Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Big Costume Project Revealed (VIDEO)......

In addition to the video (see link below), guess this poster gives you a bit of a hint too (wink)!

If you've been wondering about the BIG COSTUME project I've been at work on then this VIDEO (see link below) should sum it up! We've been at work on this project since mid September (as mentioned in earlier post I've been pulling some 13hour work days). A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to fly out to Kansas City, Missouri to the Kansas City Ballet to fit 12 little ballerinas in their costumes---I'll give you the specifics later. These ballerinas are just a few of many who will be dancing in the Nutcracker opening up in December.  I had the honor of being invited to work on this project by THE TALENTED, Mrs. Pat who is a professional Draper with 40 years experience and my draping teacher. Anyhow, I'm still up to my eyeballs in work on this project and plan to share more in the near but in the meantime this video will give a good view into the project. During our fitting the local Kansas City PBS came to the workroom to do some filming. This footage was combined with others to create this video piece. The "Nutcracker" segment is the first and is only about 9 or so minutes long and I and Mrs. Pat can be seen from 7:44-7:47. Well I can partially be seen (wearing the gray sweater with fuchsia scarf and black pants) since part of my face got cut off in the video. There's a quick flash of me in the mirror in the next shot but I'm not entirely distinguishable but that's ok. We're fitting one of the ballerinas in her costume.Nevertheless I'm glad to be in there and to be working on such a HUGE project with so many players, artist, and talents. Makes me appreciate the arts so much more!  This is all the time I have for now but will share more soon. To see the video see below.....

Sorry no direct link to the video----follow these steps
1. Visit http://kcpt.org/programs/local-programs/arts-upload/
2.  scroll down and select the video tab.
3. Open the Oct 29th video entitled---Nutcracker, Scarritt Elementary Mural, Shoes
Enjoy! Will update soon!


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