Saturday, November 16, 2013

Labels, Logo and another Burda Webinar!

Thank you for all of your well wishes as I continually make my transition to being a Full time, Self-Employed Custom Apparel/Alterations/Tailoring business owner. Wow, that feels nice to say. I deeply appreciate your kindness. I can't lie and say that this whole process hasn't given me a few butterflies in my stomach. But I trust God's guidance. Life is short, sometimes you just got to step out there on faith:) It's funny I've had my business for the last 7 years but things are totally different now that it's a full time endeavor. I'm taking time to really get things organized. I've got lots to do (tailoring classes, draping, sketching, etc). I FINALLY got clothing labels done. Please don't ask what took me so long. I'd planned to do this years ago. I went with something simple which I love. Here they are.....
I used World Wide Label and sent them my design. It was really that simple and quite cheap---300 labels I believe for $55. I love the quality and finished product!!!!
I also just had my business logo created by a local graphic artist Tina Mahon. She has several FB pages but this is one of her newest one's She specializes in graphic art and landscape photography but also dabbles in portrait work. I HIGHLY recommend her! And her prices are very reasonable! I have to admit I absolutely love my new logo. And the process was so painless. I told her some of the ideas she wanted and she immediately sent me 3 proofs. This one required only one slight change and it was ready to go!
Lastly, I miss you guys SO much!!! If I can get through this week I can finally return to stalking your blogs. Man I miss reading them!!!!! This week is hectic because I'm preparing for another webinar. This upcoming Thursday is my 3rd Burda Webinar "KNIT PICKY: HOW TO PROPERLY SELECT AND SEW KNIT FABRICS TO GET SUPERB RESULTS! Out of all the webinars I've given I'm mose excited about this one. I LOVE knits. I wear them nearly everyday and mostly sew them. I look forward to sharing my tips through video, photos and tons of helpful information. There will be info for novice and experienced knit sewers alike. Plus I'll showcase some of Burda's knit patterns so you get to see how those turn out! You can register for it HERE.....

I hope all is well with you and yours. I'm attending a Birthday Masquerade Ball on tonight. I had the pleasure of making the Birthday Girl's dress and my own so I'll be showing those real soon! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the info on your labels - they are beautiful btw. Are they woven or what kind of fabric are they made of????

  2. Hey Faye!!! Thanks. They are woven and made of damask:) There the last option the main page

  3. Congrats and my God bless you on this journey

  4. Congrats! This is so exciting! I wish you all the best in your latest endeavors :)

  5. So happy for you Victoria and I'm sure your business is going to blossom! You're labels are gorgeous and so is your logo.... well done :)

  6. Congrats Victoria, and I wish you God's richest blessing in your endeavor. I also tried to email you but it came back, but I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see & hear more.


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