Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 10,000 Hour Challenge Recap and July Goals!!!

Well it's July and I've done hit the ground running......literally! Last month was a pretty exciting and a productive one! I definitely got ALOT accomplished.  My BurdaStyle Pants Fitting course launched, I attended Mimi G's Conference in LA and had some great projects with clients. My fave client dress I made (actually I think it was the only one I made that month) was this gorgeous One Shoulder African Print dress (I'm still waiting on the formal pics---coming soon I'm told). But here's another sneak peak of the bodice up close. Here's you can see the one shoulder detail and puffed sleeve on the lovely Mrs. J. Remember this dress I made at my clients request as a knock off of one featured online.  I promise more pics are on the way soon!

As far as my 10,000 hour challenge goes of course I did tons of sewing especially for my clients. I've logged about 72 hours and of course it's going to increase with several projects I have on the table. Remember my challenge hours excludes alterations work and only deals with custom work for myself and clients :)

So here's what I've got going on in July. It's gonna be an interesting month. Here's what I've got on my plate. Of course I never indulge my client products in full detail since I respect their privacy until after the garments are made and worn. But here's a little info.....

----Lovely white dress for client to wear to a conference
--- Gorgeous Ivory, backless gown for client to wear to a party
---Sample pageant interview dress
---Some pieces for myself!!!! Some of my sewn pieces are wearing out and it's time to refresh my own wardrobe!!!
----I've also got fashion design school work that I'll be sharing! I'm really loving the program!!!
---I also have a couple of big projects in the works----can't divulge now---but will announce them in due time!!! Can't wait!!!

I have got alot of sewing to do!!! Hope your July is starting with a BANG (4th of July Pun intended)! What have you got going on for the month???


  1. I love following your blog, I am a participant in your burda pants class, I'm new at sewing and trying to learn as much as I can online, so have been following you, you are such an inspiration, may I ask what design school you are taking your classes from, I am interested in doing something online. BTW the dress is gorgeous, I love the African print and styles.

    1. Hey Sharon, just left you a response and somehow it disappeared. I'm doing the SDC program (Style Design College) fashion program. I started with the certificate program (got as Groupon offer---google to see if still available). Ended up loving so much I upgraded to Diploma program (I was emailed upgrade offer). Hope this helps. Feel free to email me if you have more questions :)

  2. Greetings Ms. Victoria:

    Stumbled upon your blog via Aft Agley's blog. Doesn't that show just how cool the Internet can be? Visiting a blogger in Canada I find your blog and we're both in the dirty South, LOL.

    Lady, your aspirations are grand indeed. And then, too, if you didn't shoot for them you would never reach them. My hat goes off to you for actually logging the hours to your goal. Wow!

    I have been sewing since elementary school (Jurassic era) and get this . . . didn't know just how raggedy my skill set is until I started blogger stalking and meeting the likes of Gertie, Sense and Sensibility, Edelweiss, Rhonda Buss, Sew Retro Rose (to name a few). Lately I have been reading inspiring divas like yourself, Oona Paloona, Pretty in Pink (again, to name a few) and realize I could stand starting from Sewing 101!

    Yet, as you so eloquently have stated by means of your blog . . . it's a journey, a process. I am journalizing mine over at as I go from the modern way of thinking (about clothing and things ladylike) and dressing to that of 1930s through 1950s vintage style. One of my goals is to replace the wearing of jeans and pants to skirts and dresses - everyday.

    Your LA, MimiG trip sounds lovely. I am excited for the experience that you had. She looks darling in her creations. As an older, l a r g e woman I wouldn't dare, LOL. I saw pics of Mimi and her family on vacation; they warmed my heart. She is tres cute. And you know, I thought she was a shortie so when you wrote she is taller than you thought I kinda had to giggle and wonder just how tall is she? I would have guess 5'2" or somewhere thereabouts.

    Best of your journey, lady. Keep us posted as you can.



  3. Victtoria, the top of this African print dress looks GORGEOUS!! Looks like really beautifu work on your part! Too bad you didn't get any other photos of it! Also, I hope you really enjoyed yourself at the Mimi G meet up/conference!


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