Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Shimmery Lilac Satin & Organza Assymetrical Wedding Gown with Swarovski Rhinestones

I really can't believe the day came and went! I can't tell you how excited, humbled and fulfilled I feel in having been able to make my client's wedding day so special ---and in such a BIG way. I was happy to deliver the wedding gown of her dream! I'd been working with Ms. T (I guess I can call her Mrs. T now--LOL!) since late July in planning this gown. It was truly an amazing experience from start to finish! This was my first BIG wedding gown. I say big as in the fact that this gown contains about 43 yards of fabric with 40 yards of them in the skirt alone---mainly comprising of the shimmery organza When I first met my client and she'd showed me the gown she had ordered from China that came in the wrong color I had to jump to work to plan out the details of this gown. I knew in the end I wanted to create a dress that made her look like a Princess! I wanted to create the effect in the skirt like "she was walking on a bed of clouds". We had a few challenges in the beginning in trying to hunt down the perfect color fabric to match her Aladdin theme but all of that came together and we were able to move forward with the rest of the details. I had alot of new experiences with this dress. I worked with sew-on Swarovski rhinestones, I a ton of organza fabric, learned how to make a huge tufted skirt etc. My client was an absolute DREAM CLIENT and allowed me to use my expertise to interpret her desires and create the gown she wanted.  And amazingly enough I was able to do just that and she loved it and everyone else did as well. Well I'm not going to talk about construction details now (I'll save them for the NEXT post)---trust me there's lot's to share instead I'm going to relish in today's events and share some pictures. It still all feels so surreal. It took me months of planning and 2 weeks of continuous sewing to complete the gown. So I'm appreciating kicking back & relaxing!!!! I'm amazed and so thankful to have received this opportunity. I started this project not knowing exactly how things would turn out but I'm SO thankful to God they turned out beautifully!!!  Again, I'll cover the construction details for my fellow sewers in my next post---as for now please enjoy the pics!

(The gorgeous couple! I love the side view fullness of the skirt)

 (The gown is assymetrical so you can see the short length in the front)

 (Another view of the train)

(She needed someone to carry the gown around until we bustled it before she danced. It's ALOT of dress!)

(The wedding was colorful and beautiful!)

(Earlier I had the privilege of helping the Bride get dressed)

 (Here are some Informal dressing room pics pre-wedding of course)

 (more informal dressing room pics)

(.....and one more so you can see the train)

 (The Bride and I)

 (BTW, not that anyone cares after having seen the Bride's gown (LOL!) but I made up this dress for myself using NewLook 6120 and a cool poly print from my stash and made the obi belt out of a berry colored fancy cotton fabric. I needed something quick to make, yet stylish. I whipped it up in a few short hours. I had to represent being the fashion designer that I am! I made this dress before and the review is HERE.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Studio 54 Meets the Far East!

Ohhhhh.....just 2 different projects I'm working on that have to be complete in the next 48 hours. You know the same M.O. around here! LOL! I'm making a metallic gold cheetah costume for my daughter for Trunk or Treat (our Halloween Alternative) on tomorrow. That fabric is so disco ready! Gawdy but fun!  And I need to crank out an outfit for myself to wear to the wedding of the bride I made the gorgeous 40 yard fabric gown for. The wedding's Saturday and I need to be cute to represent. I picked this bold print and it has an Asian feel to me. I ran out of fabric and had to be creative in cutting 2 of the pieces. I'll divulge later. Anyhow I'm exhausted but I got to get it done. I do my best work under pressure. But not without some "shut-eye" first. Night, night. Will showcase the finish products soon.....

