Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Christmas Dress

OK, so I finally made up my mind (I think) and this is really a big deal given that I'm an over thinker---which is kinda not my fault--I work in the Research Science field so that's what they pay me to do. LOL! But I've picked my Christmas dress and won't be going with the silver and black metallic fabric. I figured I'll save that for a strapless bubble skirt number that I'd wear to a fancy soiree! So here it is.

Here's the pattern:

I'll probably do the ruffle top in print with short sleeves and the fitted skirt with vent in a solid. Here are the fabric options.

Option #1

Option #2

Out of these two fabric choice and I think I've settled on the blue fabrics--option #2. I worked with this fabric before. Here's the dress and pattern.

It's currently a UFO--boo hiss!!! In short, when I fit did my fitting I did the bodice only and assumed the skirt was a go. The pattern was drafted with uneven skirt fullness distribution. So most of the fullness was on the side of the pattern--it made me look "hippy" and I couldn't easily correct for this in time to wear this dress to a banquet. I was bummed but I plan to revisit it and somehow redo the bottom. May even switch to a different skirt pattern all together. Anywho......

Well I need to hop to it. With both, Reilly's and my dress to get done in the midst of all the craziness the holiday seasons brings I've got to start my fittings this week. Wish me luck!

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