Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back and revving up the Engines to sew.....

It's really nice to be back after 2 weeks away from work in a VERY cold place!!!! Trust me I welcomed the heat and humidity of Savannah, Ga. It took me about 16 hours of flying and I made it back from Alaska on last Tuesday. Just in time to celebrate my Anniversary with my Hubby (14 years, 9 of em' married) on the 24th and the "Wee-One's" 4th Birthday on the 26th. These are 2 VERY important people in my life and I wouldn't be able to do half of the stuff I do without their support. They are the joy of my heart!!!!

 (Milk moustaches for everyone)

Well at the end of my 2 week sewing hiatus, I went through such bad sewing withdrawal that I started dreaming about sewing. Well it was only one dream but it was pretty humorous. I dreamed that I went to Rachel's (from the wonderful blog Smoking Needles) house. We met up, hung out for a while, and somehow she ended up agreeing to make me a dress. I don't remember all of the details of the dream, but I remember sitting down to watch tv and 45 minutes later Rachel emerged with a well sewn, satin, pink princess seam dress. All I remember thinking in my sleep was man, that woman's fast!!! LOL!  I think we'd all admit 45 minutes would pretty fast to sew up most anything aside from a tank top.  I just found it pretty funny to be dreaming about sewing. Well if you weren't convince I was obsessed with the craft before well there you go! LOL!

Needless to say I'm happy to be back and I'm itching to sew. I'd planned to sew up a bday outfit for the Wee-One but we had such an informal birthday party for her that there was no need. So now I've got to figure out what I want to make myself. After a couple of days of indecision I finally had a eureeka moment.

While at they gym the other day (my first time back after a number of years of absence--sinceI had a little quality time on the treadmill and eliptical machine and was able to ready the lastest issue of People Style Watch.

 I ran across this dress and instantly fell in love with it!!!

I saw a few more pics of some dresses I liked....

and so I felt inspired to make me a cute denim dress. Actually it was a shirt dress that I saw in another magazine (not pictured) that inspired the denim dress idea. I don't own one and have always wanted to make one. So I went looking for the perfect pattern among my stash. Plus, I bought these cute Nine West camel sandals
before I left for my trip (I HEART these sandals)....
and they'd go perfect with a denim dress. But alas the week has gone by SO QUICKLY and it's already Thursday. And I still hadn't decided on a denim dress pattern so I think I will have to settle for a plan B dress......

The Simplicity 2187 dress---(I STILL so want to sew the jumpsuit). Possibly in one of these knit prints with a white tank top? Which do you like best for the dress???

Hey it's not the most ambitious project but I need something quick so I can get to sewing again. It's been WAY too long!!!!

Anywho, I'm on the task and will keep you posted. I look forward to curling up with my laptop this weekend and catching up on your blog posts as well. I've seen some cute dresses floating out there. I particularly loved Toy's Blue suit!!! Anyway, check you guys later and happy sewing to you!!!


  1. Glad you made it home safe! The denim dress sounds like a wonderful idea - don't put it on the back burner for too long.

  2. Thanks Irene! Trust me I won't:)

  3. I'd go with the green print in the middle. I just picked up that pattern today after seeing Susan's version.

  4. Welcome back home, we missed you.

  5. Two weeks in sub-zero weather? Yikes! I can't believe you had a crazy dream with me as a principal figure. Wha chew talkin' bout Willis. LOL. You know I only sew for myself. That weather must have really messed you up. Welcome home and happy anniversary. Now go and sew your own clothes.

  6. Welcome back! I love all those knits for dresses and they will all go with your new shoes. No help I know, sorry!

  7. Belated Anniversary wishes. Wish you many more years of married bliss together forever!

  8. welcome back, those dresses are great, I love the blue one, it just seems so flowy and chic but the second one would flatter me the much better. thanks about the suit also

  9. Welcome back! That first picture is wonderful.

  10. Glad your back. Love those milky smiles!

    Happy sewing!

  11. Congrats on your anniversary. LOL on the milk smiles. Love your new shoes!

  12. That first blue dress reminds me of Burda 2010-05-105.

  13. Welcome back. I love that great feeling - when you feel all inspired and eager to sew. I'm looking forward to seeing your next great make. I love the family picture - I bet they missed you a lot!

  14. Welcome back. And what a funny dream! I've dreamed about sewing a couple of time, too. I think that qualifies as an obsession!

  15. Welcome back Victoria!! and Happy Belated Anniversary!! Glad you're back and ready to jump right into sewing again! I think Simplicity 2187 would look awesome with the fabric you have it laying on...the green one! (my pick!) But you couldn't go wrong with either of them, they're all equally beautiful!

    Hey, I know you've made and look awesome your maxi dresses (you're also my inspiration). When you get a moment, stop by and see my first maxi dress. Would love you input!

    Again, welcome back!

  16. nice post. Everything is good.


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