Friday, December 18, 2009

Crazy Busy Weekend........

Wow, this is turning out to be a pretty busy weekend! Well I finally found my Vogue 1020 guidesheet so I can finish up my dress this weekend (if you recall I misplaced it a couple of days ago)!!!! Yay to that!!!! In addition to that I decided to whip my little one up Simplicity 2483 in time for church on Sunday. I made the dress on the left in a cute corduroy print. I'll post pics Sunday. It was so easy that I should've whipped up 3 more while I was at it. I know you're laughing at me but you know I'm "Queen of the Remakes". Hey if I like a pattern you know I'm going to "overuse" it.  You know you do the same thing (wink)!!!!

(I do like the vest and skirt on the right so I definitely have to make that in the future!!!)

In addition to that I've got a few alterations for clients and friends to get done. And on top of all that I'm sitting under a weight of housework. Plus with Christmas next week there's still so much more to do!!! Don't tell anyone, but I haven't even put up my tree yet---what a shame, I know!!! But, I'm not going to get overwhelmed. No sir, I wont! Breathing in and exhaling slowly. Hey I get to spend a good deal of this weekend sewing. That alone brings some calm to all of the chaos. Hope you're able to squeeze some sewing into your weekend.

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  1. You are going to have a pretty hectic routine and a very tight schedule during the holidays as it seems from your post. I wish you best of luck and strength to you.


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