Friday, January 31, 2014

My 2014 Sewing Goals

I know we're about to step over the threshold into February and the "Fearless February" challenge I've mentioned in the last 2 posts. But for the record I realized I need to mention my OVERALL sewing plans for the 2014 New Year. I'm all about resolutions! As the old saying goes "If you don't aim for something you'll hit NOTHING everytime". Well I've got some high aims. For ease I'll just list them. Again, I'm happy I get to tackle some of these in my fearless February challenge. So that's automatically a great way of starting the year off right. It's going to be a PHENOMENAL year!!!! I look forward to reviewing my accomplishments at the end of this year!!!!

2014 Sewing Goals

  • Sew faster! I plan to switch over to using my Industrial Sewing machine for most of my sewing.  I'm learning how to drive that thing better. It's FAST! But that's exactly what I want. 
  • Sew for my Husband-Want to make him some shirts & a jacket.
  • Teach myself draping- I've already begun. I plan to make myself at least 10 draped pieces this year!!!
  • Sketch more- I just purchased the book 9 Heads & 
  • Make coats for the whole family
  • Do more Special Occasion sewing- I have at least 2 Prom Gowns lined up and another "Daddy/Daughter Banquet" dress for my daughter.
  • Find & enter a Sewing Competition
  • Teach more BurdaStyle Webinars---already taught one on yesterday & will teach another one next Thursday.
  • Attend a sewing conference or two---I'll be going to the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in Atlanta and possibly Lakeland, Fl since Mr. Jim (my tailoring instructor) will be teaching there.
  • Take a fabric trip out of town--- There's a fabric store in Atlanta I plan to visit next.
  • Re-Stock my wardrobe basics---I need more skirts, cardigans & pants---all in neutral colors.
  • Of course log my 1000+ hours as required for my 10,000 Sewing hours challenge!!!
  • Participate in a sewing related charity or give Pro-Bono lessons
  • I'd love to meet up with some fellow bloggers! Hmmmm....let me see who I can contact and what we can arrange:)
Ok, there's a few more but I'll reveal those a bit later. There's LOTS to do this year! Thanks as always for following me on my sewing adventures! Ok, I'm switching gears to my Fearless February sewing........


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    1. You have wonderful sewing goals for this year! Hope you can achieve every one of them!
      For the Fearless February Challenge, I'm planning to make a pair of winter white trousers, I'd like to line them so I better start studying the process.
      Have a Great Weekend!

  2. You're really good at making good goals and sticking to them. I wish I could do that. A skill to learn?

  3. I'll enjoy following your progress via this blog!

  4. Wow! Those are amazingly ambitious plans. It'll be wonderful to see your creations in the course of the year.

  5. You really have great goals Victoria! I know you will succeed in each one too!

  6. Hi Victoria. I found your site thru Aftagley.blogspot who is joining your February challenge. You have some pretty ambitious goals but from spending time going back reading your posts, looks like you will accomplish all. I LOVE your blog and have now signed up to follow you on bloglovin. Happy 2014!

  7. Victoria,
    Here's my vote for you completing, and maybe even expanding your 2014 Sewing Goals.
    I've always wanted to try out an industrial sewing machine.
    I'm guessing that you'll quickly master it.
    'Keep on pushing', and stop only for rest and fuel!

  8. Wow, you've got some great plans!

  9. Great goals! Please stop by my blog and let me know if you plan to go to the Lakeland Expo. It's close to Tampa, and I am thinking of going. Maybe I can get Myra to go. Hey Myra....!


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