(Daughter's costume fabric on the left and my dress fabric is on the right. Patterns and final pics coming soon)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lacing up a Corset Back Gown

I'm handing my client's wedding gown over in less than 24 hours and it sure feels good! A TON of work went into it but it turned out quite stunning!!!! The wedding is this upcoming Saturday so I'll have informal pics for you then. The back of the dress so happens to be a corset back. I ran across this video while looking for another tutorial. Glad I did, because I discovered I'd been lacing up the dress the wrong way. Who knew???? So I thought I'd share.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

BurdaStyle Pants Fitting Webinar on tomorrow, Thursday, Oct 16th

Somehow I've been wrapped up in sewing the 40+ yard wedding gown (which is coming along beautifully, I'm 96% done) that I failed to mention that I'm teaching another BurdaStyle class for all those who are interested. This one's on pants and is from a different angle of what I taught about on pants about a month or so ago. If you enjoyed that one then you'll love this one as well so I encourage you to sign up. Remember you don't have to be present for the webinar at the actual taping. You'll receive a recorded version afterwards. Those who have taken my webinars know that I LOVE TO TEACH! It's a gift. I don't give dull or boring presentations. Having worked in research science for 15 years I learned how to break down information and compile it it in a way that's insightful, fun and entertaining. Plus I love "AHA moments"---my own and giving them to others! Nothing like when the light bulb comes on and you realize something you hadn't before. Fitting pants is such a struggle for so many sewers, and was that way for me for years until I discovered solutions to the problem. Those are what I'd like to share in this presentation. So here's the details....

You can find the Webinar details HERE....

Again, my webinar is on tomorrow Thursday at llam HERE . You don't have to be present to see it just purchase before showtime and you'll receive a link to access it later. Thanks for your support and I hope you'll enjoy the webinar. I always put my heart and soul in them!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wedding Dress Bling

I mentioned before that I am currently working on a wedding gown for a client. It's an amazing dress and I'm glad I get the pleasure of creating the gown of her dreams.  I can't reveal much about the dress until after the Oct 25th wedding. I will say 3 things however, it's a bit non-traditional in color, it has 30 yards of fabric in the skirt alone (if you didn't know-----THAT'S ALOT OF FABRIC!!!!) and the bodice is embellished with  Swarovski crystals.  I've use Swarovski crystals and applied them using glue to embellish dance costumes a year ago. This was my first time working with the sew on's and much larger sized rhinestones with various shapes. I used 3 shapes---the circle, marquis and oval cuts. The fun part was deciding on the perfect rhinestone pattern that would suit the sweetheart neckline. Here's the design I came up with. We didn't want to go overboard and only wanted enough to cover about 1.5" within the bodice edge. I played with several designs----laying them out on a sample piece of fabric with the shape traced on to it. I came up with one that worked great and created a pattern of sorts. I plan to do a video tutorial on how I actually mounted the design. All I can say is it was super easy and I LOVED hand sewing each one on. It's so RELAXING!!!!

(Zoomed in. I traced the shape of bodice on sheet fabric. I marked the edge of the fabric and where the seamline was to be. Then I began laying stones. I came up with this design mixing all of the shapes. I intentionally picked these shapes since I knew they would fit in between each other well and maximize the space.)

 (Zooming out you get a better sense of the overall pattern. It extends from the middle of the bustline to the side seams/underarms. The final product looks WAYYYYYY more lovelier on the fashion fabric!!! I just love how these things sparkle.)

 (Nothing better then getting a load of swarovski crystals in the mail!!!! Love all that shine!!!)

Ok, I'll be wrapping up that dress in the next 7-10 days. Again the wedding is at the end of this month and I'll be showing pics the.  In the meantime I've got my hands full with some other projects---some really fun one's I'll be sharing fairly soon.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Video: Christmas Came Early & Other Updates

I ALWAYS keep a running Sewing Christmas Wish list of all the items I want to get and I patiently wait to get them when the time and price are right!  I finally got 2 items that were on Christmas Wish List from a few years back. One was on the actual list and the other my mental list LOL!!!  I LOVE to share info about my sewing related purchases. This video highlights that and some other things I've got going on.....

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sewing Jots and Tittles 9.15.14

Oh it's been a while!!! Time for a much needed "brain dump". Here's a glimpse into my world....

Sewing, Fashions and Such...

This is my friend Mackenzye and she makes the CUTEST dolls! I mean I'm obsessed with her dolls!!! She started making them for her portfolio when she was in college but have been making doll clothes since she was a kid. She said she used to fashion her dolls off of the interesting people she used to meet. She puts alot of painstaking details into her dolls. Each one is make from the same cloth rayon/linen cloth which has flecks of color in it. And the doll hair is the cutest blends of yarn. I hope to get a custom doll made in the image of my daughter. She makes dolls for anyone. They would make wonderful gifts---especially for you grandparents! Please check out FB page at for more details.

