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Sewing Jots and Titles 7.12.12

"Sewing Jots & Tittles" is my weekly post where I get to ramble on and on about sewing related stuff that's been on my mind. As the multiple rings of orbit Saturn are comprised of both particles big and small so is my brain full of diverse thoughts. Watch out for falling debris.......

-This dress was featured in the 2011 movie "The Flowers of War" and I absolutely fell in love with it.  It was gorgeous on the big screen---or DVD in my case---and this pic hardly does it justice. The movie was really good too--a bit brutal at times and heartbreaking (any true depiction of war is) but the performances were stellar and it was such a testament to the good of humanity even in a bad situation. Trust me you'll need tissues for this one!

- Burn baby, burn!!!
Somehow there's a mystery surrounding the burning of my olfa mat by my steam generating iron. I nearly fainted when I realized the iron was "on" and sitting on it's rubber mat on top of my olfa cutting mat. The part that was burned by the intense heat was warped and is a bit cracked. Seriously, this was pretty traumatic for me since I really love my cutting mat. A full investigation is being launched and I hope to bring the guilty parties to justice. In the meantime I think I can work around it for a while before having to replace it.

-This is how a man thinks about cutting multiple layers of fabric. This is my co-worker cutting out layers of tulle for his wife, the music director, who was creating costumes for a school musical. Only from the mind of a man....LOL!!!!

-A cry for help!
 I cut out this pattern LONG ago and can't find the pieces or pattern sheet. Is there anyone out there who'd like to give up theirs? I'll trade you for a pattern of mine. Trust me, I've got lots of patterns to choose from. Let me know.

-I was hanging out downtown and ran across this cool graffiti. I loved how the colors just jived with my marigold dress! And yes, I did just use "jive" a 70's terminology. Took it way back! LOL!!!

-Working on a dress for a young client. Using view C from Simplicity 1927 on the left. Looking for the perfect white fabric for it.

-Tried sewing up some shorts. Here's my gingham muslin.
 The fit was superb but the style wasn't for me. I wish I could wear short shorts but these long thighs and camel knees don't make it flattering! LOL! So I'm sticking with capris. Here's the pattern I'm looking at using....


-Love this quote! And yes, I plan too (wink)!!!

-Public Service Announcement: Don't advertise an avocado as ripe unless the are ACTUALLY ripe. No one wants to wait 3 days to eat their "ripe" advocado. That is all!!!

-Hilarious cards! Man, I'm certain I have some crazy family pics to contribute. C'mon, you know you have some too! LOL!

-I've got honey on my face!
 I've recently gone granola--like far right granola! LOL! I work in the field of environmental microbiology  research and am aware of how beneficial bacteria are to us--the environment, everything for that matter. Well after a horrible facial outbreak the result of a sugar binge on cookies and a bad skin product. I had to find a way to heal my skin. That's when I did some research and discovered the "Crunchy Betty" website in addition to tons of other articles & videos supporting the use of RAW HONEY---Manuka to be exact, which is one of the most biologically active--- as a skin cleanser. I've been using it for a couple of months and my skin never felt better. The blemishes are healing and the tone is becoming even. I use a diluted Bragg's raw apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and tea tree oil as my astringent. Throw on a little moisturizer and that concludes my routine. It's not shocking that nature has the cures that we seek for everyday issues!

-Fermentation/Canning Frenzy
 I've always been a bit of a health nut. I want to start making my own yogurt and fermented veggies (lots of healthy bacteria there). I've had Sally Fallon's book Nourishing Traditions for a few years and are ready to give some of the recipes a try. The fermented veggies you buy in the refrigerated section of the health food store are uber expensive. Bubbie's live culture sauerkraut is $6/jar. Can make that myself and for way cheaper.
  Going to buy some quart jars and start making my own this weekend. I'm also regained my interest in canning. Hope to start that up soon too!

-Mother lode
I bought the largest bag of rice for $8. It's 20 LBS and was over half off at Publix. A normal bag pictured above is around 1 lbs and is over $2. What a savings I literally think I'll be able to go a year without buying another bag!!!

-Oh, I'm thinking strongly about this for me and the Hubby next year. Guess it's time to start training. Could I be any more out of shape.....sigh! Having this much fun would definitely inspire me to get in shape.


  1. I love the tulle cutting!

    A year's worth of rice - I hope you can cope with weevils. They don't bother me - I just rinse the rice and carry on cooking it, but I know they freak out some people.

