Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dreaming of Lace......

I made it through Prom season....well kinda. Knocked out several dress alterations and am working on a potential custom dress. There's fashion design homework and preparations to teach a big sewing course (details to come) in addition to new clients and projects. Theres so much going on! In the midst of all that I NEED to sew for myself. It's been far too long.  In steps this beautiful shimmery  teal, sky blue, and gray lace.  I've already imagined it as a top. It's so pretty it makes my heart flutter. A girl can dream can't she? Hope to make this a dream realized before the weeks up......

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sewing Jots and Tittles 3.15.15

It's been quite a while and I needed a brain dump. Here goes.....

Sewing Jots and Tittles

This is my son, Tip (one of my 2 hamsters---he's a Syrian "Fancy Bear" variety) This little Dude decided to bite a hole in my fabric--see it on the was laying too close to the cage and he dragged it through the bars ad commenced to chewing it up.

 ....he better be happy he's so cute. Mama don't take kindly to ruining fabric

 Got new zipper/cording feet for the industrial machine. I've been doing alot of jacket zipper replacement for clients.

 An empty Jo-Ann's parking lot. True enough the store just opened but this should never be. Nevertheless, more fun for me!!!

 Studied the color wheel in my fashion design course! My new favorite tool! I've always loved color! I can't stop thinking about designing my own fabric now!

New fabric! I have a penchant for animal print!

THAT CAPE in the Taylor Swift video "Blank Space" (the model wasn't too bad looking either LOL!). If my husband wasn't such a big man I'd make one for him LOL! That entire scene was beautiful!

A better shot of my daughter's Father/Daughter Banquet dress. Seems like it was perfect for a dance challenge with her dad! LOL!

 There were like 12 vultures on my neighbors roof and I walked outside and they were staring at me. CREEPY!!! LOL!

 FINALLY a family bike ride! It has taken years to organize this! LOL!

 Someone explains to me what makes this rice "forbidden"? LOL???

Was unloading groceries. Accidentally stepped back onto eggs with the heel of my stiletto. Would you believe I didn't break one egg? Pretty amazing. These eggs are too expensive to be breaking! LOL!

 DATE NIGHT! We finally snuck in a trip together at the gym!

She's learning to play.....

 One of my favorite scriptures posted on the wall in our prayer room at church

LOVED this movie! I'm a big Tom Hardy fan! This had some unexpected twists!

 I'm starting to think my obsession is unhealthy! LOL! Stair climber why did I avoid you for all these years???

 Received this devotional as a gift from a wonderful friend! LOVE it! It's one I use every morning.....'s a particular excerpt that made my heart happy:)

 I read somewhere that the Dyson vacuum inventor made 5000+ prototypes. Not sure how accurate that is but I think you've earned your street cred when there's a toy version of your product.

Someone please tell me when I'm in a shoe store I  I don't act the way my daughter does in a toy store. She's like a wild animal on the lose! LOL!

Saw this on a fashion blogger's page and decided to do my own research and purchase it. I LOVE this stuff. It's high in fatty acids, is an anti-inflammatory and lightens facial blemishes.  I use it at night and it goes on thick and is a bit greasy. It absorbs in your skin when you sleep . Definitely noticing a change in my skin. I got mine here....

Love this song!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Fearless February Extension Wrap Up!

My Fearless February one week extension is over and due to a heavy business work load I couldn't get any additional sewing for myself done (insert sad face here). Well I'm not one to cry over spilled milk.....well usually I do but I'm learning it really is a waste of time. I didn't get everything done that I ORIGINALLY planned but I did add a few new pieces to my wardrobe and other's wardrobes!

(Off the shoulder gold top I added a gold strap to it and wore on date night with Hubby. Need to get a pic of it)

(Another top I made)

 (2 Legging---olive green and dark gray and olive green pencil skirt & black pencil skirt. The gray leggings and black skirt are both WIP)

 (Scarves I donated to a fundraiser)

 (Dress I made and wore to that fundraiser)

(Dress I made for my daughter to wear for the Father/Daughter banquet)

I plan to finish up those knit pieces and I desperately want to make my fur vest and cream colored blouse. Well I'll keep pushing through lot to do with my business and other ventures. Of course I'll keep ya'll posted. Have some exciting news I want to share as well. Will be divulging soon!!!! In the meantime HAPPY SEWING!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Joys of Being a Fashion Design Student.....

