Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yippee--New Vogue Spring Patterns!!!!

And I thought I was really impressed with Butterick & McCall's, well I'm super excited about the Vogue releases. The last several seasons, Vogue hadn't had too many patterns that appealed to me and I understand to you Guy's as well. There were, let's just say, a lot of unusual designs and silhouettes. It's nice to find things that are more to my liking. Also, I'm sure you already know that Vogue Pattern's updated their website. It looks way more "snazzier" and is easier to navigate.

Here are the patterns I'm drooling over!!!

V1161--If I made this a tad bit longer it would work for me for a special occasion. I love the back of the dress--both the cutout and bottom "tail".

(V1160--I'm totally loving this! I have a ton of chiffon fabric that would work wonderfully with this pattern. Although chiffon is my least favorite things to sew it would be so worth it for a dress like this.)

(V8641--I love this. It's understated and sophisticated. This is a casual look I'd love to wear and I think it works for my frame without making me look like I'm drowning in it.)

(V1167--I love the pants and tank top combo. The jacket in the right colorful fabric would perfect this outfit. I love the way they advertise it here!!!)

(V8630 I like the look of this classy number.)

(V8632 I like the relaxed look of this knit dress!)

(V8633- another knit pattern so you know I had to have it!!)

So overall I loved the new Vogue patterns. They had some that were way more elaborate in design but I'm a simple gal going for simple everyday wear. So I can't wait til the next Joann's or Hancock Vogue pattern sale. I think there's one coming up soon. Hopefully they'll have the new patterns in. When the sale does hit you know who will be the first one's there. That's right--you and me (wink)!!!


  1. You're my first notice that the news patterns are up so thank you. I agree that 8632 looks like nice potential summer knit dress and I love 1167. That 1160 chiffon dress has me wondering also but I might be pushing myself into "mutton dressed as lamb" territory. But it's a great way to use my stash of chiffons as well.

  2. I like the green knit dress (the last one in you post) best... I'm a knit dress girl, too!

  3. I have my eye on V8632, I have been looking for a review of it as this will be my first knit dress. There are many patterns I ogle but sadly I just have not got the 24inch waist now although the bust has still stayed A cup (dammit)


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