Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sewing Jots & Tittles 9.5.11

My weekly thoughts on sewing, sewing, and more sewing!!! Here's what's been on my mind.....

-No-Way to Burda 7682
 I really wanted to make this dress and was strongly leaning toward it until I opened the pattern sheet and saw the size of the pattern. The skirt pieces are HUGE and 2 of each are required for both the front and back skirt. YIKES!!!
 (It's almost half the size of my pattern table)

It should've dawned on me when I noticed this pattern called for more about 6 yards of fabric. Besides, sometimes full skirts can be a bit tricky. I LOVE my fabric but don't know if I really need 5 yards of fabric for the skirts. Truth be told, I want this same style dress but with a narrower skirt. So I'm going to have to pass on this one! Think I'll make the short version though---one day......

- Jegging fabric out of the wazoo
 Ok, months ago I enquired on my blog about where I could find knit materials used to make jeggings. A reader so kindly responded that they found jegging material in the clearance rack at Jo-Ann's. Well a few months later, I was able to find the exact same thing and was SO excited. So excited that I stupidly bought like 5+ yards of it. Heck, I only need about 1-1 1/2 for jeggings! Well I got excited (and I got a good price on it) and convinced myself that I can make many other garments from it. But now I'm stuck. I guess I could make a fitted top, halter dress, etc. Any suggestions? Well I'm going to have to do something. I already know I'm going to make a short and long pair of leggings.

-Missing in Action
 I HATE ( and although it's a strong word, I do mean HATE) when I cannot find a pattern that I want to use. And I have the PERFECT paisley cotton fabric for it. Bummer!!! I cut out this pattern a while ago and can't find it. It's in my sewing room and I'm certain I'm just overlooking it.  I REALLY want this top! Sigh! May need to go and pick it up at the store. Fortunately Buttericks are regularly priced at $5.99. Although it's not the usual $0.99 it beats the envelope price. I've got to get my little grubby hands on this STAT!!!!

-On the Fence

I can't believe I'm actually admitting this, but I'm on the fence with Vogue 1250. I know everyone and their mama's made this pattern and sworn by it--and they should because I've seen alot of gorgeous versions of this dress. But I still have my reservations. I think it's the pattern envelope picture that throws me off. I can't stand how the cowl draped neckline creates ripples down through the waist of the garment . I just don't like the wrinkling effect.  But after looking at the Pattern Review pics again I can see that the dress seems to fit you all better than the model on the pattern envelope. Maybe I should give this after all.....

-Excited about Fall Sewing.....

I'm all about Spring and Summer but I find myself getting a bit excited about Fall Sewing. The fact that I've picked up some new patterns and still have some patterns from last year that I want to make as well.
I love these two new patterns.
I've already picked my fabric for the cute dress on the left. I just need to get some cute shoe booties to go along with it. And I love over-sized shirts and jeggings. What effortless style!!!

-Active Wear Needed

I've started up working out at the YMCA after a 5 year hiatus of faithfully working out at home.  I used to be such a "gym rat" and I'm excited that I've returned to my roots. The health benefits go without saying and I have SO much energy to do more things. So I'm encouraging you to also invest in your health and make sure you get enough physical exercise. Ok, I'm done with the PSA! LOL! Anyhow, I went shopping for some more work out clothes especially since it actually matters what you look like when working out versus doing so in the privacy of your own home. I was astonished at how expensive active wear is. I went to the Reebok outlet and ended up buying one $6 shirt on clearance. Everything else was a bit pricey--but keep in mind anything over $15 is pricey to me. I really wanted a cute pair of workout capri's but didn't $30 for them.
 I may have to look into sewing up some for myself. I'll get to work on hunting down active wear patterns.

-JoAnn's Dress displays

Have you seen the dress displays at Jo-Ann's that are used to promote various patterns. Someone pre-sews these garments (wouldn't you like for that to be your job? LOL) and they're put on display. Well I ran into 2 that I just loved!!!! Note the dresses and accompanying stat cards.
                                                   Dress #1

                                                    Dress #2

Well that's it for now. I think there's more but just can't think about it right now. Gotta get back to catching up on your blogs and sewing. Happy sewing to you!


  1. Nice line up! I don't blame you about that first dress with the wide skirt!! I hate having to cut out multiple large pieces on single fabric too! I've only done one wide skirt like that and it was many, many years ago!

    By the way, I think I may have that pattern you're looking for...I'll check my stash, if I do, you can have it. No need to spend more on it again. I think I have two in that similar in that style. I'll let you know shortly.

