Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fearless February SA Wrap Up/ March Sewing Goals

Hey Guys again thanks for all you support and participation in the Fearless February Sew Along!!!! The month was AWESOME!!!! Remember you can check out the projects from other participants HERE. I thought a video would be a good way to do a wrap-up for the month.....

My Fearless February Finished Projects:
- Burda 7192 Gray Pants
- Burda 7863 Denim Capris
- Vogue 1020 Little Black Dress

Also I did get to wear my Vogue 1020 Little Black Dress dress this weekend but being that I did so at funeral so I didn't get a picture. Again I've made the dress 3 times--- here's a pic of my first version I made 2 years ago.....

BTW, I failed to adequately review it in the last post ( I really shouldn't write posts when I'm tired). Vogue 1020 is a SUPER easy dress to sew!!!! I sewed the entire thing on my serger (I did baste with my conventional machine first to check the fit) and finished the hemlines and neckline with my coverstitch machine. I also reinforced the shoulder with clear elastic and the ruched side. A super easy dress that can be completed in a couple of hours (a little longer for me since I'm a slow sewer- LOL)!!!

Ok, my next post will detail my pants fitting journey. I'm so excited to share.........


  1. You really did well with your Fearless February project Victoria and thank you for encouraging us all to face and conquer our fears. March is definitely an exciting sewing month for you. Enjoy :)

  2. Your projects for Fearless February turned out so great, the fit is just super with very nice fabrics!
    I'm looking forward to see your jacket finished and also to the next post with how you made those gorgeous pants fit. Thanks again for hosting the Fearless February Sew Along, I learnt a lot and got a finished garment to boot haha! No kidding, even though it was late and I might have put the skirt away for a while because I got a bit frustrated, but I moved on since I really wanted something to show.

  3. You look amazing in that dress. It is absolutely fabulous. I hope you don't mind but I'm giving myself until the 11th to finish up my Fearless February Challenge - I was out for a week with a migraine. And I need to thank you - I spent the whole month thinking about. learning about and sewing pants. I can't believe how much more confident I am when comes to pants! I think this challenge shoudl be an annual one!

  4. I have that pattern, i'll have t o try it out. Thanks for sharing your journey, you have been an inspiration.

  5. Very nice wrap up. February was a good month for you!

  6. Im very encourage by what you achieved and thanks for sharing it

  7. What an amazing feat! You are inspiring me indeed.

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  9. Are you doing a Fearless March sew along? If yes, I'd LOVE to participate this month!

  10. Thank you for a very uplifting challenge! It helped us all move past our fears and into some great sewing!


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