Thursday, July 26, 2012

I NEED more Denim in my life!!!!!

I'm currently working on Butterick 5601 (making it in denim) and on a whim thought I'd Google "denim dresses" to get some belt color ideas. Well...........................let's just say I think I found my denim paradise!!! Here you take a look. Go HERE! Don't even try to look away---just take it all in! Aren't those dresses just magnifique!!!! So many different style and design features!!!

 Aside from wearing denim capris & jeans (which I LOVE!!!) I realize I don't wear alot of it at all. I'm thinking that's got to change!!!! I would welcome a few tops and distinctly different dresses into my wardrobe. "Distinctly different" being the operative words----can't have too much where they all begin looking alike. So I'm thinking I need the following key pieces:

-denim jacket--to wear with maxi dresses, etc.
-denim bolero---for dresses and cute capris
-denim strapless dress & a few other styles
-denim shirt
-denim vest 
-denim jeggings (These have been on my to sew list for a few months)
I think that's all of the necessary pieces. Am I missing anything???

I think I'll pass on the denim ball/ wedding gown! LOL! Not my taste!  Seriously, I didn't know there was a such think as denim wedding gowns. That's very interesting!!!!

(Photo courtesy of

It goes without saying that denim is a popular & versatile wardrobe staple.  I've always known that but hadn't really made the connection to it's "lacking in my wardrobe" until now. I hope that in addition to the current dress I'm working on I"ll be able to aquire all of the "necessary" denim staples I mentioned above (whether I have to sew and/or buy them) fairly soon. They will expand my wardrobe tremendously!!! I'm definitely ready to make room for more denim in my life:)

How about you---Do you wear alot of denim? What pieces do you consider necessary?


  1. This is going to be a beauty. I need some more denim in my life too. Lol

  2. I was just thinking last week that I need a dark denim skirt, denim works as a great neutral and a skirt would make a good alternative to jeans. Dresses are a good idea too, though I agree a denim evening gown is not for me either!

  3. How about "jeggings"? Last winter I've made myself leggings out of some leftover stretch dark denim and ended up wearing them all winter with boots and cardis. Have you ever sewed up Jalie jeans? Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    1. Branka, denim jeggings is currently on my sewing to do list! Yikes, how did I forget to add them? Thanks for the reminder--I'll add it to my list up top. Yes, they're a staple for sure. I do have the Jalie jeans patterns and plan to give it a whirl for the fall!!!!

  4. I have 2 things on my Denim wish list: A pair of trousers and V1242
    As soon as I saw that pattern I imagine it in denim.

  5. Everything I make in denim I love and wear a lot. Can't go wrong with denim!

  6. Yes to lots of denim but I can never find that stone-washed or faded effect in yardage so I tend to by-pass it.

  7. I find the biggest challenge with denim is getting the quality and weight that is appropriate for shirts and dresses. What I see in RTW is almost a chambray and I have yet to find that weight in retail. It all seems made for jeans. I have spoken with other sewists who felt the same. Let us know all about your fabric choices. I know I would sure appreciate it.

  8. I saw the wedding dress right away and thought...what a cute idea for teen's graduation dress. Knee length, embroidery, maybe some subtle studs-->some 8th grade girl could rock that look! :-)

  9. I don't wear a lot of denim, maybe twice a month. I could use a denim jacket and also a dress. Looking forward to your denim venture.

  10. oh wow! I love that dress with the angled zip at the front your linked search brings up. I'm denim inspired too! And I really LOVE that Butterick pattern - must buy.

  11. Whoa. That denim wedding dress is something special. Not for me either!

  12. Cute denim dresses. I am such a fan of denim pieces they can be dressed up and down and most of all comfortable.

  13. I have two hunks of denim in my stash! Thanks for the inspiration link. I'm already married. (Whew!) LOL!! What were they thinking!

  14. I love denim. I made a denim pencil skirt that tapers at the knee last week lol.

  15. That wedding dress would be so HEAVY! I love denim, especially with contrast topstitching. I am planning to make some capris and a short skirt soon.


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