Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bargain Find....

 I have no qualms about calling myself an EXTREMELY Frugal individual (cheap if you catch me on a good day). Hey the way I see it is, the more money I save, the more I can spend on sewing stuff (wink).  Whenever I save money I usually like to pass that information on to others. One can't keep a good thing to themself, now can they:). For the record I do not get any perks for passing this information on (I only wish I were that special!).  Anywhoo I digress........

A few months ago I bought the Threads Fitting DVD series.

After checking it out, reading reviews, and looking at some of the sample video on the Threads Taunton store site, I decided to buy it. I  stalked it for 6 months or so and managed to get it for ~1/2 price, which is my kind of bargain (It retails for $99 and I got it for $52). I bought it from the A1 book website here

Keep in mind I love instructional DVD's!  The content is extremely helpful and I often use them as a resource for my sewing students. I've watched all but the Torso video and have to say they're pretty informative. They take a slightly different, and practical approach to resolving fitting issues which is refreshing.

If you're interested in more fitting/sewing DVD's check out Connie Crawford's website along with Peggy Sager's. Both ladies produced a nice set of DVD's which I'm proud to have in my library as well.

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