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Sewing Jots & Tittles- 2.27.11

I've decided to start a weekly blog feature so I'll have a place to note all of the sewing "randomness" that swims in my head and is part of my life. There's just so much going on in this little head of mine and I have to be able to store it somewhere.

- Did you know that Jo-Ann's doesn't do refunds on patterns? Maybe you did and I was the last to know, but I learned the hard way the last Vogue pattern sale. It seems I waited soooooo long for the Spring patterns that I got too excited and bought more than I wanted. I normally don't do this. Well I went back to return some and that's when I found out. It seems people have been buying patterns, scanning the pieces, folding them back up and returning them. Who are these dishonest people?

-From now I've decided to be super CRITICAL about the patterns I buy. I don't want to buy anything that I can't return first of all.  Secondly, somehow I'm becoming a Minimalist. I recently gave a box of patterns to Goodwill and I've been just downsizing the house as a whole. I don't really splurge on fabric like I used to either. I went to Jo-Ann's today and picked up some more muslin and this pattern. I bought one jacket pattern unlike any I have in my stash. I definitely want to make this jacket this year.......

Here it is up close....isn't it gorgeous!

-Speaking of jackets---I still have to finish my January coat and February's almost over. I'm in the hole 2 jackets.  It's crazy. My client work load (along with some other obligations) blew my personal sewing schedule out of the water. But that's ok, I will catch up (I'm not worried) and before the end of this year I will have 12 coat/ jackets. I'm about to build up some sewing momentum......

- The weather was 81 degrees today and I thought I'd put on a pretty dress for church. I unpacked my Spring and Summer wear and came upon what I consider to be my most "Favorite Dress I've Ever Sewn". I know that's a lofty title, but I really do love this dress.

 I made this at least 3 or 4 years ago---before I began my blog. It's Vogue DKNY 1027. I stalked this white, blue, maroon, & gold lycra knit fabric at Wal-Mart for months, refusing to pay the $4.99/yd price tag (I was SO cheap then--I know better now. You have to sometimes pay a little more for quality fabric). Several months after spying the fabric, I stumbled into Wal-Mart to buy some supplies. I was have a pretty tough day and was down in the dumps. I walked past the fabric section (which no longer exists now) and spotted this fabric on clearance at $1.97/yd. Well you better believe that helped lift my spirits. I bought the fabric and the rest is history.
I love the roominess of this dress. It's been on picnics, shopping excursions, church etc. So functional and stylish.

-I've dropped work on my coats to work on the March 11th Father/Daughter Banquet dresses. I don't want to procrastinate since I have 2 dresses to make. If you recall I'm making one for my daughter and one for my Goddaughter. I'm cutting out my daughter's dress this evening and hope to wrap up sewing in the next few days.You can see my daughter's dress in the last post. I'll reveal my Goddaughter's dress plans once I decide on the pattern (I'm stuck between 2 choices). Here they are....
I was debating on making her the same dress as my daughter (pattern on the right) but in different fabric but she's somewhat smaller than my daughter so I don't think that pattern would fit (she's a size 1/2 to 1) and that pattern begins at 3. I'll do a quick fitting with her (I made a muslin of the bodice) and if it doesn't work I'll use the pattern on the left and make the pink dress pictured.

-I'm about to cut out my daughters dress and am sweating bullets. I have ABSOLUTELY no extra fabric to spare so I have to cut carefully. Look at my cutting layout (excuse the messing cutting table). There won't be anything but scraps left.....

- While I've typing all of this I've been watching a Hoarder's marathon. My heart goes out to those people and their struggles and I'm happy when they are able to overcome them. Today was the first time I'd ever seen a woman who was hoarding fabric amongst her things.

-Lastly, tonight is the Oscar's. I really don't care to watch it but of course I want to stalk the fashions before the show.

Well that's all of my random thoughts for now. Got an interesting Sewing "Jots and Tittles" to share?


  1. Oh! I love that dress! Is that pattern still in print?!!?!!?

  2. Gorgeous dress!

    About the people who scan patterns from Joanns- not who are crazy people who steal (there are tons of those) who are these people who can unfold patterns and then manage to refold them exactly as they came? To me, that is magic!

