Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On the Backburner......Current/Future projects!

I'm certain by the time I even finish this coat no one will even care! LOL! I've been working on it for the past couple of weeks but have been swamped by client work. Here's how far I've progressed......
I decided to go with the wool instead of the gabardine and I'm happy with my decision. To me the wool makes it appear more coat-like and without it I felt like my coat would appear to be a glorified cardigan! LOL! So here she is. I just need to put the sleeves on and create the lining and then hem everything. I have to add a lining or else it will be crazy difficult trying to get into this thing. And don't even talk about itchy!
 As I was saying, I've had client work "out of the wazoo" just spilling over everywhere.
  I had a sizeable project pop up today (modifying curtains) that will take up most my evening on Thursday. I've got jean alterations for tonight. Of course I own a sewing business so client sewing has to come first. I'm not complaining, especially since I've made more money in the last 2 months than I made all of last year (Thank you Jesus!) but I would like to get back to sewing for myself.

Fortunately I'll be taking off Friday to celebrate my B-Day (which was last Wednesday) and get a little sewing done for myself---provided I don't get called in for Jury Duty (yep, it's my week of possible civic duty). So I'm keeping my fingers crossed! So of course my January coat is first on the list. And I still need to make a jacket for February, which is almost over. But I will get it done--provided no client work pops up on me.

I do have an upcoming event to be particularly excited about. I mentioned in an earlier post this year that I had a Gala to attend in April. You may recall the fabric and pattern I've picked.....

(This is a beautiful piece of royal blue satin that is the perfect weight for this dress. I hope this silhouette is flattering for me (I'm pretty sure it is) and can't wait to do a muslin to find out.)

Well I just found out (and we immediately signed up) for the Father & Daughter Banquet that our church is hosting. I'm extremely excited about this event. You know why, I"m a MOM and you know how we can get so emotional about these events. I know this will be the perfect night, Lord willing, for my Hubby and his "Little Girlfriend". I've already picked out the cutest pattern and fabric. Let me know what you think......

(Here's the pattern. I plan to make the little red dress on the right. I didn't originally intend to make this dress red, but I stumbled upon the perfect fabric in my stash. Plus the red is great on my little one's skin tone. Here's the fabric.....)

 (It's a brocade and I had to take a pic of it in natural light for you to see it better. This pic still doesn't do it justice. It's really burgundy and the color is so rich!)

(Here it is up close.... )

I have had this fabric in my stash forever and had hoped to make a cute top for myself if the occassion ever presented itself. Well it's been like some 5 years later so I'm over that but am happy to use it for my daughters dress. I have to admit, I love having a fabric stash for times like these. It makes me feel like I have my own fabric store in my house! LOL! Anyway, March is right around the corner so I'll have to begin working on this sometime next week. In addition I plan to make my Goddaughter's dress (Her and her father (who is my daughters's Godfather) are also going--so it will be a double date between the Godsisters and Godfathers). I plan to do that provided we can pick her fabric and pattern in time. I think I'm going to cry once both dresses are done. Hey---I can't help it, I'm a sentimental MOM! LOL!

Well that's what's been going on with me. Lot. Many items "on the stove" all at once. I bet you've been busy too. Have any special event sewing coming up?


  1. I think you did a great job fitting that muslin and I'm sure your coat is going to look gorgeous. Thanks for the muslin purchase tip.

  2. You are an awesome mummy! You are a busy lady now with many projects at hand! Good luck and I am looking forward to seeing the finished pieces.... :)

  3. She'll be adorable. Love the fabric.

  4. Very nice fabrics...both you & your daughter's! I think you are both going to be "belle's of the ball"! Can't wait to see the finished products! I envy you having clients and don't see how you have time! Especially working, having a child and a husband! I think I said it must be "Superwoman"! You can teach us how to have it all!

  5. That is going to be a beautiful dress for your daughter! I love that farbic. It's so special and wonderful!

    I hope you get the day to yourself. keeping my fingers crossed for ya. HUGS!

  6. It's great to hear that your business is going so well. It's a big achievement. I think the pattern for your daughter is darling and the fabric is lush. She is sure to look adorable. As for your coat...well, we all get busy sometimes. When you finally do get a free moment, it won't take you long to finish it off because you are over half way there already!

  7. I'm working on that simplicity pattern. The skirt runs small so a muslin is a great idea lol.

  8. Myra, you are so sweet! I try to be Superwoman but I end up having to always take my "cape" in for repairs! LOL! It's God's grace that helps me juggle fairly well:)

    I hope so too Lois! Thanks for the added "Hug". I love a good squeeze from my internet friends.

    Adrienne, I was thinking the same thing about the skirt. I haven't looked at the guide sheet but I would love if the skirt was cut on the bias. I'll check to see. I always love my gowns cut on the bias because the hang on my body is way more flattering. Maybe I'll cut it on the bias anyway. We'll see.

  9. I love brocade. That burgundy is really lovely.

  10. Your daughter will look adorable in the fabric you've chosen! I love seeing future plans and ideas!

  11. Hi Vicotoria,
    That fabric is beautiful, I can't wait to see your daughter's dress.

  12. Your choice of pattern and fabric for your daughter's dress is perfect - it's going to look so pretty! I love the pattern for your gala dress -very glamorous!

  13. Victoria, it's clear to see from your blog why your business is going so well this year. You have a great sense of design and meticulous skills. Your daughter's dress is going to be simply gorgeous. What a delightful evening!

  14. That fabric for your daughter's future dress is beautiful! Can't wait to see it. I think I missed that Simplicity Pattern that you'll be using for you dress....that too is going to be gorgeous I just know it. Can't wait to see them both!

  15. I think your dress choice will be fabulous on your figure, so no worries there. :-) And your daughter's dress will be adorable as well, absolutely love the fabric choice, she's definitely going to be gorgeous. :-)

  16. I just made the Simplicity 2263 dress with white vinyl and modded it a little bit for a costume. I don't think you could ever go wrong with that one. The body type I made it for has wide shoulders and a small waist. Though the pattern has a lot of little pieces, it was easy to make a custom size between a 18 upper and 16 lower body.

  17. Thank you so much for wishing me congratulations on my pregnancy. I will try to get some baby bump pictures posted in the next week or so.


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