 Two bolts of the same type/color of satin at Hancock Fabric. Startling proof that fabric dye lots differ!!!

 They sale french curves at Staples. This was a pack of 3. I can use this with draping/patternmaking on my big dress form as well as half scale! Yay!

 Gorgeous trim but $21.99/yd. I'll pass!!!

 I forgot my conventional sewing machine could do lettering!

 Have a purple coat cut out and ready to sew. Now when I'll get to sew it and actually get to wear it is a whole other question!!!

 Jo-Ann's has gone "Fold Over Elastic CRAZY". Have you ever seen so many varieties in one place?

 Button holding containers shaped like buttons! How cute!

So pretty!!!!

 Yay, fall color forecast!!! Glad it will be nice and colorful!!!

 This skirt had me mesmerized. It's made entirely of pleated leather!!!!

 I don't know what it is but I get compliments everywhere I go when I wear this top. Glad I dug it out of my closet and started wearing it again.

I took a day trip to Atlanta and hit up 3 fabric stores. I RACKED up on some necessary pieces for myself and clients and for CHEAP! Thanks to Atlanta I don't have to travel to NYC for my major fabric shopping trips!

I met Vanessa from the blog Craftsy Gemini when she attended Mr. Jim's Jacket Tailoring workshop! She's such a vibrant, smart and fun person!

Yes Lawd!!!


 Yes my relationship with the library is just that serious. Who can just check out 1 book. That's like eating 1 M&M!?!?!? LOL! Now if I could learn to turn them back in on time!

 Really,you can used dogs to sniff out termites?!?!?! Well they do have great noses. I wonder what their success rate is? Hmmmm. Interesting!

 If I was a cussing woman I would have left a few choice words slip when I saw the regular price of $50 for this backpack! $50?????? Does it come with a Ipod???

 This Chick and her poses?  I just asked for a nice smile and this is what I got. She described this as her "hard core" look. She's so silly!

 Never heard of this before. I'm interested in how it tastes!!!

 Only in the South do you get this absurd SUV + oversized rim & tire combo! SMH

 What happens when you don't move the the brown widow eggs on your trash can soon enough. They hatch!  Needless to say I had to exterminate them:(

 Somebody please tell my child how to properly wrap up her gum before handing it to me! GEESH!

 Somebody turned 7 at the end of August.....

....2 Days later I celebrated my 12 years of Marriage/ 17 years of Togetherness with this guy! He's my heart. He keeps me young!!!

Hahahaha...what's wrong with this picture???? Hint....this book was based on a fictitious movie! Not exactly a good reference for emergency preparedness! LOL!


This is EXACTLY why we can't sit in a parked car for too long! These 2 never need a reason to start dancing! LOL!

 She graduated to reading chapter books! She's growing up so fast!

 Please take a moment of silence with me. I nearly lost it when I dropped a freshly cooked strip of bacon in the sink and couldn't retrieve it in time. Darn you 5 second rule!!! LOL!

 These 2 love their electronics! Funny my daughter's hands, kindle and feet are only visible.

 Oh, it's love bug season!!! For those familiar with these insects know they swarm like crazy!!! These guys will likely be the reason I'll have to teach my daughter about the birds and bee's a little earlier! LOL!

 Someone's going through their "little Helper phase". She wants to help do and clean EVERYTHING. Gosh I hope it continues until she turns 18! LOL!

I'm not one to bash but I do think it's RIDICULOUS that we live in a society where someone can make a coffee table book featuring nothing but their own selfies and people would buy it. Significance?!?!?! There's just something wrong with that!

I'm such a masochist! The best part of a pedicure is the cuticle trimming. Crazy I know but it's really the best part. But then again I also like getting my eyebrows waxed. I did say I was a masochist! LOL!

I LOVE this movie!!! One of the sweetest! I think EVERY Woman deserves to be loved just like this!!!


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