Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sewing For My Man

That's pretty fun to say and it's definitely something I haven't done in a while. Actually I'm currently sewing for the whole family. We have an upcoming "Luau themed" birthday party to attend so in the middle of my hectic week I'm cranking out some garments for us. I've finished a button down shirt for the Hubby and am working on me and my daughter's pieces. Have a bit of a challenge--- I ONLY have 4 yards of fabric and 3 people to sew for. That equates  me having to be REALLLYYYY creative in how I stretch the fabric and choose our designs. My husband's shirt used up 2 1/4 yards alone. But I'm figuring all of that out. What's really great is I've had this stretch poplin fabric in my stash for a few years. Ya'll know I believe in having a little stash of fabric. Can't tell you how many times it's saved me. Even though I've downsized a few 100 yards this year and have a drastically smaller stash I'm glad to still have a little in-house "fabric store" that I can shop from. I needed Luau themed fabric and voila' I just so happened to have some! Well I've got to hop back to sewing. Will be posting the finished outfits soon.....
(here's the lovely fabric I'm using---it screams Hawaiian party!!!)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Black Sequin Sparkly Tulle Mermaid Prom Gown

Prom season went by so quickly. Originally I was so busy with some other projects that I didn't really have time to sew any prom gowns but that was until Ms. C showed up. She had such a lovely prom dress idea and despite my tight schedule we made it work! I LOVE working with my clients and helping bring their visions to life. She wanted a fitted sequin gown with mermaid tulle skirt with sequins.  Fortunately I was able to get all the fabric from my local Jo-ann's which saved time so I didn't have to order it. Now let me warn you this dress isn't as simple as it may look. The mermaid tulle skirt has 5 different layers and a total of 32 yards of fabric, The top of the dress is sequin fabric that is overlayed on black spandex and lined with black jet set. Anyhow I give ALL the details in the video below. I love how the dress turned out and even more importantly I LOVE that my client Loves it!!! I live for happy clients!!!

 Ms. C looking so gorgeous in her custom dress!!!

On the mannequin

Here's the Video Enjoy! It was recorded prior to my clients prom! Also, I have a special offer below.....

And since we all just LOVE things that sparkle and bling I wanted to share my BOGO Free Sale on my Crystals and Rhinestones courses! I've received RAVE reviews on them and as a result want to pass on this special to anyone who wants to add some bling to their garments---whether it be sewn or glued on! See this LINK for all of the details!!!!

 Again if you purchase the Sewing with Crystals and Rhinestones Course you get the 8 Tips on Gluing Crystals and Rhinestone Course for FREE (a $9.99 value). You can purchase here

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Reflections--- A Skit, Video, and Reality check

I've been up to my eyeballs in black tulle----25 yards to be exact and on top of that add another 5 yards to it, all in order to make a mermaid skirt in a prom gown. Have you ever tried gathering that much tulle? Let me tell ya it's not joke! So needless to say Mother's Day was a welcomed break from my long week. As always as it does every year, it came and went so fast! Normally my routine is to make matching Mother/Daughter Outfits (as I've done HERE and HERE) but my daughter was acting in our church's skit alongside her Dad so she couldn't wear it anyway. This was pretty fun for the two of them and was the first time they've both graced the stage together. I consider them clones of each other so it was great to see the two people who helped make me a mother doing something they both love. That was a great present! And I REALLY love these two, they make me feel special as a Mom year round!

(Hubby and Daughter on stage for Mother's Day skit.)

And on top of that my daughter and I were asked to be in the Mother's Day video they made for that day. It was pretty cool. Our church's awesome videographers came by my house to film us a month earlier. I requested it be done in my sewing studio where my daughter and I often spend our creative time. They took a good bit of footage and added our part with the other Mom's and daughters and it turned out so sweet. I love that our little bit is centered on sewing!  Here's the video.
Mother's Day 2016 from Savannah Christian Church on Vimeo.

These were just a couple of highlights from my day! I can't help but think how oddly we as mother's are wired. The sacrifice, love, devotion and care given to our children is nothing shy of amazing. We do it and expect little to nothing in return for ourselves. I've had alot of responsibilities in my life but none of them compare to Motherhood. It's in a league all it's own. It's an honor! There's so much more I could say but there's no need, if you're a Mom or Mom-like figure you know exactly what I mean.........

