Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sewing Jots & Tittles 3.6.11

 I know I've been missing from the blog front as of late but I promise that will change. I prefer frequent blogging but have been a tad busy as of late. But here's my weekly "mindless ramblings" post. Things are beginning to slow down so I look forward to posting a little more regularly.

- Father /Daughter Banquet Dress Progress
I'm making good progress on the 2 banquet dresses I'm making for my daughter and Goddaughter (see last post for details). That's mainly because I FEAR last minute sewing. I've done it TOO many times and just plain refuse to sew under pressure this week. My daughter's dress is nearly done (just needs sleeves, zipper, & hemming) and I'm about to cut out and sew up my Goddaughter's dress. I hope to finish both of them no later than Tuesday. Their banquet is not until Friday and I'll post pictures then. Plus I want to squeeze a little sewing in this week for me. I wouldn't mind having something new to wear to church on Sunday.

-2011 New Sewing books
There are  a bunch of new sewing books that will be released in a few short months. was kind enough to send me a list (that's right, I shop a ton with them). You can find them at this link

Personally I'm interested in the following:
I already have the first edition of this book and am interested in getting the new one just to upgrade. Plus if I pre-order it's only $14 so it's kind of hard to pass up at that price. Can you believe the first edition was released 10 years ago. This book is definitely a staple in any seamstresses library!

I'm curious about the 3 Peg Couch book's that are on the list. This is one of them.....
I'm wondering if they're basic info for beginners or the more advanced. Anyone familiar with Peg Couch's work? I'll probably do some research to see if I can get a sneak peak of the book contents.

There are 2 of these books by Teresa Gilewska. I'm a bit curious about them. One is Advanced Pattern Drafting and the other is The Basics. I have several pattern drafting books but I was just curious about these.

I love that there is a "Fitting" book on the list---or e-book rather (it's kinda weird that it's a Kindle book).  I love books on fitting because I've learned how to fit by watching others do so. I have a couple of books like this already and don't need it. Seems like it may be a neat read.
I can't believe that they're upgrading the Tailoring book. I bought the 2005 version in 2008 so I will not be upgrading.
From the look of the outside cover, I bet they didn't upgrade the pictures. For those who don't know, this book actually originated from the Singer Sewing library. It's just been upgraded over the years. But again, this is definitely a library staple!

-Gutterman Thread Sale
FYI: Atlanta Thread Supply is having another one of it's periodic thread sale. Gutterman thread is
$1.86 for 1100 yd spools.

-New Phone-

I recently purchase the Samsung Galaxy from T-Mobile. It's a 4G Android phone. I went from having a basic flip phone & no internet service to one of the newest phones on the market. Surprisingly getting a new phone with the bells and whistles has helped streamline my work & business helping me get back to my sewing. January & February were pretty intense & busy months with work and business which robbed me of some personal sewing time. It was then that I knew I needed to upgrade a little more on the technology side. I reluctantly upgraded but am so glad I did. I didn't realize how it would make my life easier, and make me less glued to my laptop. Now I can do business on the go if necessary. Just to think I was resisting upgrading. You know sometimes CHANGE isn't a bad thing (wink)!

- Silver Clutch needed
I haven't even sewn my Gala Dress but I'm already thinking about accessories. My dress is a deep blue color so I'd like to accessorize it with silver. I'm looking for the perfect silver shoes, clutch, earrings and chunky bracelet. I've already done some online shopping and will probably scan the mall to see what I can turn up.

Well here's some clutches I've been eye-balling on

I'm not really looking for anything with a strap. Just something hand held and preferably beaded. And of course not crazy expensive. I know I'll turn up something.

-10,000 Hour Sewing challenge-
I can't believe we're already 6 days into March. I need to review my sewing for January & February and present my goals for March & April.  I will cover this in my next post.

Any new tidbits of sewing information that you'd like to share?????


  1. Just bought the ibook. I just got an iphone a couple of weeks ago and it's changed my life!

  2. Thanks for all the tidbits, especially the thread sale!! I buy a lot from as well, they are one of the best!!

  3. I can't wait to see the Father/Daughter dress. I know it is going to be adorable. Thanks for the book blurbs, I am always looking for more references.

  4. Thank you for the book updated. I pre-ordered CS's revised book. I think the eBook can be found at for $14.

  5. Thanks for highlighting these interesting books - I think I will have to check one or two of them out - I love sewing books!

  6. I really love that last bag a lot! Might need to find that one myself just for future use! Great picks! I've been a Palm user since they first came out and we're "glued at the hip"! It has my life on it! I also back it up to my computer just in case!!! Congratulations on your new phone!

  7. Interesting books! Nice phone... I want one! :) Looking forward to your finished projects... I think I am getting in the mood for some sewing. Spring is on the way! I have hibernated enuff now!

  8. Great reference books. Those clutches are really nice. Smart phones make life so much more organized. I recently purchased the galaxy tab. Looking forward tho the dresses.

  9. Hey, I'm just resisting that phone .... you made my teeth long, I died for the first purse!

  10. I have the Couture techniques book. I will scan some of the pictures if you like. I havent finished looking at that one as I also bought the other one book on Tailoring Techniques. I like them both!!!for $12.45 each its a steal. I like how the Tailoring book distinguishes between a men's jacket and women's jacket techniques.

  11. Victoria, did you get Fit Made Easy? Do you like it?


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