  3. Love the dress! I wish it was 80 here, but we're unthawing for a snow dump a few days ago and the rain is coming back (Washington, it's the Evergreen state ya know!). I didn't know that about Joann's not returning patterns. They used to, but it's such a pain to exchange or retun anything at mine I try to avoid it at all costs.

  4. Skittl1321, lol! You are so right! They are magicians for sure! Lol!

  5. Speakingof the scanners: I'm thinking that double work for them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they scan the pattern, then they will have to print out, several more pieces to put together one piece, then cut it out still. Am I missing something? It seems it's worth it to pay the price for the pattern rather than pay later for ink and paper. I don't scan or download patterns, so I ask again, am I missing something? Hmmm!?!?!?
    As for a title, I'll have to think of one~ I named mine "Diary of a Mad Black Seamstress". I periodically visit it to reread or to share my thoughts.
    BTW, thanks Victoria thanks for the card!! We'll talk. :)

  6. I like this dress very much - cute fabric. I had a bit of a chuckle - on first read I thought the title of this post read 'Sewing Jots and Titties'.
    In Australia when you buy a pattern, the store usually stamps the packet somewhere with a 'non-refundable' stamp.

  7. Love your dress! Roomy dresses are the best! - lol! And that Burda suit - sharp! Can't wait to see your daughter's and Goddaughter's dresses! While JoAnn's does not make returns on patterns, they will exchange them. If I have selected a pattern that I later decide that I don't want, I will exchange it for another, and sometiimes even another. There is no limit to the amount of times you can exchange patterns.

  8. Who can't spring 99 cents for a pattern? or 3.99 for a designer Vogue? And when I think of all the effort it would take to pull this off, my head spins.

    Love this dress. I really envy your beautiful dress and the fact that you get to put on a springy sleeveless outfit for church. We are still in snow boots up here and I can't wait till Spring!

  9. GodsgirlT, thanks for the info. My JoAnn's said they will allow me to switch out the same pattern for a different size. I'll investigate and see if I was told wrong. I would love to at least have the exchange option.

  10. I was happy to see you're becoming a "minimalist". I've always been one (don't like to dust!) But minimalizing the fabric stash? I can't do that....

  11. That jacket pattern is to die for!
    Around here there has never been an option to return patterns. I even had problems once when the wrong sizes were inserted into the envelope. They didn't want to make an exchange.

  12. Love your dress! Tony and the kids got SICK of me wearing my "pink" version of that dress lol. I need to pull it out again lol

  13. I'm with Skitt, I'm about the only person I know who can fold a pattern back properly (yes, graduate work in topology helps..) but there's no way it'd ever really look the same. So frankly I think this is sheer fantasy. But I don't know any fabric shop that has ever taken patterns back, so there' no reason for Joann's to feed you that bunk.
    On the other hand people do buy clothes and return them, sometime after wearing them. So those would believe the scanning thing no problem. And further those Joann sales are incredibly cheap, so there's really no reason that they should take back patterns that have potentially been messed with. Wow, I think it's the first time I've ever thought anything in defense of Joann's, how novel :-).

  14. Great idea to make a weekly summing up!

    In my neck of the woods (Denmark), patterns are never on sale and cost from $12 and up - and I have never heard about anyone scanning and printing.

  15. 81 degrees! I am sooooo jealous!

    What a pretty dress on you! It looks lovely and it suits your figure. No wonder it is one of your favourites.

  16. The fabric is the dress. It looks so nice on you....and 81 I would love this weather right now :))

  17. Very nice dress Victoria! I could see wearing that one all the time too! and that jacket is to die for!!! I really can't wait to see it made up! Good luck on it!

  18. I have been decluttering as well. I haven't yet tackled the sewing room (except for one box of vintage patterns sold on eBay) but it is coming. I haven't quite reached the point of not buying new patterns, though! I have done cutting layouts like that. It takes forever to lay out but it's so satisfying when you can hold the scraps in your hand! It feels like a real accomplishment.

  19. I like your lycra knit dress too. And isn't it sad that WalMart is phasing out the fabric department in their stores? My little local WalMart still sells fabric, but it's just a matter of time and they will be squeezed out for something else. I have written to WalMart and told them I will no longer have any reason to go into their store if they get rid of the fabric section, but I don't think they believe me.


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