Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Stretch Velvet Blue Mermaid Prom Gown.....

Hey Everyone much apologies for my hiatus. I'm just now catching up after launching my Image Consulting business a few months ago. This is a custom gown & cape I made for my wonderful client. It's made of royal blue stretch velvet and I sewed the A/B crystal applique on it. I made the cape at their request. I love the way it turned out. I'm currently working on the next one.

 In the meantime you can catch me in my FB group I SEW LOVE COLOR where I promote color education for sewers to ensure they make amazing garment that's harmonious to their coloring. Feel free to join our group HERE.

Also, if you are interested in finding more out about my color course you can find out more about it HERE. It's currently on sale for 50% off---reg. price is $49.95 so it's on sale for $25

Lastly---I'll be teaching along side Alethia & Gentleman Jim at the July Sew Much Talent Sewing Retreat! It's going to be exciting. Visit the SMT FB page for more details. Thanks to the lovely Alethia for welcoming me on board.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Burgundy and Tan Floral Print dress with Obi Belt

It's hard to believe that just a few short hours ago this dress almost ended up in the trash can. But I perservered, made a few changes to it and this is the final result. I received SOOOO many compliments on this dress at church today. It's a good mix between being the right colors (sorry, remember I'm a Professional Image Consultant over at distinctly-u.com---and color has always meant the world to me) and the right style. I do have a bit of a penchant for old looking floral prints---you know the kind that look like they would've been the fabric for grandma's sofa LOL!!! I absolutely love this fabric. The photos don't really do it justice.
Ok, dress construction details below:

The dress started out as McCall's 8216--a gorgeous dress with neck tie, yoke, etc. Given the slightly denser nature of the fabric and print in the end the neck tie was a little busy and the long sleeves too much. This fabric ended up not looking great in this style so I made the following adjustments:

- Added 1/2" elastic and created casing in dress instead of adding binding to create a chanel.
-Chopped the sleeves a good bit.
-Cut the hang ties and left the elevated collar
-Added an Obi belt using NL 6184

I'm pleased with the outcome especially. I absolutely love it. So thankful I was smart enough to make the necessary changes to salvage the dress. It's situations like these that prove I'm truly and artist and maybe even a magician LOLLLLL!

Happy Sewing

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Mccall 7630 Bell Sleeve Peplum

I enjoyed making this top so much. Needless to say you know I'm a sucker for a good peplum top! AND I LOVED THE COLORS and print of this fabric. Although I'm a seamstress you know (or may be learning for the first time) I'm a Certified Color and Image Consultant (www.distinctly-u.com) so color and style really matters to me! BTW---please like us on FB and Instagram.It's always nice to feel the love!
 Also you can follow my personal Instagram---VictoriaBaylor.
Anhow.... I loved this look--and the changes I made to the pattern. Details below....

Pattern used: Mccall 7630 view C
Size: Size 12
Changes: I made peplum a bit wider and 2" longer I also narrowed the long bell sleeve about 2" and then converted it into a bell sleeve. I also added 1/2 elastic to waist

Love this top! The poly print fabric in some of my favorite shades is great! And the sleeves are fun!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My BurdaStyle Course is ON SALE and ON DEMAND!

For those who are interested you can get $10 off my pants fitting course See details below and Course LINK IS HERE..... P.S. My course is also On Demand so you can watch anytime!

Sew a Perfectly Fitted Pair of Pants
As a special bonus, enroll in Perfecting the Art of Pant Fitting: Construction the Easy way by October 31st and save $10 when you use coupon code PANTS10 at checkout!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dashes Blue Canvas Box-Style Jacket---Pic Heavy

A few months back I had the pleasure of collaborating with Organic Cotton Plus to make this lovely off the shoulder dress.  I'm delighted to use one of their gorgeous fabrics for my latest project---a box style jacket. Truth be told for me as a designer the fabric comes first and then I hunt for the perfect design to go with it. Trust me there's no method to it for me and it's a completely intuitive process. Upon one glance of their Dashes Blue fabric I absolutely and unequivocally knew I wanted to work with this fabric. The colors is so dynamic and beautiful and the dashes and their arrangement and pattern made it most interesting.

