Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What it was like filming for BurdaStyle (in pictures)!

I can't believe it's been over a week since I was in CO to film my Pants Fitting BurdaStyle Course.  Wow, did the time come and go! There was lots of planning and preparation and I'm glad it all worked out great! A few months ago I was asked to develop a pants fitting course to film. I've produced 6 webinars through BurdaStyle so it's cool they asked me to do something a step above those.  Developing the course was really neat and did take lots of work. I had to create the overall structure of the course along with demos, supplemental information, etc. And that was just the start because I had to organize all that and get the related supplies together. All in all I'm proud of what I was able to do.I created enough material so we could spend 3- 8 hour days filming. I have modules ranging from body analysis to flat pattern alterations and crotch reconstruction. I'm amazed at how much material was generated. I'm amazed I was actually able to talk that much. Filming 3- 8 hours days while standing and talking is highly involved. I have alot of respect for those who work in broadcasting and film---on either side of the camera. I have to admit that towards the end my lips were probably done. They started to get a little spastic which I didn't even think was possible. Lip spasms are real! LOL! Anyhow, here's pics of my 3 days of adventure on set! I'm thankful for this experience. Thankful for BurdaStyle for having me and believing in my talent and so thankful to God for the strength and courage to take such a big step being that that was my first time working in film. One thing is for certain---I LOVE to TEACH!!! I look forward to all/any future opportunities to do so:). Anyhow here are the pics......and in no particular order

( On the monitor)

 (Going over filming segment plans with the lovely Alicyn who is the Instructional Designer for BurdaStyle)

(Cameras, camera, cameras from every angle)

(Setting up between takes)

(Covering body analysis and proper measurement techniques)

 (Giggles on the set. Think I have a good blooper reel)

 (Where the real work happens)

(Thumbs up for a great filming day)

( In the makeup chair. This is where my day began for each filming day. The super talented Keegan is working her magic)

(Had my own greenroom)

 (View for the monitor again.....)

 (I learned the new art of sewing while standing)

 (Sewing on camera)

(My segment on muslin fitting)

 (more table demos)

 (Loving the fake eyelashes Keegan put on me)

 (Days began really EARLY for me! I'd wake up at 3am or 4am---still on ET time which was great! Was able to stage and do prep work before I made it on set! 

(Notes, books, supplies---everything there)

(My hotel had free printing. What could be better? Every morning I would head down and print my film plans)

 (Staging area)

 (Andrew and Nick were awesome camera guys!!!

(The film clapper made everything official LOL!  But it was the teleprompter (over his shoulder) that helped me present so easily:))

 (I didn't know this but FW media is the parent company to BurdaStyle. So of course I had to get a pic. BTW, those gray pants are the BurdaStyle pants I made a few years back. It was cool to wear them on location!)

(Cool artwork in my green room featuring painted over magazine covers. These are some of the craft magazines belonging to FW media)

 (Here's Jill! She's such an angel. She's the Talent Coordinator and did a wonderful job tending to all my needs! Such a sweetheart!)

( I got to sign the presenters yearbook....)

(It's pretty cool to have a page in it!)

(Gotta get a pic at the entrance. Makes everything so official)


  1. Thanks for all the behind-the-scenes photos--looks like fun!

  2. Oh, how exciting! Let's see, I doubt Keegan had much to do since you are already so pretty! And, do you know that it never once occurred to me that instructors in videos sometimes need to sew while standing? That would be a new experience indeed.

    So, this will be a Burda teaching video where YOU are doing the teaching and not just presenting a class someone else filmed - I am very happy to hear that!

    When will this class be presented to the public?

  3. CoNgratulations That's a fantastic achievement and it's really interesting to take a peek behind the scenes.

  4. wow so exciting and so happy for you!
    What a fantastic experience.

  5. Congratulations!!! What a great experience. You are definitely full speed ahead in your new career!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time with all that hard work. I know you were amazing!

  7. You were a star before Burdastyle, now just many more people will know it! Congrats! Many years ago I was a corporate trainer when we had one of the first in house video depth. I know how hard it is to keep focused and clear when you only have a camera audience, not "real" students in the room. I bet you did a terrific job and it looks like you had great time.

  8. Oh my, I have to tell you that I'm extremely proud of you. And, I'm asking God to bless and prosper you and your beautiful family every step of the way during your creative and sewing journey!

  9. What a great opportunity Victoria!! I hope you had (and reallly looks like you did) a fun time too!


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