Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sewing Jots and Tittles 3.26.12

Ok, the pressure of my thoughts are mounting so it's time for a brain dump!!! I'm in the middle of sewing me and my daughter's dresses for Easter! They're going to be really cute!!!! BTW, thanks so much for all of the kind comments on my daughter's "Father/Daughter Banquet Dress" (last post). That dress was alot of fun to sew!!!!

Ok, here it is......you asked for it....

Sewing, Fashions and Such.....
Guess who's been draping???? It's all I've been studying as of late when I haven't been working on me and my clients clothes.
Martha Stewart had a sewing pattern in her MS Living Magazine. I didn't know she  promoted clothing patterns.

Loved, loved, loved (a thousand times over) Nina's jacket on a recent episode of Project Runway.
Here it is up close.....

Enjoyed eyeing some fashions at my local outlet stores!!!

I want a camel coat with a cute hat and scarf. I loved Jenna Fisher's in the movie Giant Mechanical Man.

I really didn't realize how expensive home decor fabrics were until I recently had a convo about it with a friend. Then I ran across this gorgeous home dec fabric and almost dropped it when I saw the price. WOW!!!

Got some gold swatches from Fabric.com for a potential client. I was surprised how big the swatches were!!!! Very generous!!!

Found this gorgeous stretch sateen at Jo-Ann's. They're getting some great fabrics in for Spring.

Nice stretch denims at Jo-Ann's and in some fun colors!!!!

I didn't understand the bikes in the Spring patterns campaigns. But that's just me.....

I wonder how many marriages this saved! LOL!
Barnacles are some cool critters---especially up close.

Awwww....a pic of my girls (Daughter & Goddaughter) holding a drawing of themselves. LOL!!!!

A delicious gluten free pizza. Udi's usually doesn't disappoint!!!
Oh......motherhood provides the best stories!!!! This is a pic of a wooden splinter that I had to remove from my child's......(clears throat)........... little tooshie. She went on a school field trip to a local farm and must have gotten impaled when she did the hay ride. She's a trooper! This thing was almost an inch long!!!!!

Saw this under my microwave cart and nearly panicked.....
Forgot it was my daughter's toy tarantula! LOL I could NEVER live anywhere where actual spiders this size roam around outside!!!

Took a pic with the hubby on our date night and had no idea he posed like this. He was being so silly! This pic looks like an advertisement for Metamucil. Hey regularity does make one happy LOL!!!

One of my current reads! It's an EXCELLENT book!!! Getting my insecurities in check!!!

Can't wait til this movie comes out!!! I'm no Trekkie but I did grow up watching Captain Kirk so I appreciate the franchise. Plus Chris Kline really impressed me in the first one.


  1. Wow you really did have a lot on your mind! LOL. TFS

  2. This post gave me so many different emotions as I viewed each picture! LOL

  3. Victoria, I am home after traveling for 4 months and am still a bit rummy...so your catch all post today was fun for me to read. That tarantula would have set me dancing! My JA has improved immensely and we also have some fun fabrics this spring.

  4. Home decorating fabric is expensive! And I don't like spiders either. Good luck with the Easter dresses!

  5. I didn't get the bikes either. Oh, well. And I'm with you on the spiders. I had a similar situation at my home. I sprayed a ton of bug spray on one in my kitchen drawer before I realized it was a plastic ring. I would swear I saw that thing move. lol!

  6. OMG! the size of that splinter! I hope your daughter's feels better. I, love your first pic! I can't wait to see your new dresses. Have a great rest of the week.

  7. I too was totally confused about the bikes in the McCall's catalog. Totally baffles me! I've gotten fabric samples from Fabric.com before also - and I too was really happy about how large they were - great for getting a feel for what you might be buying.

  8. You are so funny... Lol abt your comment on Metamucil. :)

    Poor daughter .... A trooper indeed! I love seeing pics of your daughter and what you sew for her.. I have 6 yr old daughter as well.

    Did the pink fabric with rosettes get selected? It looks delicious.


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