Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sewing Jots and Tittles 7.20.14

It's another one of these posts. Here's a glimpse into my world. Look at your own caution. Don't say I didn't warn you. LOL!!!

Sewing, Fashions and Such.....
I made another peplum top. It's turning into a sickness quickly. I can't help it I LOVE these things!!!

Quick selfie in my newest peplum

 I met the lovely Tracey when we both attended Mr. Jim's Pants Fitting and Construction Class. She may look familiar to many of you because she's been on other folks blogs. She's such a sweetheart!!!!

 I met a fellow local designer. Her design line is called Jaseeo! She's quite the talent!

 Was looking at old Project Runway episodes. Here's one of those memorable moments from season 2 when Zulema and Kara had a group challenge.  You know that famous insensitive line Zulema said to a distressed Kara---"If you're gonna cry, cut". So basically don't stop working because you're stressed. Strangely I always recall that line when I'm stressing over my own sewing. It's usually just the kick in butt I need. LOL!

 I just finished this jumper (doing my happy dance) and it turned out really cute. Will post soon. I'll have to make another one!!!

 Someone FINALLY loss that tooth! Geesh, thought we were going to have to call in a wrecking crew! LOL! It took forever. Luckily it just popped out while she was eating a sandwich one day! LOL!

 My Hubby's at it again. He and the rest of our church's drama department just wrapped up the production "My Wonderful Coma" where he played the part Wallace. They did a wonderful job!!!

Talking about major nostalgia! I LOVED these markers growing up. Looks like they're making a comeback. This commercial is pretty hilarious.

 I love to get notes on my computer from my little darling. I consider this my new screensaver LOL

I've never seen this man more SEXIER then when he's holding a cleaning appliance! LOL! A man helping out around the house is just plain sexy. I know you agree! I tried to sneak and take a pick while he was cleaning out the vacuum. He rolled his eyes at me when he heard the camera snap. LOL!

 The Lego movie---HILARIOUS!

Please tell me why again should I be concerned with JLo's body? I can't believe this stuff makes magazine covers or magazines period.

I watched this movie years ago and loved it. I discovered I loved some of the soundtrack even more. I LOVE this the "Song for Bob". It's so hauntingly sad yet beautiful! It really captures the tragic character.

Soccer camp! They took a cool action shot of my little girl. Glad we at least got one because I'm certain she spent most of the time talking on the sidelines. Shes such a socialite! LOL!

I ordered this all the way from Australia for $6. I saw this movie when I was a kid (TV edited version of course) and it was hilarious. It's so campy it's ridiculous. I can't believe I used to have a crush on George Hamilton. LOL!!!

Speaking of TV crushes why did I just see the movie Sixteen Candles for the first time a few weeks ago????  I'm so LATE!!! Why didn't anyone ever tell me about Jake Ryan??? He's so dreamy!!! LOLLLLL! I'm a sucker for the sensitive/masculine type. I married one (wink)!

I'm a voracious reader!!! Between the library and buying used books my queue stays full---too full. Here's some of my recommended reads......
 An Amazing book!!!----I've got my word for the year and look forward to reading it annually for a new word!!!

 Another good one.....

I LOVE Philip Yancey--hands down. A very profound author!!! His writing is so thought provoking.

I'm a HUGE Napoleon Hill Fan and am even part of a mastermind group which meets weekly. This book is a TREASURE!!! I'm so glad I ran across it!!!

Guess who scored this book for only $8 and in excellent condition. I LOVE buying used books. I ALWAYS hunt down the best bargains. Paying retail is against my religion! LOL!  It's not the newest version but I'm happy just the same. It's great. I love industry methods!

I LOVE this song! Heard it at church a few weeks ago. It's my theme song for this year!!!! Well that and this one.....


  1. I like these posts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was just listening to the Jesse James soundtrack in the car today. I have been a Nick Cave fan since I was 19. Have you heard any other of his material... listen to Push the Sky Away it is brilliant... but beware the early stuff... very wild and not always G rated!

  3. I was wondering where I can get that jumpsuit pattern. I couldn't find it on the Simplicity site.

  4. Great post! I love both of those worship songs! I cried the first time I heard You make me brave. Your peplum is beautiful on you! Oh, and you can painlessly remove a loose tooth by icing it (about 5-10 minutes), tying unwaxed floss around it, and applying a quick tug. My son is famous for his teeth taking forever to come out. At one point, his front tooth was almost pointing north instead of south! We found that this method works wonders!

  5. Your new peplum top is pretty! ...and the pictures fun and the music beautiful!!!!

  6. That really is a cute top and I love the fabric too. I might have to get that pattern now I keep passing it up. My rule is to make all the few on the pattern so I don't know if I can pull off romper will see. I shared my thank to you on my blog. If you get a chance stop by. Thank you!!

  7. Love the peplum - gorgeous fabric!

  8. That peplum is too cute. I love it. And that the bargain on the book, great score.

  9. Victoria -

    You were right about one thing.. this is definitely one of THOSE posts. I love the fact that you have such a busy and full life. Kudos on being able to juggle all the things you do so successfully. And... I love that top. Makes me want to go fishing through my pattern stash and dig out a similar one that I've been sitting on for a couple of years now. Sew on!!!!

  10. Thanks for the book recommendations. Have you thought of joining Goodreads? It's awesome.


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