    Camel knees - what idiot made up that expression? Your knees just look like normal knees. There is no reason you shouldn't wear shorts. I will admit to saying this from a position of hating capri pants with a passion you wouldn't believe. Either wear trousers (pants) or shorts - don't wear something that is a pretender to both, and a friend of neither.

    1. RTS,

      Can't say I've ever seen a weevil. Had to look up. Wow!!! Didn't know these guys could be such a menance. Thanks for mentioning. I read the tip re: storing the rice in the freezer for a week to kill of eggs. I think I'll try that. Let me know if you have any tips.

      Re: the camel knees, I'm actually the idiot that came up with that one! LOL! I can be so cynical. I appreciate your candidness (smile). I think it was the style I picked which was not good (too much gathers and fullness). I'll give shorts another shot--definitely a different style. I love your strong convictions about capris. I have friends who feel the same and despise the sight of a man in capris! Capris' on men are actually BIG in some European countries! LOL!

    2. No advice on weevils - I just rinse and cook (it's all added protein :)). Men in capris - don't even get me started ... lol.

      I had a horrible feeling when I asked about the "idiot" that it might have been you - because women are so good at being critical about ourselves - but I posted anyway because whoever came up with the expression *was* an idiot - you look great in shorts.

    3. Thanks RTS! Well it takes a woman to know a woman (wink! I'm definitely on a mission to find a more flattering pair (ie City shorts). More on that to come:)

  2. I saw you in a swim suit and I think you would look great in short, shorts!, I do knownit's an individual taste though...please reconsider and step out of that box!

    1. Thanks Myra!!! I've definitely reconsidered. I think I picked a non flattering style. On second thought there are other styles that would great on me. Due to your urging I'm stepping out of the box (smile).

  3. I just tried Bubbies sauerkraut last week. I love it! Definitely agree that it can be made at home much cheaper. I have been wanting to try some fermented veggie recipes from that book. I just never had the courage (because I had never had them before).

  4. I have that same book and I use it a lot. I've had it a few years now and I still keep finding useful information in it.

    1. Cool Carol! I've had mine for a while and aside from making salad dressing have done nothing with it. SMH. I'm excited I've finally had sense to use it.

  5. Wow, so much to comment on. I agree, a ripe avocado should not be hard for three more days, I've been caught by this one too. I have very sensitive skin and have had some extreme reactions due to cetyl alcohol! A friend recommended SBC Propolis gel. It works like a miracle on spots or red irritated skin. I think it's the same principle as you manuka wash.
    Destroying a cutting board is very upsetting. They are such useful tools and pricy to replace too.
    I've never tried home pickling. It sounds intriguing. Maybe you can do a pickling post one day if you have the time.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Medicinal Manuka honey (I know it is from NZ here but is it all over?) is very expensive but is fantastic. Particularly for burns and very bad skin conditions. Used in hospitals it is that good. Of course I think nature will have all the answers if we just look.
    I don't think I have commented on your blog before but i think it is very nice.

    1. You're so right! Mine came from NZ and was $16 a jar. I believe it's honey produced from the tea tree---one of the best antiseptic agents out there!!!! You're right---nature should be our drugstore first!!!

      Thanks for the compliment:)

  7. I know your cutting mat pain. Once I put my CM in the back seat of the car on top of the book. By the time I got to where I was going it totally melted and conformed itself into the shape of the book poking thru the middle. Totally trashed. Never put a CM in the car unless it is perfectly flat in the trunk or something.

    1. Thanks Bunny for feeling my cutting mat pain. Your account is pretty traumatic too!

  8. Canning is great, you control what is in your food! I can many many jars a year! :O). I make sauerkraut and just love it. I have a recipe for making it in the jar super easy if you would like it. I got some Kefir Water Grains back months ago that stuff is super yummy, great fermented addition to your nutrition.

    I don't have that pattern sorry.

    I think you could so wear short shorts. I like them myself. I am ermmm older than you and not as tall, but I buy 34" inseam jeans. Most of my 5'6" height is my legs LOL. Long legs are a plus I think for short shorts :O) but thats just me :O).

    1. Texan I'll definitely be hitting you up for your recipe.

      Thanks for your shorts advice. It's so cute that you're "all legs" too!

  9. I will trade you that pattern. It did not work for me. Becky


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