Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sewing Jots and Tittles 12.3.13

Oh, it's been FOREVER since I did my routine "Sewing Jots and Tittle" Post! Between my transition to Full-Time-Sewing-Business-Woman and my client work load I've been pretty swamped. But I can't neglect these posts.  You know I've got a brain that never sleeps. Here' all of the thoughts that have been plaguing my mind....

Sewing, Fashions and Such....

(Stopped in my tracks when I saw this gown in a store window. Breathtaking! I'd love to make gowns like this in the future!)

 (I NEED to make a camel coat! Like NEED! LOL!)

 (Adding this to my book purchase list.......)

 (..... this one....)

(and this one too! )

(BurdaStyle pattern magazines are at Jo-Ann's now. How convenient! I'm feeling a little tempted to try my hand back at tracing patterns. I'm really tempted!)

(Clowing around at Mr. Jim's (my tailoring teacher) studio! Trying out my new instagram account. Yes, I finally broke down and started one. You can follow me at "thetailor2005".

(I walked into Hancock and there was NO customers there! That's rare! Can you say Ghost Town?!?)

 (Bought my daughter her first pair of Nine West shoes! They're so cute, small and lady like. At $9 that was the only way she was going to get them. Mama never pays alot for shoes. NEVER! That's my rule!!!!)

(I made a Masquerade Ball gown for myself---actually 2---(I made one for the Bday girl too) that I still have to review. Just waiting on more pictures)

(New Vogue patterns! Need I see more. I just need to find time to make my list so I can pick them up at the next sale!)

(My sewing room was converted into a bedroom for my Aunt visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday. That means I didn't sew for 2 days but she ended up being really comfortable! Who knew?)

(Don't forget about my 4th Blogoversary GIVEAWAY. I'm giving away this FANTASTIC book. To enter HERE!!!) 


 (You can't take some people to a wedding.....they hoard all the favors! LOL!)

 (A great detergent recipe. These 3 boxes and 3 bars of Kirks Castle soap. Cut up soap or put in the food processor and mix with these 3 powders.  Voila! Lots of detergent that will last forever! I like to use it with my liquid detergent to stretch it!)

 ( Lionfish at a local aquarium!!! Beautiful creatures! They're so fancy looking!!! Love the colors! Would provide great inspiration for a dress.)

 (The Octopus is my favorite ocean creature! I love this painting I spotted in St. Augustine, FL)

(Saw "The Great Gasby" only for the fashions---that's the worst story ever! I didn't like it when I read it in High School. But I did fall in love with this song! I only know and like one other Sia song. Didn't know her voice was so strong! The lyrics are pretty strong too. I'm assuming she's metaphorically speaking! LOL!)

 (The Tic-Tac-Toe matches between the Hubby and "Wee-One" can get intense. They're so hilarious to watch. The "Wee-One's" pretty good!

 (Love this quote by W.W. Law written on his building in downtown Savannah. A profound truth indeed!!!)

(Took the "Wee-One" to see Disney on Ice along with her Godsis and GodMom. It took me back to my childhood! It was great!!!!) 

 ( Transformed into a "Fairy Princess" for Trick or Trunk and her school Book Parade)

 (Don't you judge me! Yes it was cold enough to wear socks with my sparkle toe flats. It was a one time thing. Don't worry I promise I won't be the woman going to WalMart in rollers! LOL!)

 (Don't you just love the specialty food section in some stores. You can get som many fancy products from other countries! Jams, chips, candies and nuts! LOVE it!)

 (Someone just got a new pair of jeggings. You can't tell her she ain't hot stuff! No seriously, you can't. She won't believe you! LOL!!!)

 (A pay-phone!!!! At least I was excited until I realized the phone was missing. )

(Oh, these two! They're hilarious together. I love to watch them. They're attached at the hip---or in this case at the back! LOL!)

(In a thrift shop testing out the golf clubs. Thank God there wasn't a ball involved LOL! Moments like these  ALWAYS make me happy. My daughter's got the best Daddy in the world, just like I did:)

(My Hubby did the "Voiceover" for the commercial for our church's Christmas production that will be starting tomorrow (doesn't he have a great voice?).  Anyhow, it's an interactive journey back in time to the night Christ was born.  He's also one of the actors too. This is a huge event at our chuch and thousands visit. It's really awesome!)

 (These things are great! I love dehydrated vegetables!)

 (I use coconut oil on my skin and an added perk is I never have to check the weather outside. If it's cold the coconut oil will be a solid and if not less so. What a great dual use!)

(The Wee-One's Grandma was one of the family members in town for Thanksgiving. When she's around all bets are off and rules go out the window--as it should be! LOL! Here's the Wee-One in Grandma's glasses and holding/drinking Grandma's soda---a soda she wouldn't otherwise get! You gotta love Grandparents!!!! They're the other fun, older parents! LOL!)

(Never read the book but thought the cookbook parody was hilarious! HA!)


  1. These are great! I read this post before work and this has made my day! No phone in the phone booth, party favor hoarder, great Dad and husband...what a good start to my day! Thanks V!

  2. Boy howdy, you had a LOT on your mind!!!! That gown is definitely a show-stopper! Your wee one is so adorable! She's growing like a weed. It looks like "retirement" is agreeing with you. So happy for ya!

  3. Oh, I meant to tell you that if you liked the costumes in "Gatsby" you need to check out "Miss Fisher's Mysteries" on Netflix. Phryne Fisher's wardrobe in the show is exquisite! I love that era of fashion!

  4. im just drooling over your fabric store.........we have onesmall shop in town and its run by old ladies.....sigh

  5. What an absolutely fabulous post! A little bit of everything. I am wishing I had someplace to wear the gown in the first photo. So lovely, so feminine and frothy. Your daughter is so cute. We no longer have a Hancock's in this area, sadly. Just Jo-Ann's and a small local shop which just changed hands and no longer carries the lovely fabrics it once did. I miss G Street's mail order service and the mail order fabric store once in British Columbia called Four Seasons. The monthly swatches were sent by your color "season" and it made shopping so easy.

  6. You had me at Burda Style magazines at Joanns!!!! I haven't seen them yet, but will take a look the next time I am in there. I love their patterns. The tracing is ok, not as easy at Ottobre, but manageable. I make my own detergent too, using the same ingredients you use, and I love it. It is gentle on my son's skin (he had eczema as a baby). Also, your hubby sounds like the president from 24, aka the Allstate celeb! I'm sure he is talented!

  7. The BurdaStyle magazines FLY out the door at my JoAnn's; I've had to ask them to hold one for me next issue (thought I had dreamed I saw them last month). Your child may actually be cuter than mine. But I have boys. Still.....

  8. My girls love to ride on their Daddy's back too!

  9. Love these posts. That program at you church sounds amazing! Your husband has a nice serene voice.

  10. Terrific post and wonderful pictures!


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