Sunday, January 25, 2015

Exciting First Quarter Sewing Goals......

The month's already gotten off to a hurried pace and I've got tons to do this first quarter. I ALWAYS like to start the year off with a bang so there is lots to do for clients and myself. Here are a few of my sewing plans......

Fearless February

It's that time again!!! Fearless February is a challenge I issue every year and encourages sewers and myself to pick projects that would normally intimidate them or those they may have put off. You can read more about the meaning behind the challenge HERE.   Notice I didn't give an adequate heads up. Usually I give an early notification to get everyone ready but I decided to AMBUSH you guy's this time. Truth is, if you're going to be Fearless you shouldn't need much time to think about it! Just do it!!! It's all the thinking that causes us to talk ourselves out of doing. But there is enough time if you need to order supplies. Remember you get to decide on the project you want to take on. I'll be giving details on mine next.....Also, feel free to add the pic to your blogs. I'll try to have a button for the next post :)

Father/Daughter Banquet

Our church's annual Father/Daughter Banquet is held a little earlier this year. It's on 3 nights (26-28th) but my Hubby and Daughter will be going the night of the 28th. If you've been following me for a few years then you know I ALWAYS make her a dress and since last year made my Hubby's coordinating tie to match. Well I'm getting geared up and looking at fabrics and colors. My daughter has chimed in and wants a black and white dress with a crystal belt. Ughhhh is all I'm thinking but she may be on to something. Her and I will put our heads together and come up with something cute!

 (This was last year's dress and tie that I made)


***I have to transfer a cute little 3 year old into .....for his birthday party!!! I've already gotten the fabric and am in the middle of working on this since his bday is a little later this week. Can't wait to deliver it to the little guy!

***Looks like I'll also be doing another set of Dance line capes for a group out of SC. This will be my 2nd time making dance team capes. Here's a pic of the reversible capes I made for a local group a few years back!

I'm in Fashion Design School!!!

Yes, I signed on to complete an Online Fashion Design Certificate with the Style Design College. I just registered for it and am working on my first module and homework now. I have a year to finish and hope I can do it under that time. Although I have excellent mentorship with Master Tailor Gentleman Jim I decided to get this certificate since I wanted to get the extras that design student's are exposed to such as fashion illustration, color theory, etc. It's also internationally accredited Plus I got it for a great deal on it (Groupon).

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy New Year.......Again (In Pictures)!

I meant to do this before the month got away from me! I know, too late, right---it's almost gone??? LOL!!!! Anyhow.....

 Well on behalf of my Family and I we just wanted to wish you, my Sewing Friend an AMAZING 2015!!!

May it be Filled with loving moments .....

Or those Cool or  "Wanna Be" Cool moments---LOL.....

...Full of Fun and Silly Moments....

Or Moments of Closeness with Those you Love!!!....

...Just Hanging Out....

...Or Hanging Solo....

No matter what moments you may have, may you always feel the Love and Peace of God, the Warmth and Appreciation of those closest to you, a Sense of Purpose and Fulfillment Within, Joy in Helping Others, and the Excitement that comes with doing what means most to you (SEWING INCLUDED ((wink)). 
May 2015 be an  Amazing Year for You!!!
Much Love, The Baylor's XOXOXO

Thursday, January 8, 2015

When No One Sees

I was recently struck by a story that aired a few years back about an Autistic kid who did the unthinkable when giving the opportunity. Somehow I missed this story but it's a GOOD one! It's the story of Jason Mcelwain and instead of spoiling the story for you take a look at this short video for yourself.....

After I cheered and even shed a tear of happiness for him there was something about his story that really stood out that actually wasn't really focused on.  The thing I found most fascinating about Jason is what he did when probably no one had seen him or was watching. Everyone knew of his passion for basketball but it wasn't his passion alone that gave him those 6- 3 pointers. Passion won't give you ANYTHING without dedication, effort and follow-thru! So in my mind I picture him practicing in the gym for hours when there wasn't a soul in sight. Maybe even thinking about how some said his autism would limit him but ignoring the voices and steadily practicing. I think of every initial missed shot but with time and "grit" those became less and less and more and more baskets were made.

The same thing holds true to US sewers! That's right, YOU included!!! It's so easy to think that the things we do and the striving to be good won't matter and isn't making a real difference. And when you've been frustrated up to your eyeballs like I've been in the past it's easy to let discouragement creep in. This was especially the case when I first started sewing over 10 years ago. Those were some rough earlier years! LOL!  Let's just say my craftsmanship and fitting abilities at times weren't always the best. I may have had raw talent/ability but it was talent that most definitely needed developing and the refinement! I wonder what would have happened if I'd thrown in the towel when it was rough? How bout for you as well?

I think we can all "take a page from Jason's book". Unexpected opportunities are always a possibility. Who knows what can happen. The only question that looms is Will you be ready???

