Wednesday, July 22, 2015

B5982 & M6955---The Lovely White Embroidered Floral Mesh Dress

I was happy with the outcome of this pretty dress that I recently made for the lovely Mrs. A to wear to a church conference. The style is classic and the floral mesh fabric overlay added wonderful texture to this dress.  I used 2 patterns---Butterick 5982 bodice and McCall's 6955 skirt. I love the combination of the fitted bodice and circle skirt. This dress called for alot of fabric and it consisted of the floral mesh overlay, stretch cotton sateen as the base fabric and a jet set as a lining for the bodice. The mesh had a small amount of stretch which is why the other fabrics used in the dress had stretch as well. Of course the stretch factor insured I could get a really great and close fit in the bodice. The addition of a store bought crinoline helped give the dress added flare. This dress was a bit involved but was fun to make and I'm delighted my client loved it:)

 (Front view, you can get a slightly better look at the texture of the dress. The texture of the dress upclose is really pretty.)

(Seated, looking pretty)

(The floral mesh up close. I added a stretch cotton sateen underneath it and a jetset lining to the bodice only. The crinoline helped serve as a lining for the skirt.)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

McCall's 6075---The Cream Lace Backless gown

I LOVE when client projects turn out great! Such was the case with this gorgeous gown that I make for Mrs. B to wear to her Mom's birthday party. I particularly liked making this. Mrs. B gave me a picture of a gown she liked as an inspiration piece and this one manifested. I used McCall's 6075 which is an out of print pattern from back in the day. Since I sew for clients I'm more concious about picking up patterns with varying styles. You just never know what your client may request. I actually forgot I had this pattern and thank God I found it! I'm delighted I had a great base pattern and all I had to do was make a few changes to transform it. I changed the look of the straps, lowered the back waist and added a train. Also, this dress is a knit with a lace overlay---it's hard to see from the pictures. I LOVE making dresses with lace overlays (I've made a few) it definitely adds texture to the dress. It takes extra time since I like to hand sew my larger  All in all I'm more then delighted with the outcome of this dress and more importantly I'm happy that I created a dress my client loved and felt beautiful wearing. That's what it's all about and that's why I love doing what I do :)

 (Back view, backless with straps around the arms and ruching at back waist and a small train)

(Plunging neckline in the front)

(Gorgeous lace that was overlayed on matching knit fabric. Love the texture to it.)

(the Base pattern)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

NewLook 6185---The "Cute" Fashion Show Dress

In the end it was the "cute" dress that won out over a sexy one. I couldn't help it. I was done as soon as I saw the pattern LOL! I LOVE the look of this pattern and like the final look of the dress although I wish I'd gone with another fabric. But with so little time and fabric options it is what it is. But this pattern is great and I can definitely see myself making a couple more version of this dress. I cut the size 10 for my bodice and graded to a 14 for my hips. I ommitted the pockets. It took around 4 hours to assemble. Again very cute. Now I must admit I was a little bit out of my element at the Fashion show. Majority of the Women's fashion there was a bit more risque so I definitely tipped the scales in the opposite direction! LOL But all in all I enjoyed the fashion show and supporting other talented people. It's cool to see other's styles and artistry. I tried to take pics but the lighting made it difficult to do. But it was definitely an exciting show!

(Without my photographer (aka Hubby). Only decent pic of the night in a bathroom with outdated wallpaper and bad decor. Definitely makes the dress stand out LOL On another note I LOVE my shoes---one of my fave's)

(Another view. Loved the neckline and sleeves on this dress)

(Here's the pattern. Would definitely like to make again :))

The Fashion show was definitely a much needed little break from the business (the self-employed are always working) but it's time to get back. Just finished a dress up for a client and working on an ivory gown for another. Details and pics soon......

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I need a SEXY DRESS to wear to a Fashion Show in less than 48 hours!

Come on now, don't act surprised!!! You know this always happens to me!!!!! LOLLLLLL! I just wrapped up a great fitting appointment with a client and just have to do the final alterations on her custom white dress that she'll be wearing to a conference (pics soon). We both love her dress! And I have 2 more formal dresses to do (not including another bajillion things on my general to do list) but in between that I copped tickets to a Fashion show on Friday night (thanks Mr. Jim aka Gentleman Jim)---and VIP tickets at that!!! So that means I get to strut the red carpet and do all the fancy VIP stuff in addition to taking in some great fashions.

(Got my ticket! Looking forward to it. Haven't been to a fashion show all year! Plan on putting my own on in the near future!)

The Spotlighted Fashion Designer is actually one of Mr. Jim's students. His students seem to be doing a TON of big things. On a side note one of his old students and a friend of mine is actually a contestant on Project Runway this season (you can see Merline HERE). I just saw her a few weeks ago! Go Merline!!!! Anyhow he just trains them and they set sail into greatness! LOL! Anyhow her name is JaTreca Wright and you can find her work on Instagram under the name "J.Wright Collection". She's quite the talent and makes gorgeous gowns for her clients that range from classy to risque. Although our styles are a bit different I really appreciate her artistry and talent.

So to match the SEXY vibe that I know will resonate throughout the night I want to wear something befitting. I'm more of the Classy/Fun/Sexy type so I think I have the perfect idea. I was going to draft/drape my own design but ran across  a pattern I think I like more. I'll reveal later. So I have the pattern and now I need some fabric. Did a Jo-Ann's hunt today and turned up nothing. May go to Hancock's??? But you know I have my very own In-home fabric store so I'm stash hunting tonight. Yes that's 4 shelves stocked full of fabric and I have several bins and even some in the garage.

(Time to go fabric hunting in my closet......and bins.....and bags LOLLLL. In times like these I'm so happy I have my own stash!!!)

Well, I BETTER turn up with something LOL! I'm certain I will.
I'm sure I'll pick the perfect fabric!!! I'll keep you posted!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 10,000 Hour Challenge Recap and July Goals!!!

Well it's July and I've done hit the ground running......literally! Last month was a pretty exciting and a productive one! I definitely got ALOT accomplished.  My BurdaStyle Pants Fitting course launched, I attended Mimi G's Conference in LA and had some great projects with clients. My fave client dress I made (actually I think it was the only one I made that month) was this gorgeous One Shoulder African Print dress (I'm still waiting on the formal pics---coming soon I'm told). But here's another sneak peak of the bodice up close. Here's you can see the one shoulder detail and puffed sleeve on the lovely Mrs. J. Remember this dress I made at my clients request as a knock off of one featured online.  I promise more pics are on the way soon!

As far as my 10,000 hour challenge goes of course I did tons of sewing especially for my clients. I've logged about 72 hours and of course it's going to increase with several projects I have on the table. Remember my challenge hours excludes alterations work and only deals with custom work for myself and clients :)

So here's what I've got going on in July. It's gonna be an interesting month. Here's what I've got on my plate. Of course I never indulge my client products in full detail since I respect their privacy until after the garments are made and worn. But here's a little info.....

----Lovely white dress for client to wear to a conference
--- Gorgeous Ivory, backless gown for client to wear to a party
---Sample pageant interview dress
---Some pieces for myself!!!! Some of my sewn pieces are wearing out and it's time to refresh my own wardrobe!!!
----I've also got fashion design school work that I'll be sharing! I'm really loving the program!!!
---I also have a couple of big projects in the works----can't divulge now---but will announce them in due time!!! Can't wait!!!

I have got alot of sewing to do!!! Hope your July is starting with a BANG (4th of July Pun intended)! What have you got going on for the month???


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