Sunday, February 28, 2010

January / February 2010--- 10,000 Hr Challenge Final Report

Just a little less than 4 hours until March 1st and I'm putting down the fabric and stepping away from the sewing machine to reflect on the work I've done for the last 2 months. When I started this challenge I had high hopes of getting alot done---as you can see from my initial challenge post here. It might have seemed that I was reaching for the stars a little bit with some of my lofty goals but I felt it necessary to push the envelope some. The reality for the seamstress is that time is always a limiting factor to some degree or another.  Well I ended up doing alot of "Plan B" garment exchanges based on my change in taste, time limits, etc. So what I actually sewed looks like an entirely different list minus the Jalie 2909 trousers. So let's take a look at what I did do.......

What I accomplished:
So I ended up with the 6 garments (you can see them if you look at the Pattern Review display windows on the right or click on the pattern link to see my blog review--which has more details). They were...

2 dresses ---  Vogue 8593, McCall's 5974
3 tops--- New Look 6714, New Look 6807, New Look 6922
1 pants--- Jalie 2909

My Goal was to end up with 6-8 garments. I was aiming more for 8 but between the lengthy research I did on my pants, the lost of my steam iron, and sewing machine issues through me a bit off schedule. And this past week was a nightmare. I'd really hoped to squeeze in another garment but time wouldn't allow for it. But that's life and we know that life is filled with it's own little interruptions.

My Favorites:
I really liked everything I sewed but I consider the Jalie 2909 trousers as my greatest sewing accomplishment for the past 2 months, especially since they were the first pair of pants I've ever sewn. The two weeks I spent working on these were extremely invaluable and have made me comfortable with fitting and sewing pants----there's no more avoiding them!!!

I also loved this dress and wherever I go I always get compliments on it. I'll definitely be sewing the Vogue 8593 again.

 My Dislikes:

I really didn't dislike this McCall 5974 dress just the high midriff front. But I've decided to wear the dress as long as I can get a blue cardigan to match---you know to lengthen my torso a bit.

Additional Observations:
I didn't realize that everything (except my Jalie trousers) I sewed these 2 months were knits. I love sewing knits and wearing them but I also like to show I can sew other fabrics as well and like the experience of doing so as well. So my next challenge goals will contain a little less knits.

  What I've learned:
These two months have been great and have allowed me to get a better sense of how I spend my sewing time and time in general. Trust me it takes alot of effort to carve out the 3 hours a day I need in to fulfill my 1000 hour challenge for the year and my overall 10,000 hour challenge------(hmmmm, as if being a Wife, Mom, Full-Time Employee, and having my Sewing business doesn't occupy enough time).  And on the days I can't carve out the time I'm pretty good at making it up on the weekends. You Guy's know how determined I am to meet my goals so I'll do the best I can with the time I've got. So far it seems I've got the time.  I need to do a better job at dividing it up for pattern fittings, and doing so in a couple of days time so I can spend the rest of the week actually sewing and completing the garment.

Ok--it's time to clean my slate (and cutting table) and to move onto the March/April 2010 Sewing Goals. I'm excited about Spring sewing. That's next..........


  1. The pants are my favorite too - you look so slim and youthful in them! Congratulations on reaching your goals and I can't wait to see what you sew this Spring!

  2. Wow, you really pressed the buttons... Congrats on reaching your goals... Yeah those pants are realy great. I am having a challenge for the month of match too..Hopefully I come close. Have a lovely week

  3. Since I know nothing about sewing, I'll just say--I'm so freakin' impressed!

  4. Congratulations! What an accomplishment.

  5. I'm utterly impressed by what you've managed to accomplish given your responsibilities. And I actually love the wrap dress on you - I think it's very flattering.


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