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Sewing Jots & Tittles 9.15.11 & 9.24.11

I've had so many sewing related thoughts these past 2 weeks that I thought my brain was going to short circuit. Here's what's been on my mind......

Obi What?????

 (Photo courtesy of
-I was contemplating making an Obi belt for the dress I just finished. I wanted to make a white faux leather one but didn't have time to track down the fabric. Speaking of Obi belts. I googled to find a free online obi pattern and ran across a couple of designer obi belts. The prices were INSANE! Nordstrom had some for $60 and up. Diane Von Furstenberg's sales for $245. All for a belt!?! The day I can attach my name to such an item and charge that much money will be a SPECIAL day!

-Craving Home decor sewing
 So where should I start? There's a list. I need to re-upholstery a chair in my living room. Make curtains for two bathrooms. Make a kitchen valence & place mats. The list isn't too bad. The challenge is to stop sewing for myself long enough to sew for the house. I'm getting antsy so I've got to get some home projects done ASAP!

(I plan to re-cover this chair seat and back in this red fabric)
(I also want to make kitchen curtains out of this striped home decor fabric that I've had for at least 2 years!!!)

-Just for fun
I've tried to let the idea go but I can't seem to. Do you think I really need a 4th jumpsuit?  Well not really but somehow I can't let the notion of a jumpsuit with a cuffed capri pants go. I can't help it. I have a picture of one in my Style Look Book (can't seem to fine it at the moment but it's really cute!!!).

  and I ran across this one when I was at the mall the other day.
This jumpsuit is SO cute and is so fun and flirty---and it has a cropped leg!  It's made from a light polyester fabric! Do you think it's a sign? LOL!!! The only way to get rid of the idea is to make it right? Maybe the urge will pass. Hmmmm, we'll see.

-UFO's everywhere
I have sewing UFO's and I need to commit some time to finishing up these objects. One such project I'm trying to wrap up now is ......

-Need to Downsize:
I'm in the process of cleaning out my closet. I just want to unload and get rid of everything but the necessities. Basically I want to make at least HALF of the clothes in my closet disappear!!! And I'm not kidding. I love unloading from time to time. Simplicity is the name of the game. Besides, barely worn clothes take up too much space. It's more useful to give these items to Goodwill where they'll hopefully get better use. That will be my project this evening and I'm looking forward to it! Wish me luch:)

-Online fabric
I FINALLY ordered fabric online. Lord know's it's been forever. I had cardigans on the brain so I picked up these sweater knits at the last sale in navy, black, & brown. And I grabbed this cute print as a bonus.

 (It's hard to see the sweater knit but I have them in expresso, brown, and blue)

-I've Seen it All!!!
I was at Wal-mart picking up a few items when I ran across this product on an end cap. Buty Pads? Seriously?!? Here they are.....

-My favorite is the packet advertising....

Too funny!!! I prefer going to the gym for the same effect but hey to each there own:)

-September Vogue
I was SO happy to get my hands on this magazine. I was shocked when I didn't see more people posting about it. Here's some photos I've been ripping out of the magazine. There's so much inspiring stuff in it!

-Netflix Fashion DVD

I was looking through movies on DVD and ran across the movie Bill Cunnigham New York. Now by the title you wouldn't guess this is the documentary about an 80 year old man who travels by bicycle taking pictures and documenting the fashion in NYC. He publishes his photos in the Sunday New York Times. This looks pretty interesting and has received alot of awards. I'll definitely be checking it out!

-Mad Love for Ann Taylor
I'm always mesmerized by the Ann Taylor window displays. I could wear ANYTHING from that store!!! See what I mean....

(This top is TOO gorgeous!!!)

(Sorry for the glare, but I loved this coat)

-Taking my fashion in Moderation.....
I really like the store Body Shop but to be quite honest it's ALOT to take in at times. The store is packed with trendy styles that overloads my brain a bit. My style is ALOT simpler and doesn't revolve around tons of trendy sequined tops and short skirts. To be this trendy all of the time, not that I'd want to, I'd have to spend WAY too much money. It's cool for those who like this but just not my style. Nonetheless I like to do a quick browse through the store and check out their jewelry. And of course the window displays are always enticing!

Ok, this is what's been on my mind. What's been plaguing your thoughts????


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  2. Funny, but most of your window shopping reminded me of your closet. You have a real design aesthetic in the clothes you choose to make. There was nothing that you showed in your post that I can't see you making and ROCKING!

    I bought a pattern for belts last week during Joann's pattern sale. Good thing, cause $245 or even $60 is way too much for my liking. lol

  3. I say you should sew as many jumpsuits as you would like!
    I have that same magazine add for the Houndstooth Salvatore Ferragamo dress pinned to my style board. I even purchased similar fabric to knock it off, but my desire to sew is missing. I've been working on a dress (that I've sewn before) for the last 2-1/2 weeks and it should take less than 6 hours to sew.
    Thanks for the information about the DVD.

  4. Sweater knit, I need some of that type material in cream and black. I will have to look at

    You do have a bit of brain overload I would say in the sewing, clothing, home decor um yes well you have brain overload :O) ... I got sensory overload just reading this post tee hee...

    I just this last week finished up the last drapes I had going. Guest bathroom, we are suppose to hang those tomorrow!

    Really liked the brown coat in the shop window!

  5. I say go for the jumpsuit, because you wear them so well!

    I too love "The Body Shop" for their jewelry, can't wait to get back stateside to stock up again :) This was a great post, thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, you've got a lot going on that the moment. Good luck with the home dec sewing - I've never done any of that but sometimes wonder if I should. You should definitely finish that UFO - the fabric is lovely - it looks very promising indeed! Love the Ann Taylor window display!

  7. I say, make the jumper and get it out your system. What's plaguing my mind? Knitting my cardigan,my fabric shopping trip in a few weeks and a new quilting book I got from which I can't wait to get, Great post!

  8. Try this for an online pattern for an obi belt:
    (scroll down to the second post - it has line drawings of the pieces for the belt)

  9. Indeed you have a lot on your mind...FIESTA :)

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