Monday, July 16, 2012

The Game Changer

Well I was well on my way to cutting out the dress I'm wearing to an upcoming wedding. Based on my own thoughts and alot of you guys' feedback from last Monday's Post I decided on using the New Look pattern top 6773 (view C), with the folded over edge and halter straps, and I would use another skirt from a different pattern since I didn't like the pleats in the included skirt (we'll save that discussion for another post). I did all of the fitting work on my bodice last night using my custom dressform. I fit like a charm and would need just a tiny reduction on the bodice length in the back to accommodate my short-waistedness. Today I pulled out New Look 6557, an oldie but goodie, to retrieve the skirt I was planning to use. I made view B of this dress about 6 years ago and absolutely loved the skirt and the entire dress for that matter. The skirt hangs beautifully.

  Anyhow, I pulled out the NL 6557 skirt and did a tissue fit and it aligned with the NL 6773 bodice perfectly. For good measure I tried on my version of NL 6557 and that's when things in a whole new direction. I realized this pattern would be perfect for my fabric and I would nix using NL 6773 all together.
 (Here's New Look 6557---my new pattern choice)

 (NL 6557 from 6 years ago. Made out of poly peachskin---super soft to the touch and a perfect hand for this dress)

 (Bodice upclose. The fabric is so cool and has an Asian vibe. I usually detest midriffs because since I'm short waisted (more so in the back) they tend to cut me in half. This dress was drafted so well that it actually elongated my waistline. Maybe that's an optical illusion and maybe it's more so the use a a print actually disguises the severity of the midriff. Plus there's a tie belt which hides the lower midriff seam making it look like a 2 piece dress. No matter what it is, I like this dress. It was voted one of Sewing Pattern Review's Popular patterns for 2007.)

 (Bathroom shot. Hubby was taking a nap so I was on my own.)

 After looking at myself in the dress I decided that I wanted to make the halter version--view A. I absolutely loved the fit of this dress and know the dress would showcase the fabric very well. So I put NL 6557 to the side and started working on my new plan. I'm very particular about my halter tops. I don't want to much to show or too little---I like the perfect balance---sexy but classy! So I made up a quick muslin to test it out. It went together too fast!
Here it is on my form. Fits perfectly!!! Both front and back!!! I might shave off a little in the front to open up the dress front a little more and give added shape.

(NL 6557 Front halter view muslin made out of some gingham I had on hand. The fit is great. There's no weird gaposis and the bust size is perfect. Everything lays perfectly flat. BTW, I cut the dress in a size 12....)

(....NL 6557 Back halter view)

So things changed up a bit and am happy that I decided to go with NL 6557.  I'm excited about it!!! I really appreciate all of you guys' comments and opinions. I do think the busy print would have camouflaged the folded over edge of NL 6773. Besides it's going to get used---believe you me. I've been waiting to use that pattern for quite some time. It just so happens I have a Wedding Anniversary to celebrate next month so I'm brainstorming about a dress. The first thing that comes to mind is NL 6773 View B+ J (folded over strapless bodice edge and a fitted skirt)  in  really cute fabric that I will keep a secret for now.

Ok, I'm off--have some pattern pieces to cut out! Happy Sewing!!!


  1. Both styles are going to look great on you.

  2. Love the dress from six years ago! Looks like your muslin may even be wearable!!!...LOVE THAT! I think you have a great combination here! Look forward to seeing the finished product.

  3. Very nice, I like your muslin too! You need to finish that up some way :O)

  4. I agree with the others, you should finish the muslin. There's something super cute about a gingham halter!

  5. Lovely dress Victoria! I love, love the asian inspired fabric, simply beautiful!


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