In between clients and trying to take advantage of the extra week I've given myself the "Fearless February Challenge" I'm having to do homework for the Style Design College Fashion Design Certificate Program. Although I'm mostly self-taught when it comes to sewing and am being mentored by Gentleman Jim, a Master Tailor (extremely talented) since I'm shifting into fashion design I thought it would be good to gain some perspective from the field. Plus I like formal learning. Truth be told I consider myself a perpetual student so I'm always learning whether in or out of school. But I always like being in school for some reason---always have. Anyhow I'm enjoying the program so far. This is homework for module 2 which deals with Colour Analysis and one of the assignments is to recreate the color wheel using the primary colors.
(Working on making my color wheel for homework)

 I LOVE color and am amazed at how much I didn't know about it and the difference between terms such as tint, shade and tone and so on and so forth. This particular assignment was a little more challenging then I initially thought and I enjoyed the challenge. I  didn't cheat, I used only the 3 primary colors to make all the rest.  I learned a great deal. I'll be doing various coursework through the year and will check in from time to time to tell you about it. I'm curious, has anyone else done the SDC Fashion Design Fashion Design Degree or Certificate Program. I'd love to hear of your experiences. I've only been signed up for a few months so this newbie would love your feedback!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 Father Daughter Banquet Pics & FF Layover!

I have to admit that hands down this event is one I look forward to every year!!! This will mark my Hubby & daughter's 5th year of attendance and I've been able to attend 3 of those since my Hubby is apart of the Savannah Christian's Men's ministry (who produces the event) at our church and they ask for wives to help. EVERYONE HAD A BLAST LAST NIGHT! My Hubby and daughter (along with our oldest Goddaughter and our dear friend V and his daughter) all attended together along with dozens of other dad's and their daughters. It was so cute too see all the Dad's and their girls! I enjoyed serving and making sure they had their drinks and food and were enjoying the night. The event starts out with food, then moves on to games and then the dance floor opens up and everyone let's loose! It's fun and hilarious at the same time. My Hubby and Daughter aren't shy at all so they let loose in their usual fashion. The day started with me doing some hand sewing on her dress and finishing the hem. It then moved on to warp speed from their. Needless to say since we got all caught up in the "hoopla" we didn't take the best pics. Oh well, we lived in the moment and that's all that counts. They took formal pics at the event so hopefully those turned out great and I'll post soon. Until then here's my pitiful little cell phone pics. But hopefully you can see all the details of the dress. This dress is absolutely beautiful---and I don't only say that just because I made it--really. I ran across the fabric for this dress---a beautiful purple brocade with bronze, dark charcoal and silver in it. I believe a month ago and they only had 1 yard at my local Jo-ann's fabric. Well we managed to track down 3 yards at a store in SC. The cost of fabric was the best deal---if I remember correctly I paid about $4/yd. So I have to admit that with trim, netting, lining, fabric and zipper the dress material were about $30 or so. Anyhow my goal was to transform my daughter into a little princess so I wanted to do something different with her dress this year and go REALLY BIG! The dress has a full gathered skirt that almost touches the grown and has lining and LOTS of netting underneath to give it it's poofiness. I wanted to add horsehair braid to the hem but ran out of town. I'm not going to review the dress because it's fairly simple and straight forward to make. I used Simplicity pattern 3943. I used silver and black trim for the straps and used lots more layers of netting underneath the dress.  Nonetheless it came out great and she received compliments ALL night! I'm glad the dress was such a hit and everyone had a fantastic night. OK, I've talked enough. Here are the pic---again excuse my not so good cell phone pics....

(I was a Waitress for the night and she was  Princess---whoopps...she thinks she's a princess everyday! LOL)

 (Watching the fun games on the sidelines. She also wore a little fur bolero I got from a thrift store for $0.99 and it went perfectly. )

 (At their table along with our Goddaughter Tasha, our dear friend Vantrel and his daughter and other dad's/daughters)

(The dance floor is open)

 (hanging out with her friends---they said they had to retreat to the fancy bathroom for "girl time" LOL!)

 (Primping---something she does best)

 (Being silly with her older Godsister)

(Hanging with table mate Ms. I, the 2 of them are 2 days a part in age (yes her Mom and I had back-to-back babies LOL) and are 2 peas in a pod)

 (Hitting the dance floor)

(The "Serious Pose"--why is my daughter's fist balled up? LOL!

Other close up photos so you can see the dress better in natural light...Purple can be so difficult to shoot, especially when it's shiny. Sorry, it was cold and rainy so the porch was the best spot for photos.
 (Side view)

(Fabric up close---it's actually darker and that shouldn't be gold but dark bronze. This stuff was the dickens to photograph and keep true to color)

 (Back view)

 (Did double silver/black sparkly straps on both sides. Love how it made the dress pop!)

(Ran out of time so I couldn't get her to the hair dresser but I was able to pull of a befitting and cute style for the event thankfully)

Ok, I'll conclude this post with a VIDEO like last year's. At some part of the night my Hubby and Daughter wanted to have a dance-off. So they're in the middle of the video "battling"! LOL!
Video quality isn't the best since it was dark but you can see them too going at it. Of course I'm cheering my baby on in the background. My Hubby can move but I'm shocked by how much rythym my child has. You can see her that well but that Chick can dance. Her and my Hubby are like clones of each other---they're so much fun and always up for a good time. And yes my daughter dropped down to do a split and instantly popped back up. They both let loose! I had a blast! Next year's can't come fast enough!!!