  2. Hi,

    I have to tell you how much I love your blog! It's only recently I decided to take up sewing at least a few of my own clothes again after about 30 years hiatus from sewing! You have absolutely inspired me to go for it! I learned the basics on an old tredle machine back in 7th grade at Walker Junior High in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, LOL! I was 14 - that was in 1966! I still remember I got a B- on my very first project - an apron for my mom. It was white with lavender rick-rack accent. She kept that apron for years, may still have it stashed away somewhere... Well, I just turned 60 (gasp!) and I can't find the type of dresses that I want that I know would skim over my figure flaws and be comfortable. Everything these days is (1) too expensive and (2) too clingy and (3) half-way up to the butt short! Come on! I'm sure the heck not ready to be anyone's grandma, I'm one hot 60 year old as far as I'm concerned, but I'm not going to make a fool of myself dressing like a 20-something, either. So, I'm taking up sewing again. I'm starting with a vintage jumper pattern I just purchased tonight online, McCalls "Easy Stitch" 9436 because it reminded me of a jumper I sewed for myself in the late 1970's. I loved that jumper - it was a bright yellow and green Scots plaid (well, we wore those back then) and I wore it with a green body suit underneath because it had a deep V neckline and pretty deep armholes. I was so proud of those patch pockets I made for the front, the plaid pattern perfectly matched :) Best of all, it was unlined and I could throw it in the washer and line dry. Back then I was thin - now I'm not - lots of lumps and bumps which I've earned! But with some of the tips I've learned here about measuring and fitting a pattern, I am fairly confident I can modify the pattern I bought (size 16-18) to fit me smoothly, and with the right fabric it will just skim over the imperfections and look fabulous.

    So, thank you thank you thank you so much, for your inspiration. By the way, once I get the jumper under my belt, I'm going to try Butterick 5247 cowl neck (you sewed it). It reminds me of a fab velveteen dress I had in the early 90's that I wore out, I wore it so much! Loved that dress. It was longer and more "bat-wingy" and less fitted in the waist, but the idea is pretty much the same.

    Jan N.

  3. My Joann has the same dress samples in the same fabrics! I always thought it was a store decision, not a chain decision. Interesting. I guess that means that somebody is cranking those dresses out for all the stores?

    As for the jegging fabric, why don't you try some different variations? I know you said you wanted to do a long pair and a short pair, but how about something more patchwork also. I thought I saw a pattern, but all I'm finding right now is this post:

    Just an idea! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

  4. I really want to see your jeggings! I need a to get a list started for fall........

  5. I was suddenly excited about 6909 because I have it and thought I had a different variation... but was looking at the tags wrong! I love that pattern so much!

    Your McCall's 6401 looks so cool! I can't wait to see it!

  6. Both of those samples are gorgeous! I only have a Hancock's and hobby lobby near me and neither one has samples. Perhaps some leggings for baby girl? They are a nice layering piece for the winter.

  7. Great round up! Maybe you could sew your daughter some jeggings too? Little girls look cute in leggings.

  8. Yes work out wear is so expensive I agree. I bought a couple patterns and material for making short running leggings, sigghhh no I haven't actually got them made, yet LOL. I think the new cover stitch machine will be great for that type sewing! Thank you for the input I really appreciated it. I have made my decision. I am going to go with the Brother :O). I only need two more Amazon reward certs. and I will order it. I should get those in a couple weeks so woowhoo.

  9. I had to laugh reading that you are on the fence for V1250, I would never wear it myself - just not my style. but I confess I bought the pattern to make for a friend.
    Workout clothes - check out Kohl's sale rack, I always find mine there. Sewing them, no way as there are too many fun dresses to make.
    Like that blouse pattern, I have a similar one that I need to get around to.

  10. I too had high hopes for a pair of jeggings, but the pattern I used did not work out too well. I wish you the best with yours!

    Also, you are right, Joanns has some of the best sewn displays. I was inspired to pick up a Cynthia Rowley pattern after I saw a dress display. That would be a great job to have!!

  11. Concerning Vogue 1250 you are wise to be cautious. I made 1250 out of two different fabrics and I got those awful ripples down to and below the waist on both versions. I hated it. There are a couple of reviews on PR that are photographed w/belts. I tried it with mine and while it made them wearable, it was not the look I was going for. One I refashioned, the other I tossed. Give it some more thought.

  12. I LOVE dress #2 (New Look 6909), but I don't like that the example dress is in the JoAnn's because I haven't been able to find it in stock anywhere.

  13. my joanns have those identical dresses also. The weird thing is that I really don't pay them much attention the fabric is always ugly to me. Work out clothing is expensive, when I first saw the mccall short thighs, I thought that it would be a great pattern for working out, just because they can be so expensive

  14. A dress with 6 yards of fabric - that's a lot of fabric!!! I was very interested to see the Joann's dress displays A long time ago John Lewis (department store in London that sells fabric) used to do this. Now they still use mannequins but they just pin the fabric around it in a 'pretend dress'. I much peferred it when they used a proper pattern and you could see an actual dress.

  15. I made Vogue 1250, and obviously chose a size too big. It fits my 21-year-old daughter, though, and she was thrilled to get it -- after I made her a sash to cinch in the waist. If you are young enough to still have a waist and a relatively flat belly, you'll definitely want to belt this style. Those of us Women of a Certain Age may find that the loose middle of this garment can hide a multitude of sins. Just choose a size that doesn't leave the cowl draping below your belly button, lol.

  16. If you have Hancocks near you, they are have Butterick patterns for 89 cents, Sept. 8-11. Just saw this today.

  17. Make some jeggings for your baby girl. :)

  18. I really don't love 1250. I'm like the only person who doesn't like it. On me, it's totally matronly. It's hardest to fit in the hips, FYI.

  19. I had to smile when I read your views on V1250 because I'm one of those "meh" people, too. I made it up twice - once in a fabric that was ALL wrong for it, and a second time in a heavy jersey that worked a lot better. It's funny - when I wear the dress I get a lot of comments - but it's not the one I reach for most often. It's a nice enough dress, but it's not one I need to make up again.


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