Saturday, July 5, 2014

Client Work: Replication Complete!!!

I finished a re-make of these pants for a friend/client earlier this week and am pretty pleased with the results---and most importantly so is he! My client was awesome to work with and I'm so glad he presented me with this task because I really enjoyed the experience and challenge. I'm a bit shocked. Just goes to show you never know what you can really do until you give it a try! This was my first men's pants project. He plans to wear them at DragonCon (a cosplay convention of sorts), in Atlanta in a few short months. More details and a pic of the finished pants later.....

(Here are the pants---and he's going as either Spock or Kirk)

(The pants have these really cool knee details that I was able to replicate. Made me a little nervous at first but I figured it out and it looks great!)


  1. Most of my paid sewing is costumes for 'cons. It is a challenge to translate a cartoon/anime/video game character's costume into one that exists in actual space, and a thrill when it turns out the way the client expects. It's one way I've sucked some folks into sewing for themselves; oh, I could make that? Why yes! Somebody made all these clothes....


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