of the items I saw listed on last week so I almost didn't pay it any mind. It's been a couple of months since I ordered something from these guys.

I'm so glad I didn't ignore this email. It just so happens that they were selling printed jersey knits for the low, low, low price of $2.99/yard. After seeing this, I still quite don't know what happened. I've never placed an order so fast in my life. I think I had my order complete in 4 minutes flat!!! Time is of the essence when you're trying to acquire fabrics that in 2 of my 5 selections, had less then 10 yards left. So here's what I got. With the possible exception of the last 2 (please keep your fingers crossed for me that they still have enough left to complete my order), I  managed to get these fabrics.





Looking at these fabric, I'm sure some of them might raise a few eyebrows. I always trust my instincts when it comes to fabric. I don't have a method---- it's all just instinct. If I love the pattern and colors it's an automatic "shoo in". And I can usually match the right fabric with the right pattern. I can't wait to get my hands on these knit fabrics!!!!!


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