Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last Call for Fearless February SA participants!!!

We're just 2 days away from February and it's so great that many of you have joined in with the Fearless February Sew-Along (details HERE). Your energy and determination to be a fearless sewer is palpable!!! You've definitely inspired me and have got me pumped up and ready to jump in and tackle some new projects. The thing I love about this sew-along is you get to pick what you want and go at your own pace. There's no pressure. You can take on one project or several. The important thing is that you dive into some new territory and push yourself---and that at least for one month, we're kicking fear to the curb and just going for it!!!! Remember we've got nothing to lose and a whole lotta' knowledge and experience to gain.

As I mentioned before I wanted to create a list of the participants so that everyone can stay abreast of everyone else's progress--and more importantly cheer them on!!!  So I took the liberty of compiling a participant list based on the feedback I received from my first post HERE.  If you're participating and you don't see your name/blog below please let me know. If you want your name removed also let me know. I know some of you chimed in but don't have blogs. I'd still love to see what you did if you want to share. You're welcome to email me a pic and hopefully I can include it on my blog at the end of the month wrap up. Anyhow, once this list is updated I'll be sure to always refer to this post everyone can keep up with all the participants.

These are the lovely and fearless members of the Fearless February S.A. Pride so far!!!!!!!  Come on, if you haven't joined yet you're more than welcome. We'd love to have you!!!!

1.   Laura over at
2.  Lillian at
3.  Velosewer at
4.  Jenny over at
5.  Flora at
6.  Faye at
7.  Eleyna at
8.  Aminat at
9.  Uma at
10.  Andrea at
11. Lyyne at
12. Mocha Scrapper at
13. Nothy Lane at
14. Sharon at
15. FunnyGrrl at
16. Sophie at
17. Myra at
18. Dorothy at
19. Chris Lucas at
20. Lisa H at
21. Marie at
22. Catja at
23. Teri at
24. Erin at
25. Towanda at
26. Brenda at
27. Dibs at
28. Elise at
29. Cezanne at
30. Suzie at
31. Allison at
32. Jackie at
33. Karen at
34. Juanita at
35. Alice at
36. Edris at
37. Florence at
38. Juliet at
39. Laura at
40.  Prachi A at
41. Sarah at
42. Kathy at

If anyone else wants to join or if I accidentally left you off, please leave your name and blog info in the comment section.

Also don't forget to pick up the FFSA blog button HERE!!!! It's a great way to advertise the Sew Along!!!

In honor of the Sew Along, Lillian from Lillian Couture is sponsoring a giveaway on her blog HERE.

I'll be revealing my sewing plans on Friday!!!! Can't wait!!!


  1. Sign me up! There's a maxi dress I've been wanting to make forever, but I'm scared, because knits and I haven't gotten along very well in the past.


  2. I'm in. My goal is to make a LBD that fits well out of a wool crepe.

  3. What an awesome idea! I am in. Congrats on your first sew-along!

  4. I'm in.
    Dibs and the machine(

  5. I'd like to join in as well! Since I'm new at sewing pretty much anything is out of my comfort zone, but I would really like to sew a pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are completely new to me, it will be the first one I have ever owned!
    Elise Lin

  6. I'm in :) I want to customize a halterneck top pattern I have so it's a more attractive design. I'm quite new to sewing, so deviating from a pattern will require a bit of fearlessness! I'll blog more info soon...

  7. Hope it is not too late to join. I am a new sewer but really would like to make it a passion of mine. I am wondering where you find time between work and family. I have a very easy dress on my table that I would like to start with it first but i need to do more sewing in general in order to get better. I am hoping this blog will help encourage and motivate me. Plus, I am a pattern junkie and my husband says i have to make something before i buy another one. :)


  9. I hope I'm not too late to join? This is such a great idea and I could do with being fearless! I want to draft a dress pattern for my daughter from scratch. I've never done it before, and have loads of inspiration from vintage styles I've pinned.

    1. Oops, My blog is

  10. Number 22 reporting for duty!! :)

  11. You missed me :-( I am very new to sewing and blogging but I would love to join your Sew-Along.

  12. I'd like to participate.

  13. I would like to join

  14. Hi, hope it's not too late...
    Juanita -

  15. Hi, sorry for the duplicate post.

  16. I know it's already February, but can I please jump in? Got loads of scary projects that need starting or finishing!

  17. Please count me in! Love the idea of the challenge and camaraderie of the Sew Along!
    Laura at

  18. Oooooo...I would love to join, but I have to honor my commitment to "Carnival of Skirts" first - had a little time setback. But, I hope it's okay that I come back and check out everyone's submissions. This sounds like so much fun!!

  19. Hi Victoria

    I need to join fearless sewing as well. My biggest fears are fitting backs of jackets, blouses, dresses and pants. Loved your blog about pants fitting - I've got to go back to the quest for the perfect pant shape and fit. I'm also new to the world of blogging so I'm looking forward to a let's all join in group. Be great to see what everyone's doing. Am I too late?

  20. please add me, I am working away on some summer pieces.


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