I'm reminded that more often then not great people aren't necessarily the smartest or most talented. They're just the one's who hang in there when others throw in the towel and most importantly.....know how to put in the hard work when no one sees!!!

Ok, well let's get to it! I'm feeling inspired how bout you?!!!! We've (that's right WE) have some BIG sewing projects & goals to accomplish this 2015! Let's go where we've never gone before, try new things and challenge ourselves! I'm working on my goals for the first quarter now! Almost done! Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I SURVIVED One Year of Self-Employment & 2014 Re-Cap

Wow.....December has come and is almost gone and I failed to highlight an important date. On December 1st of 2013 I embarked on the adventure of becoming self-employed. I SURVIVED........and more importantly I'm thriving and I'm just in awe about it! I have to admit it was probably one of the hardest and scariest things I've done. I worked in Research science for 15 years and to step away from that and opt for self-employment instead of taking on another job was pretty gutsy. But I honestly felt like it was something God led me to do and I've come to learn that when He leads He provides. And he never skipped a beat in taking care of me and my family even when I wondered where or when the  opportunities or finances would come. And the times I was second guessing myself (and even Him) I always felt that nudge from Him to keep on going. It was like He was "shaking his pom-poms" for me and cheering me on.  I'm so grateful for that! I honestly believe that everyone has a God given purpose and you don't start feeling ALIVE until you discover what that is. I've been guilty of letting fear hold me back but am glad to be pushing through. Hey, when you've got the Creator of the Sun, Moon & Stars backing you, you feel a PEACE and CONFIDENCE like none other. Trust me there are times I struggle and want to revert to fretting but I KNOW everything's going to be ok! I'm happy to now be living out my Dream!  I'm also so grateful for my supportive Hubby and daughter who endured my late nights in the sewing studio and 6 day work weeks. They were always there to lend a hand with projects, give me their opinions and serve as models. I'm honored they believe in me and my DREAMS!!!

Ok, now since I got all the mushy stuff out the way I must admit 2014 was a good year. Although I've been a small business owner since 2006, committing to do it full time was a change of speed. I definitely had to work on my confidence and I learned that I had more skills then I thought. I took on some really cool client work and was challenged to do things I'd never done before.

I know you guys will probably read a TON of blog 2014 re-caps so I'll keep mine short.....

- For starters I logged 1862 sewing hours to contribute to my 10,000 Hours of Sewing challenge making that 5,936 since I began my challenge in 2010. I credited myself 3,000 hours at that start so that gives me 8936 leaving me 1064. Wow, is all I can say. I'll talk more about this in a later post.

Here are just a few highlights from this year (there are blog posts about all of these in case you want more info)...

Sewed/Tailored/Engineered a 40+ yard Wedding Gown for a client. Trust me as indicated in my blog post this was no small feat! This dress tested my skills to the max. I KNOW God helped walk me through this project!!!

......and a Lace Knit jumpsuit for my bride to wear to her reception!

Made Men's pants......and pants that were worn at Dragoncon I might add! I love costume work!

I always love to sew matching Mother/Daughter Mother's Day outfits!

I love our churches annual Father/Daughter Banquet in which I made my daughter's dress and Hubby's tie!

I made an 8 piece wardrobe for a client. Here's some of the pieces. I have one pic of my client in a top & legging I made her but don't have it handy. The wardrobe turned out great!!!!

Learned a new technique---how to properly place and sew in Swarovski crystal rhinestones

I taught several Burda Style webinars this year! This was GREAT since I LOVE to teach sewing! I always get such good feedback from the attendees! I love to learn and love to teach what I learn. It's a real treat!

I learned how to do menswear alterations! Alterations like taking in the shoulder, blade, sideseam and shortening or lengthening the arm.  I'm happy to add this to my skill set!

Speaking of menswear, I still have the opportunity of working with my mentor the super talented, Master Tailor Mr. Jim, aka Gentleman Jim! His expertise and skill is increasingly helping me to become a better sewer/tailor.

I also began working with my draping teacher to learn how to drape!

My MAJOR fail project was this white knit blazer I made to wear with this Easter dress I also made. I should have made the inner facing wider so I could tack it down to the interior of the coat to prevent the lapel from rolling on me. Lesson learned for next time!!!

I read alot of GREAT books this year that helped push me in my personal life and with my sewing. This was one such book. My word for 2014 was "Courage"--- very befitting for the year!

I put 150 yards (I think that's right) of fabric from my stash for sale at a local fabric shop. I'm certain by years end I'd gained about 50 yards in new fabric! LOL!

I was so consumed with sewing for others that I didn't sew a ton for myself. But this has to be my favorite dress I made this year!

.....this one is my second favorite. Plus I like my new highlights!

2014 was definitely a GREAT year! I appreciate all the triumps and even my failures because I learned from them. 2015 will be EVEN BETTER!!! Thanks for joining me on this ride!!! XOXOX


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