Thursday, October 22, 2015


It's good to be back!!! Let's just say I've been away for good reason. 13 Hour Sewing work days had a great deal to do with it! That's right, I've been a sewing fool around here LOL! Truth be told it's felt a bit like bootcamp. I'm an Army Brat and although have never experienced it personally I've heard enough stories! The grueling schedule, training, long hours and all of that. Yup, I've been in sewing bootcamp LOL!  As soon as I made it back from Boston last month I began working with a friend on a BIG COSTUME sewing project (I'll divulge some details in my next post)  in addition to handling my regular business sewing tasks---alterations and custom work for clients. But my daily work schedule started often at 7:30am in the morning ran through about 3pm, picking back up at 5 or 6pm and running through midnight. I started reliving my old college days. I was a part of "Team No Sleep" for a few days---well I got some sleep---the bare minimal. But all of the hard work and sacrifice paid off.   And I can definitely tell you there's nothing more rewarding than that.We're a few weeks away from being done with the big costume project.  Will share in the next post. One thing I must admit is that I've really appreciated the FAST pace and LONG hours. It's really kicked my butt into gear and I've learned a TON---new techniques, my strengths, weaknesses---all that stuff. As we all know diamonds are formed under pressure, I'm always amazed at how the best of oneself can be revealed in high pressure work situations.

(Sending hellos and hugs from bootcamp LOL! Pulled another 13 hour sewing day today! I've got blood shot eyes but I'm still smiling LOLLLL!!! Going straight to bed now! LOL!)

For this week I had to shift focus and crank out 5 dresses for the Miss Blueprint Pageant---a wonderful local organization offering a finishing school/ pageant for young girls---3 to be worn by contestants for the Interview segment, one by a volunteer and a formal dress for one of the contestants. The pageant is this weekend so that will be cool and I'll showcase the pics soon. Ok, I'm off to bed. As I mentioned I'm TIREDDDDDDDDD!!!! Before I go, hope you guys are checking out me and Gentleman Jim's show---The Tailor and the Dressmaker. We've got quite a few epidsodes floating out there. Here's the latest.

 Check out the rest---they range over a lot of topics and have helpful info/demos etc.
Ok, I'm off to bed for real this time. Night, night!!!!


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