Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Story Part 2

How it all began

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end".
~Seneca, Roman philosopher

I became a seamstress in a unique fashion (pardon the pun). I never intentionally set out to sew. I don’t think I really gave much thought to it. At the age of 8 or so I taught myself to knit and crochet so that was really my craft of choice---and I was really good at it. I crocheted everything from afghans to pillows to Bible covers to stuffed animals—everything! I would go to Joann’s to buy yarn and hooks and nothing else. I always thought those women huddled around the sewing pattern tables at JoAnn‘s were a little on the weird side—seriously flipping through catalogs and aggressively yanking out cabinet drawers—mind you I was 8. I never knew that seventeen years later I would become one of those “weird women”. :) I would say it was through divine intervention that I discovered my passion for sewing. My Husband’s Grandmother, Anne helped me discover sewing. It was in her untimely passing in 2004 that my Mother-In-Law (the BEST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD) passed Grandma Anne’s 1988 New Home Sewing machine on to me. At first I looked at it and had no idea what I would do with it. I only sewed pillows briefly in 12th grad Home Economics. Secondly it was EXTREMELY HEAVY—all metal and weighed a ton But because of how “Extraordinary of a Woman & Seamstress” Grandma Ann was I figured the least I could do was learn how to sew to commemorate her legacy.

Grandma Anne

Young Grandma Anne--wasn't she beautiful!

Grandma Anne's New Home--My First Sewing Machine

So as soon as we returned from the funeral I headed off to Hancock to take sewing lessons for $5/hr. from a sweet store attendant named Mrs. Helen. I had no idea that this would spark one of the BIGGEST OBSESSIONS in my life. You know what I mean. You have it too. I can see that look in your eyes!!! You know the way your hand twitches and heart palpitates when you find that awesome pattern or that spectacular fabric-----you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! LOL Let me tell you ALL about it…………………(to be continued).


  1. Yes I known all about it! We all great back story. Loving your blog so far. I tempted to start my own.

  2. .....Excuse me. That was... We all have great back story....

  3. Hi Karima, I'm delighted (and humbled) that you find my blog interesting (smile). Since you've had the thought to start your own blog I think you should pursue it. You're right we all have "GREAT back stories". Please let me know if you do because I'd love to visit it! Take Care!!!

  4. Hi! Welcome to the blogging world! I totally feel you on the backstory, mine begain as youngster watching my mom. I am now, one of those ladies too, lol!! I actually just got back into sewing, I didn't know many who did, ...until now. When I visited fabric stores in the past, most were older women, and the patterns I saw were so unhip to me. Discovering Burda and noticing a big improvement in the Big 4 selection, has made me, into a fabric and sewing addict! Good luck and I will be peeping to see what ur up to!

  5. Seems we have a similar story of how we got addicted to sewing! My mother passed in 2006 and I inherited her machine...and taught myself to sew....it makes me feel so much closer to her. Funny the paths our lives take when something like that happens....


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