Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Style Safari--Part II: Eureka Moment!

As I mentioned in my initial Style Safari post, I am on a journey to Really discover my style. I understand our styles are forever evolving but I want to get a good handle on mine so I can sew better clothing options for myself. I have a good idea what my style is (hint: most of what I've sewn reflects it).  I found it interesting that many of you were sorta in the same place and that others of you felt you had a pretty good understanding of what your style is. No matter which "side of the fence" you're on, clothing is a reflection of who we are and gaining perspective and understanding of one's style is a great thing.

The "Style Safari" post came on the eve of my dilemma with the "one hit wonder dresses" in my closet. These are dresses I've made and only wore once and pretty much lost interest in (detailed in this post. ). I was trying to figure why that was the case and which many of you offered some great comments/advice on my dilemma but I think it was Heather who really nailed it. Her comment was....

I know I'm super late to comment on this post, but it actually took your post from today to jog my thought process on it. I think you (and maybe me) look at your projects as art pieces. They're planned for a certain event, they invoke a certain mood, and you love them when you wear them for that event. Then it's over, like the party or Mother's Day, and you don't think of them again because you're on to the next art project. Artists don't paint the same thing twice.

So maybe instead of making an art piece for a special event, you consider making art pieces for Mondays, or Thursdays. That way you can enjoy them more often? Just a thought. I'm trying to apply that to my own way of sewing, too. 

Wow, Heather I think you, as they say, "hit the nail with the hammer".  That's a great explanation and is similar to the conclusion I arrived at, except you thought of the whole "artwork" analogy! Just Brilliant! And it makes sense. I only had this problem with my "special occasion" dresses not all of the other items I've sewn.  I realized that alot of my "special occasion dresses" were just  "too special". I've resolved myself to not "back myself into a corner" so to speak with some of my style options. That's one of the mail reasons I don't like alot of trends. I don't want my work to be easily "dated" but instead I want to create clothes that can "go the distance" and get alot of wear.  You know, create some timeless pieces that really stretch my wardrobe. I think Mary said it best with her comment "I tend to make things which can be worn in a variety of situations-so I don't really have any lonely pieces". 

Great suggestion Mary and that's the direction I want to go more towards. As I investigate further, I'm proud to say that I'm really getting a grasp for my style. Again, I had an idea before but now it's all really coming together. It's amazing what happens when you actually stop and really think through your choices. I've discovered so much so far and am having so much fun. I can't wait to show you what I've discovered.......more later.....


  1. I'm excited that you're finding your niche! Yay!

  2. Interesting discussion. I make a lot of "worn once" items - but I really don't mind. For a big event I like to have a dress that wows. Or sometimes it is just the thrill of working on something, as you described, an art project. I will be very interested to see what you come up with.

  3. So true! I think this revelation governs my sewing - now it all makes sense!

  4. I certainly do one hit wonders. Isn't that what's required for weddings, special events, New Years? I just don't want to wear the same thing next year and my social life is between me and the wildlife in my yard. If I didn't sew, I would be buying one hit wonders. Don't we all want to look smashing at a big event? The "smashing" effect doesn't really happen twice unless you are with a totally different crowd. After all, these events allow me to make special garments that I wouldn't normally make. I just donate them after.

  5. I agree but... is there anything wrong with a one wear wonder? I'm asking myself as much as anyone else as I struggle with this off and on. I've been trying to wear my event clothes more often and some times I succeed and other times I don't. However, considering that I sewed it and considering that it was far less expensive than purchasing would have been, maybe it doesn't matter ? ? Maybe once is enough and now it can be whatever - like someone else's or something new. I've been known to refashion things and that's a lot of fun too.

  6. Beth & Bunny, you are so right. I think "one hit wonders" are ok too but I personally feel as if I've been making too many of them--sometimes on a weekly basis. I guess now I want to make more clothes that can get more wear.

  7. Myrna, I agree with you too, there's nothing wrong with them at all. I guess I don't want to fuss with my wardrobe as much as I used to. I much rather have a smaller amount of clothes that I wear more often and can mix and match then a larger wardrobe of rarely used items that were too event specific. The older I get, the more I find I want to simplify my life---guess that's a reflection of my personality (smile)!

  8.'s "hit the nail on the head". But your version is pretty funny. :)


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