Saturday, September 10, 2011

Burda Loot!!!

Well I made it to Jo-Ann's after work on tomorrow and was all too excited to make a bee-line to the Burda pattern cabinet. None of the pattern sale signs were up and no one was at the pattern table. So frankly, if you didn't check the sales flyer you wouldn't have known about the sale. That worked in my favor!!! I came armed my list of patterns of interest that I looked up earlier at the French Burda website (thanks for the info Isidore)!!! And since no one was around I just camped out at the pattern cabinets and took my sweet time (way too much time) whittling down my list of patterns. I was SHOCKED to find that for most pattern numbers there was only one pattern available. So I ended up taking the last (and maybe the only) pattern for the 8 patterns I purchased. I'm happy I got everything I wanted but I feel sorry for the poor souls that come behind me looking for the same pattern. When they have Burda sales, Jo-Ann's should really consider stocking up those patterns!

Well here are the patterns I ended up with......

Love these dresses! They're so versatile and I think I could get multiple uses out of them. I particularly love the dress depicted in the first pattern. Here it is up close.
The dress is very simple and borderline too loose for my style but with the right fabric and the cute frills at the hem, I think it would be a winner. Plus, I have a few unusual prints that would be perfect for this type of pattern.

Also, this dress was cute too and I would LOVE to make it in a sparkling fabric for a special occasion. I also like the multiple looks for this dress. This would make for a cute & versatile little black dress.
I also liked these patterns too. Some cute tops that I could get some good use out of. I particularly like 7742 since I have a few ribbed knits that I could use to make my own turtlenecks. Those are definitely a staple for cold weather.

And of course a couple of outwear patterns. There's nothing like having stylish coats to go over other stylishly sewn outfits.  I love view C on the first pattern (left). View A is a little too costumey for me. And I love both styles on the right pattern.

Anywho, that's all I picked up from the Burda sale. I'm happy to say that I don't do impulse buys when it comes to patterns--- (well maybe every once in a while)---but definitely not like I used to. So I hope to be It was nice picking out these patterns and I definitely see these made up in my wardrobe in the future. Hopefully that will be sooner than later:) How about you, were you able to make it to the Burda pattern sale? Did you get some real goodies:)


  1. I have 7376 and I was really happy with how it came out. I'll be excited to see what you do with it.

  2. I was not able to make it, poor me, LOL. You picked some really nice one, can't wait to see them made.

  3. Great pattern haul Victoria. I have a few Burda patterns but I guess I'm so indoctrinated to the Big 4 that I have a hard time getting into them. I'm absolutely sure you will make some beauts with your picks.

  4. That 1243 looks nice. Can't wait to see that made up. Some lovely picks you got.

    I bought a Vogue pattern last time I was at JoAnns for a top, they were on sale. There were only two of that number in the drawer each a different size. So the size I got was the last one in that size as well. They really should stock more than one.

  5. I'm doing 4 versions of 7377 between me and DSD lol! I'm in love. Only thing I'm not so happy with Burda is that sizing and layout are printed on the tissue sheets! What a pain!

  6. Looks like you did get some great picks Victoria! I have 7742 and bought it a few months ago for the very same reason. I really like turtle necks and wanted to make my own.

  7. Nice haul! I picked up a few as well, one being the turtleneck, 7742. I will work it up as a tee. Up here turtlenecks are the uniform and my eyes are just tired of seeing them, so a tee it is.

  8. Great haul, I also picked up a few. Emphasizing a few, because my joanns only had a few.... Weird uh.

  9. Nice picks! I wouldn't feel too bad about taking the last one, I haven't seen any Joann's that carry more than one each of the Burda patterns.


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