Saturday, July 18, 2015

McCall's 6075---The Cream Lace Backless gown

I LOVE when client projects turn out great! Such was the case with this gorgeous gown that I make for Mrs. B to wear to her Mom's birthday party. I particularly liked making this. Mrs. B gave me a picture of a gown she liked as an inspiration piece and this one manifested. I used McCall's 6075 which is an out of print pattern from back in the day. Since I sew for clients I'm more concious about picking up patterns with varying styles. You just never know what your client may request. I actually forgot I had this pattern and thank God I found it! I'm delighted I had a great base pattern and all I had to do was make a few changes to transform it. I changed the look of the straps, lowered the back waist and added a train. Also, this dress is a knit with a lace overlay---it's hard to see from the pictures. I LOVE making dresses with lace overlays (I've made a few) it definitely adds texture to the dress. It takes extra time since I like to hand sew my larger  All in all I'm more then delighted with the outcome of this dress and more importantly I'm happy that I created a dress my client loved and felt beautiful wearing. That's what it's all about and that's why I love doing what I do :)

 (Back view, backless with straps around the arms and ruching at back waist and a small train)

(Plunging neckline in the front)

(Gorgeous lace that was overlayed on matching knit fabric. Love the texture to it.)

(the Base pattern)


  1. What a striking dress! Very beautiful! You did a great job and a happy customer is a plus too!
    See me at

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Seems some of our clients have similar tastes. I just finished a wedding gown on a very similar style. My base was am OOP, and it was a McCall's patten, too. I inbox you a picture. Can't post about it yet b/c the wedding isn't until next weekend. Great job on your beautiful gown!

  3. You did a lovely job! It is a stunning dress!

  4. The dress is gorgeous! It looks stunning on your client.

  5. ooh! Fabulous work!
    It does seem to help to have pattern covers to rummage through when discussing what a client wants. In the next world, I'm going to copy mine and put them together in a book, but in this one, I sort them by sizes and grab a bunch to hand out and ponder. It's easier for a couple folks to 'get' this, rather than going online and just looking through photos (too many! too much!).
    As a mom, you may have read Cynthia Rylant's "Poppleton" books with your daughter; in one, Poppleton can't bear how many stars there are in the sky, and his friend Hudson cuts a hole in a blanket so that Poppleton can only see a few at a time, which makes him happy.

  6. Very nicely done! Beautiful dress, and your client wears it well.

  7. Gorgeous dress Victoria! The client looks like she really enjoyed wearing it too! I bet it's very gratifying when you get these photos of your clients wearing what you've created for them!

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