I'm feeling a little sentimental so it's time to snap out of it LOL! Well I leave you with this little note-----
I'm living in this truth right now LOLLLL!  This is hilarious! Guess it's back to work for me LOL! Will be showing off that prom dress soon!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

The "Partially Sewn Upside Down" Cotton Sateen Butterfly Top- Simplicity 6286

So the "upside down print" issue was resolved since the last post! BTW, I LOVED all of you guys' comments they were pretty funny and witty!  Thankfully the issue was sorta resolved! A complete goof on my part when looking at the fabric. I glanced at the butterflies which were oriented both upside down and right side up and didn't even look at the birds to see if they were the same. The birds were only oriented in one direction. Go figure! Thankfully I remade the top bodice portion. The birds are upside down at the bottom but that will be my little inside joke if anyone notices. I love the fabric which is from myfabricdesigns.com and is THIS GORGEOUS PRINT! The cotton sateen is so soft and I love the low luster sheen. It's the perfect fabric for warm weather and the print is absolutely cute with  The print is NewLook 6286 and it is my 3rd version of this top which I LOVE! I'm a "throw on and go" kinda Chick so this style matches my personality perfect--cute but uncomplicated. It's asymmetrical---low in the front and longer in the back. I paired it with light denim capris and Nine West sandals. I threw on some hoop earrings in the same shade and that completed my outfit! I love this top so much I probably may make at least 2 more versions!

(Love the light blues and golds in this print)

Alrighty that's all for now. I've got to churn out a prom dress this week so I'm off to work on that! More details soon!!!!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

That moment when you do THIS while making a top!

I've been sewing so long that big mistakes are few and far in between (Thank God,  knocking on wood). The little one's of course happen from time to time but are are barely noticeable (they say craftsmanship is the art of covering your mistakes) but not the one's in titanic portions. Well let's just say today  I managed to make a pretty big one without noticing until I almost finished the top I was making. But thankfully I spotted it just in time and have enough fabric to remake the top. Speaking of fabric I'm using this beautiful butterfly and bird print I picked up from myfabricdesigns.com in cotton sateen. More info on that later. But let's see if you can spot the mistake. It's pretty funny! Take a close look....and leave in the comments below. I'm off to re-cut the top portion of the top and finish so I can wear tomorrow. Back to work......

Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Interview with the Lovely Faye from Faye's Sewing Adventures!!!

April is almost over, can you believe it? I couldn't keep up. I promise you my absence from blogging has been due to some big projects in the works. I'll share more soon! I didn't mention I'm making a prom dress too in the middle of it all. LOL! Gotta love life. There's always an adventure around the corner! I'm extremely honored that  Uber Wonderful and Gratious Faye over at Faye's Sewing Adventures interviewed me and posted it on her blog. You can see the Interview HERE! She's been doing a series of sewing interviews on some talented sewers we all know and love and they're very insightful! Check them out! Thanks again Faye! It's a pleasure to posted on your wonderful blog! Well I've got to get back to work. Happy Sewing to you all!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Easter "Rose Cluster" Vogue 1027 DKNY Dress

It's crazy Easter has come and gone! I really enjoyed it! I managed to finish my dress in time to wear to church. Easter/Resurrection Day is one of my favorite holidays and such an important part of my Christian faith! So of course I had to make a lovely dress to wear.  I received LOTS of compliments. This dress may look a little familiar since I made it a few years back. It's Vogue DKNY dress # 1027 and it's one of my favorites! It's a high waisted mock wrap dress with ties, full skirt and pockets. I reserve this pattern for my most beautiful fabrics. I used this beautiful floral print named " Rose Cluster" which comes from MyFabricDesigns.com. What's amazing about their fabrics is that any print can be made into 26 different types of fabrics. Yes, it also means you can get your own fabric designs printed or you can choose from their designs for those interested. I chose the Rose Cluster printed on to Modern jersey which is so soft and just the right weight. The dressed sewed together very easy and comes with pockets which I love! I followed the pattern directions except I omitted the waist elastic which wasn't needed. Ok, now for pics.  I want to warn you they're not very good. It was raining for most of the day so we couldn't get many good outdoor shots :(
Front, up close view

 Full view

 Back view

another angle

The fabric really is gorgeous! This pic shows it best!

This photo is courtesy of Esther Griffin photography, Esther is one talented Lady and sure did know how to capture the moment and make us look good. This was a quick impromptu shot (hence my awkward lean in) but it looks like my daughter was more then ready with her pose LOL!

I didn't sew my daughter's dress this go around. I intended to but it got pushed last due to major client work. I even had the fabric and pattern ready but opted to skip it to hang out with the fam the night before. In the past I wouldn't have done that I would've slaved and stressed until I had it finished sewing right before we left for church. It was nice to not put myself under that kind of pressure and chill. I'm getting older and wiser! Besides we had a blast!  It was also nice to get her dress at TJ Maxx for only $14. Heck for that price, I was cool with not sewing (wink). But on a sad note look how big she's getting! My little girl is growing up so fast sniff, sniff!

 Some other highlights from the day----There were well over 60 Baptisms that took place at the end of the Easter services! It was such a beautiful sight! My Hubby even got to help with some of them :)
                               photo courtesy Savannah Christian Church FB

After service we enjoyed going to see Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice---forget Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman is my new favorite! She brought the GIRL POWER for sure!!! And we enjoyed an unconventional Easter meal at our favorite Mongolian restaurant (so thankful I didn't have to cook.) Had fun with these two! They have the same personality! They are a hoot! Nothing but giggles when she's around her Dad LOL

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter too!!!


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