Those who know me and who have followed me for some time KNOW I'M BIG ON COLOR AND PATTERNS! I've never shied away from them. I've been that way since I began sewing over a decade ago and since become an Image and Color Consultant--check out my new website (www.distinctly-u.com). The first thing I do before selecting a fabric is to make sure it's going to go well with my skin tone. I was able to get a swatch from the wonderful folks at OCP and trust me the canvas was even prettier then it looked online. The blue is the perfect shade for my skin tone and is one that is perfect for a variety of different skin tones for sure! 

After confirming the blue dash was what I wanted I ordered fabric and anxiously waited it's arrival which was really quick. The website gave pre-treatment instructions which I followed exactly. The fabric washed and dried beautifully. Alot of cotton's can shrink up or discolor or even loose it's smooth texture. That wasn't the case for this fabric. It retained it's color and texture fine. You can definitely feel the quality of organic cotton. It's really strong and durable yet soft and supple. 

Up close view

Added a fuschia pink lining for a little pop of color

After getting a good feel of the fabric and it's weight I realized I definitely wanted to make a jacket. I knew I wanted an uncomplicated style so the fabric could be the focus.  NewLook 6496 certainly did the trick and was the perfect style for me. As a professional and entrepreneur running 2 businesses I want to add more jackets to my wardrobe. Simpler jackets like the box style are great because they are professional but not overtly dressy.

Back View
Here are a few details about the jacket:
- I lengthened about 3 or 4"
-I cut the size 12 and graded to 14. That's my usual grading but I should have given myself a little more room in the hips and sleeve. That correction is noted for next time.
-I added darts in the back for tapering so it wasn't too boxy.
-I didn't add the front band and unfortunately forgot to lengthen jacket front. So I had to go back and extend so in the end I did add a band of the same fabric LOL!
-I decided to fully line it
-I added a sleeve head and shoulder pads
-I shortened the sleeves a bit more. The next time I make this I would definitely like to add a cuff

For styling---I kept things fairly simple. 
Blue Dash box style jacket
White Top
Silver dog tag
White studded bracelet
Light denim jeggings with cuff
Yellow strappy heels

---- I've got a little backstory (testimony) about the yellow heels: In planning this outfit I wanted yellow heels to wear with this outfit and had been hunting them down for weeks. I knew they would be the perfect addition and yellow great pairs great with blue---remember I'm a color consultant and I'm serious about color LOL. I hunted but to no avail. Did I say for weeks? For weeks! Who stocks yellow shoes in October. Well to no avail I gave up the search. On a whim one day I walked into a Goodwill while doing a donation and guess what I saw on one of the shelves. Yellow heels! Yellow heels that just so happened to be in my size and the exact color and style I wanted. That's hardly a coincidence. That's what I like to call a "God Wink" moment for sure. He sure knows how to make my little heart happy and I love Him for it!

Back View

This was indeed a fun jacket to make and that was definitely due to the Blue Dash Canvas from Organic Cotton Plus! This fabric inspired the entire concept for this outfit. I love when a great plan comes together! Thanks Organic Cotton Plus for such a beautiful fabric!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer Sewing Projects and NEW BLOG CHALLENGE!!!!

I'm so sorry I've been away for too long. Not intentional! Been a busy little bee churning out some serious sewing projects in the last few weeks. If you follow me on Instagram HERE then you probably already know since I post daily. Anywho, here are a few of the projects I've done. I've done a good bit of client sewing too. Can't post everything---would take a while to dig up pics but check out my Instagram for more and for the pattern numbers. I made a few comments about the projects below too.

This is one of the new Vogue pattern--9259. I made it using knit instead of a more stable fabric as suggested. I wanted a heavier drape and the legs to be less full. I did take in the legs a good bit and stabilized the heck out of the sides and front so things wouldn't stretch out of place. Turned out great!