BTW, it's been a long week so I'm giving myself an extra week to catch up on some of my Fearless February sewing. Call it a Layover so to speak. I'll update ya soon....

Monday, February 23, 2015

How you KNOW you're on the right track.....

I saw this fortune sticking out of a fortune cookie and it made my heart smile. I've reached the point in my life where I'm learning to embrace the word "failure"!!! Yes, failure. And more importantly I'm beginning to realize that oftentimes failure is the very thing it takes to put you on the right track! Heck, if you're going to do anything worthwhile in this world you realize you can't run from it. It's inevitable! But boy does it bring with it some valuable lessons if you're paying attention. I appreciate the high's and low's of my sewing but I have to admit it's the low's that have always made my high's that much more sweeter. It's the low's or the failures that have tested my patience, pushed my endurance and motivated my creativity and forced me to deal with my abilities and inabilities! It's brought out the best in me and continues to do so. It has made me grow! So instead of having a negative view of failure I'm learning to take a positive look at it. Because frankly nothing has to end with failure---truth be told if you keep pushing you're bound to run smack dab into a huge pile of success! Remember where failure is concerned perspective is everything! So hang in there! If you've sewn that same dress and can't seem to get it right, try to figure out your problem and keep at it. If you keep trying you'll get it eventually. If you're draping a pattern and can't seem to get it just right---keep at it! Embrace each lesson you gain from failure and don't let it stop you from moving forward! I'm inspired by this article I read a while back by Richard Branson---entitled "My Top 10 Favorite Quotes on Failure" and can be found HERE.  Hope you found them as inspiring as I do (smile).

Friday, February 20, 2015

Burda 7053- The 2 Sided Shimmery Leopard and Black Cocktail Dress

I made my cocktail dress just in time for tonight's special event!!! As I mentioned in my last post I donated 2 handmade infinity scarves to be auctioned at the Blueprint pageant's "Southern Belles and Cocktails networking/fundraising event.  And I love the results! This was a very fun dress to make in 3.5 hours. I cut it out before bed last night and assembled this morning. I was looking for the right pattern to use with a shimmery silver and black leopard print ponte roma knit (try saying all that three times fast LOL). When I selected this fabric I was mindful that it was pretty flashy so I toned it down by picking a design that allowed me to use both the shimmery leopard print side of the fabric and the basic black side of the fabric. I wanted the design to incorporate some color blocking. I decided to go with Burda 7053 which I first made back in January of 2014 (pics HERE). I modified it a great deal from the original pattern and had fun switching things up. I was happy to let me creativity run away with me on this one.  Here's some pics and the changes I made below.....

 (Front view of the dress. Mind you --despite the camera's photo bleaching---the dress is actually black with silver metallic leopard print and black side panels and has another unique detail. Notice it??? You have to look close)

 (Another detail---I only put black panels on the front sides and omitted them from the back sides.....Notice the other unique detail yet???)

 (Also, I switched up the original pattern design and made the entire back the black and silver leopard print fabric. Have you noticed the unique detail yet? Hint: Has something to do with the sleeves....)

(Yup one sleeve is made using the black/silver metallic leopard print and the other is using the reverse solid black side. I actually did this by mistake but ended up loving it. I wanted to make this dress unique. It's funny most folks didn't even notice it until I pointed it out. I love the subtlety of that!!!) It's like a little wink and a nod!)

(Fabric up close! It's just fantastic!)

 (My camerman (Hubby)was out on his regular Friday night Daddy/Daughter date so I had to fend for myself with pics. Sorry for the poor quality selfies--but these give a better idea of the fabric color and details...)

 (that side panel was just enough infusion of black to break up the flashy print)

 (And this is the side view with the solid black sleeve. I love that you get 2 different views of the dress depending on which side you're looking.)

 (Here are the  2 Infinity scarves I donated for the silent auction. I loved the fabrics. The one on the left is a charmeuse and on the right a polyester blend that draped perfectly! Love the colors of both!)

 (Here's the Pretty Lady and bid winner of both of my scarves. She absolutely loved them and I'm ecstatic the money went to a good cause!)

Today was such a great day! These are the moments when I enjoy sewing the most. I love to know it can do such good and I love being able to create clothes that excite mine and other's senses! It's an amazing feeling! Alrighty, I'm beat from a long day and it's time to turn in. Have much more sewing to do in the morning---remember I've got Fearless February goals to fulfill. Night, Night!


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