Friday, November 1, 2013

Teaching my 2nd Burda Seminar -- Topic: "Sewing for Clients & Starting your Own Sewing Business"!!!

Whew....over the last month I've been super busy and unable to blog/visit other blogs like I've wanted. My blog posting should become more frequent from now on. I've got some updates/changes to share. One upcoming thing I'm excited about is that I'll be teaching my 2nd BurdaStyle Webinar on Nov 7th @11am. My webinar is entitled "THE DO'S AND DON'TS OF SEWING FOR CLIENTS AND STARTING YOUR OWN SEWING BUSINESS".
Throughout out my 7 years of owning my Custom Apparel/Alterations business I've always encountered tons of questions from fellow sewers in regards to how to go about sewing for others. They want to know everything from how much to sew to how to gain the confidence to actually step out there and do it. Well this webinar will cover that material and much more. I've learned ALOT over the course of my years of sewing for others and look forward to sharing it. In my usual fashion this webinar will be chock full of information, insightful, witty and fun. To learn more or register go HERE--- Hope you'll sign up!


  1. How exciting, good luck with your course!

  2. I took this webinar a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure how much I needed it, but the price was excellent and was not too basic. I've sewn for myself and have done alterations for over 45 years. Nothing fancy and mostly for friends - skirt/pants hems/cuffs, slimming too big shoulders, resetting sleeves and helping to make someone's favorite pants fit. Lately, I've been making book covers - again for friends. For the last couple of years, though, it's been a goal to make the whole process more professional - a website, studio, business cards. This course is just wonderful for making sense of just how to do it. How to put alll the details and the bits and pieces together so that it works as a real business. The webinar was very professionally done, no hitches or hang-ups. An hour-long recording was delivered to my email on the following Monday which included links to recommended sources. This is for anyone who wants to take their "helpful-friend" sewing to the next level. Very professionally done!


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