Monday, December 31, 2012

Year 2012 in Review

Happy New Year's Eve to ya!!! What a year it's been!!! I've definitely been enjoying my "staycation" for the last week and a half. I've got so much sewing done! I've enjoyed reading others' reflections of their sewing in 2012 too. At first felt a bit discouraged and unaccomplished. But after looking through all of my pics and organizing this post I realized that I got alot done this year....and I'm proud of that!!! I not only sewed for myself but I did a good deal of business related sewing. It's part of my personality to keep pushing myself farther but I also realize how important it is for you to reflect. Time for reflection helps remind you how far you've gone and reinvigorate you on the journey. So I'm proud of all I've accomplished and here's most of the items I've sewn (with the exception of some client stuff I don't have pics of). I hope you take some time to review your sewing year. Pat yourself on the back. If it wasn't all you've planned, still pat yourself on the back---because you've got 2013 ahead of you and can make new plans. Always push for greater:)

 So here's my year in review.....

At-A-Glance Stats
-Sewing/Sewing Related hours accumulated: 952
-Total Hours accumulated for 10,000 sewing hours challenge: 5853
-Pieces Sewn
Dresses: 10
Wee One: 3
Client...: 18

The First Garment Sewn.....

....the Last pending

My Favorites 

Least Worn
(Just needs better styling)

(same issue. This would be cute with a fitted off white jacket)

Quickie Projects.....

(I think I made 2 of them)

(Peplums were all the rage!!! I made 2 of them and want MORE).

(made a couple of leggings and have more on the way.....)

Made some cute solids!!!!

Sewing for my "Wee-One"

Sewing for Clients

& I did a fancy dress for a 12 year old and a baby! Oops, I need to get the pics to post:)

Even did some home decor.....
.....and of course tons of alterations for my clients:)

Other Highlights of the Year
-Went to NYC in February for my Bday and bought my custom dress form

-Started teaching myself how to drape. Got through a couple of lessons but was stalled by client sewing. Plan to aggressively pursue in 2013.

I really learned how to fit pants on my body. This has been a long journey. Look out for more of them in 2013.

Ok, that about sums it up! For more detailed info feel free to peruse all my past posts. Thanks so much for following me on my sewing adventures!!!!! I have some wonderful projects planned for 2013. I have to take the next week off to handle some personal matters and will be back afterwards with my sewing goals for January & February!!! Happy New Years to you!!!!!


  1. I know that you and your family are beautiful on the inside, but the three of you are guh-wah-JUS on the outside too! Happy 2013 !

  2. Wonderful creations. I so look forward to seeing what you come up with in 2013. Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  3. It's been a wonderful year Victoria, looking forward to see what 2013 brings!
    Happy New Year!!

  4. You and your daughter look beautiful in all the pics! You not only sew well, but have a discerning eye for brining the right fabric and pattern together. You know how to pick the right styles to suit you.
    I wish you and your family all the best in 2013!

  5. I enjoyed your review, Happy new year, best wishes!

  6. Great review. Lots of lovely items...and I am with you on learning to drape. Such a wonderful skill. Since I am short, I need to add learning proportions to a growing list of useful sewing skills.

  7. Great review and looking forward to 2013. Happy New Year.

  8. Great job on all the sewing, I really like the cute mother-daughter skirt picture. Happy New Year.

  9. 2012 has been very productive for you, you made lots and lots of wonderful outfits. Happy New Year Victoria!!!!

  10. What an impressive collection you have sewn this year! You have so many accomplishments to celebrate. Best wishes for a great 2013!

  11. Congratulations, you are past half way to the 10,000 hours! Happy New Year :)

  12. What a fabulous set of clothes. Congrats and keep it up! Happy new year!

  13. I want one of EVERYTHING that you made! Love love love. Congratulations on your beautiful results.

  14. What a year Victoria, and what wonderful collection of items you made. You rock, and your goal of 10,000 hours will be met in no time. Happyt New Year.

  15. You sure have made some gorgeous clothes... they all look great! I'm hoping to build up a great wardrobe like this in 2013. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you make this year. Thank you for sharing :)

  16. Happy New Year,Victoria! You had a great year of sewing. Everything is beautiful. Keep up the good work!

  17. I recently discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! I love the blog's premise and all of the gorgeous projects you make! Can't wait to see what you post in 2013.

  18. Happy New Year Victoria, I am following you from Barcelona,in Catalonia, by the Mediterranean Sea. I started to sew a year ago so I'm far from the 10.000 hours of sewing, I plan to check all the sewing hours during 2013.
    I love your blog and your style.


  19. Happy New Year! What a great review! I can't wait to see your lovely clothing in 2013 and I've awarded you the Liebster award :)

    I hope you like it (please look at my blog for more info)

  20. You had a wonderful sewing year. I can just feel the love coming out of your sewing room.

  21. Victoria, You really did do up some CUTE stuff! I think my favorites are the ones you listed as faves. Looking forward to all that the sewing community has to share in 2013! Have a happy new year!

  22. What a great, productive year! I am impressed by all your solids. I am always stuck on prints, but the bright colors you use does make solids look appealing.

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