Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Dream of Spring.....

I know it's December ,and I'm currently compiling my list of items to sew to jumpstart my 10,000 hour challenge in January, but my mind can't help but wonder ahead to Spring, my favorite season. That's due in part to my acquisition of some awesome fabrics from Ealier this week I was able to get my hands on some patterned stretch poplin and a week or so before that I purchased several costola 2-1 knits. Both purchases were for their very low sale price of like $2.50 or so a yard. If there's anything most people know about me is that I absolutely love fabrics with 2 characteristics: stretch and/or colorful patterns. Well when I say I racked up--I certainly did!!! You can't pass up these types of bargains--not when getting good fabrics and saving money is concerned!!!! Check out my buys and some of my ideas for their use.

This love B/W fabric for this Simplicity 3877 dress. Probably the mock wrap dress to the left.

Depending on what the print looks like when I get it maybe one of these for this New Look 6776 pattern although I feel these 2 fabrics could easily go with the Simplicity 3877 pattern above. Hmmmmm.

I'm thinking one or both of these in this Butterick 4185 pattern. I especially like the Paisley!

I'd like to use this for a blouse or jacket and pair with a pair it with some white slacks. Haven't decided on the pattern though.

Also I got these ribbed knits in 7 different colors. I'd like to make a few cardigans or fitted shirts to pair with (and in some cases) tone down the patterned dresses or skirts I have and plan to make. Who could ever have enough colorful knit cardigans or tops.

Well that's enough daydreaming for now. It's always nice to have something to look forward too......

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  1. I love your choices, I also got my share of your first 4 pics. I can't wait to see and feel them. . . oh the possibilities.


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