-Easy and fun project made out of cotton

 -No pattern used for skirt. Top is McCall's body suit. Made the medium. Warning--I added 1/2 elastic around the bodysuit neckline. There was no way it was going to fit snuggly without it. A stable knit really is key.

 -Oop Butterick skirt with rayon fabric. Love this. Used previously madee black bodysuit for this outfit.

 -Love this dress. I made 3 different versions for clients. This was one of my faves.

 Swimsuit coverup I made for weekend getaway w/ Hubby!

 -Simplicy 1318 completed yesterday using really old fabric from my stash. I modified the pattern a bit by making it longer in the front and ditching the band. Love this! Will make more kimono's. They are fun to wear!

 Butterick 5614 top in a fun print

 Our popular dress is on sale and for a GREAT price! Get yours today!

-As most of you know I do custom sewing but I also have an Image and Style business called Dressed in 10 (Dressedin10.com). We've got a new logo and look. Our Dressed in 10 Image and Style University courses are available for individual topics. If anyone is struggling with style then getting great information is the best place to start!!! Go HERE for more info!

Ok, and last but not least! I have a bit of a surprise. I'm starting a new challenge. That's right a NEW CHALLENGE! STAY tuned--- details coming soon! 

In the meantime can't believe Summer will be over soon. What sewing projects have been the highlight of your Summer? Were you as productive as you hoped? Learn any new skills? Take on any new challenges????

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Product Review: My New & Exciting Clothing Labels made by Dutch Label Shop!

Every sewer, whether for a business or not wants amazing clothing labels to sew into their amazing clothes, right? I know I do! Ever since I started my 2nd business---Dressed in 10 (Dressedin10.com) my Image and Style Education and Consulting Business I wanted to get clothing labels done to reflect my brand. I'm passionate about beautifying women and using clothes to reflect the beauty of a woman's soul!  I'm currently working on creating effortless and fashionable looks for women (COMING SOON) and for my clothing labels decided to use my logo (made by Tina which I love! The only trick was finding someone who could do the task in high quality fashion at a reasonable price.  I was thrilled to learn about Dutch Label Shop (dutchlabelshop.com). After perusing their website I was definitely interested in giving them a try. I wondered if they would be able to duplicate my label. I placed the order, which I found really easy to do using their step by step process. Everything I needed to do was listed and I didn't have any guess work. I quickly chose the woven label option and made all of my selections. The process from start to finish was pretty easy. And then came the wait. Which I'm amazed wasn't long at all. The processing was quick and I received shipping/tracking info asap. I have to admit I was pretty excited when they arrived by mail. But I was more amazed when I took a look at them. THEY WERE EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! Now I can see why DLS scores so high in customer satisfaction. I guess I should stop talking and let you see for yourself.......

They came all nice and neatly packaged! I'm well stocked now!

I'm especially excited that it's a sizable label without being over-sized. They measure 1" wide and 1.25" long. It only uses 2 inks---black and red. The red is actually a shimmery one so the hanger and the shoes have a sparkle to them which is so cute!

I can't believe I have 300 of these gorgeous beauties! I need to get to sewing! And they were only around $0.35 each which is incredible! And of course the more you buy the cheaper they are!

Here's my business card bearing my logo along with my new clothing label! I love that my brand is represented on my cards and in my fashions!

I definitely give a THOUSAND thanks to Dutch Label Shop for doing such a marvelous job on my labels!!! They exceeded my expectations!  And of course I don't want to be the one to have all of the fun so here's a gift of a 15% discount from the gracious folks over at Dutch Label Shop. Just use the code "tenthousandsewing15". Trust me you along with the other thousands who have tried them won't be disappointed!

As always I love to bring you the latest deals and resources. I was proud to to have Dutch Label Shop sponsor this post. Please know the reviews are 100% my genuine and honest opinion!!!

Until next time, happy sewing! Don't forget to follow me over at Instagram---Victoria Baylor and at Dressedin10


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