Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Fearless February Sewing Goals.......

Wow, I'm really inspired by all of you who are planning on joining in on the Fearless February Sew-Along I detailed in my last post!!!! I could just feel all of your exciting energy leap off the page when I read each and every one of your comments! That's the spirit!!!!! Your drive, courage and tenacity are palpable. I can't wait to post pics of all of your attempted/finished projects. If you're interested in joining along feel free to leave a comment in my last post.

Well I wanted to announce my Fearless February sewing goalsand yes I intend to sew "around the clock" especially in February. It's time to be FEARLESS and get alot done.  I don't have everything ironed out but here's what's on the list so far.......

#1.  Make my Hubby a Jacket!

#2.  Make my daughter this coat! Butterick 5946

#3. Make another pair of pants for myself!
Style Undecided

#4. Make a coat or jacket for myself!
Style Undecided

#5. Drape a top for myself!
Style Undecided

#6 Finish draping the gown from this POST on my half scale form.

Ok, here's what I've got so far. I should have all of my decisions made by February 1st.  From the sounds of the last blog post most of your own Fearless February plans were coming along well. I hope they continue to do so. Again, if you're interested you're welcome to join. Just mention it as a comment in the last blog post. I look forward to seeing/posting all of my and your finished pieces!!! Happy planning!!!! Ooops....BTW, please allow for me to do a shameless plug. I'm teaching another Burda Webinar on this Thursday, Jan 30th entitled "CUSTOM ORDERS: CONTRACTING WITH CLIENTS FROM CONSULT TO FINISHED PRODUCT" if you sew for others or are planning to in the future this webinar is a MUST. It will be chalked full of invaluable info. Check it out here..... 


  1. Eep! I hadn't gotten so far as planning. :-)

  2. May I join, please? My challenge is to do any sewing with My Decorative Serger. So far it has done a fabulous job collecting dust in the corner. And glaring at me.

  3. I originally posted that I would complete a simple skirt for the Sew-Along. However, I just completed. Vogue top that I would like to duplicate. So I am adding two tops to that Fearless February project list.

  4. Victoria, will there be a section where we can post our creations during this month? Perhaps like a Flicker group? I am very excited about what I have done so far. Plus, I would love to see what others have accomplished.


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