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Sewing Jots & Tittles 5.6.11

"Sewing Jots & Tittles" is my weekly post where I get to ramble on and on about sewing related stuff that's been on my mind. Here what's been revolving between my ears.....

-Mother's Day Dress-
I'm up at em' early trying to finish up my Mother's Day dress to wear to church on tomorrow. Hey, it's a special holiday so you know my saying "why not make a special dress". I really think I look for reasons to sew and never seem to have to look very far! LOL! Anywho, the inspiration for my dress actually stems from a pair of shoes I've had in my closet for a least a year and have never wore. They're the cutest little gray strappy sandal with encrusted stones down the front panel. I'm almost finished sewing my dress and I'll reveal it on tomorrow. I'll just let it remain a surprise until then.

-Speaking of Mother's Day-
I received gifts from my 2 favorite people---My Hubby and the "Wee-One". Yup, those are gift cards to Hancock's & Jo-Ann's Fabric. They know me all too well:)

- Finally some Vogues.....
For some reason my Jo-Ann's store will not get an entire shipment of Vogue patterns for the newest Summers season. They keep getting a few patterns here and there. I finally got my hands on some last week. This is what I picked up. I even was forced to get pattern 1240 in a smaller size since that was the only pattern they had. I'll see if I can exchange it for the right size if it ever comes in again. Sign..... But I'm happy I at least got some of the patterns I want.

-New McCall's-
Well although  I was able to pick up all but 2 Vogue's I was looking for I was delighted to find the new McCall's in stock. I didn't know they were in since the new catalog wasn't out. So on a hunch I checked the drawers and there they were. Now the new McCall Summer patterns are not very appealing to me and to be quite honest left much to be desired but there were a few that caught my eye. I love, love, love the blue top featured in the right pattern. Now that's my style!

- Sorta a Wadder-
Well it's been a while since I had one but hey as we all know they happen. This one is actually salvageable but I'm not sure if I want to make the effort. The top is too big so I would have to pinch out alot of excess fabric and probably add some elastic on the upper back bodice. I should have used a more stable knit for this top. I used a cotton knit so the stretch was too much for this top. I like the design, but it's a little revealing if you're not careful. I'll think about it making it again. But it's definitely worth giving it a try if you use the right knit:)

(To get this top to fit the dressform I had to pinch out 4" in the back. The same when I tried it on. Also, I'm not feeling the key hole but that's an easy fix---just whipstitch it up closed some. Again I might give it another try with a more stable knit. It would work perfect then.)

- Series on Sewing with Knits-
 I've read so many comments on my blog and others about the frustrations people have in sewing knits. For me they've never been all that difficult to sew but I know what it's like to pick the wrong fabric for a project (as seen above). Either way, I thought I could do several posts on sewing with knits in the next week or two that will give some helpful pointers and hopefully help those who struggle overcome some of the challenges--that is if anyone's interested. Please let me know.

-I'm being featured.....
I've had the distinct honor of being featured on I'll be featured on their site under the "Favorite Sewing Blogs" section for a week. How cool is that? The wonderful Robin from the blog "A Little Sewing on the Side" is also being featured. Congrats Robin.


  1. I'll bet your Mother's Day dress is gorgeous based on those shoes! What a nice treat from your family with the gift cards. Congratulations on your feature!

  2. Hello Victoria... I am new in the blog world :) I actually started my blog maybe 2 yrs ago and just never got back to it. I am seriously trying to start this time around. I noticed one of your pictures showed a Joanns store and OMG I was like that looks like the Savannah Ga. Store. and it was. Wow! I am looking getting clothing labels made and noticed you mentioned that a friend helped you. Any advice on where to get those done locally. or at least here in this state. Looking forward to your reply. Oh, and btw im in Hinesville....Down the road from you. :)

  3. Congratulations on being featured on!
    Great shoes; can't wait to see the dress to go with them.

  4. Nice shoes and WOW gift cards :) @ ladywise it's GREAT to have someone else that sews living close to you. This is what I miss about being in Brooklyn NY ;( However; I make do with the wide world of web :) Enjoy your sewing adventure! Happy Mother's Day to all and may your supplies always be filled with your favorite fabrics!!! ;D

  5. Congrats Victoria. You deserve to be blown up all over the net. Can't wait to see your new dress. Oh, and BTW, I'm a knit lover too and use quite a bit of it. I'd still love to see your series on dealing with them. Hey, I'm still learning too.

  6. I am so excited for you... SO many nice patterns you have there. Looking forward to seeing them made. Yes, some tips on sewing knits would be so helpful Victoria. I would be personally be very grateful if you'd share your knowledge. I love to wear knits but I just can't seem to sew them well.

  7. Congratulations on being featured! I'm looking forward to picking up tips from you on how to sew knits. I wear a lot of knits and try to sew a lot of them too, with mixed results. So, I'm definitely up for learning a few new tricks.

  8. Such good news here! Congrats on being featured, so well-deserved. Your shoes are wonderful so I bet the dress will be terrific.

  9. I would love to hear anything you have to say about sewing with knits, you do them well :)

  10. Congratulations on being featured.

  11. Thanks Victoria - and Congratulations yourself! Wow!! I can't wait to see this Mother's Day dress in action!

  12. Congrats on being featured and Happy Mother's Day.

  13. Congratulations on being featured - you certainly deserve it! I'm looking forward to seeing your Mother's day dress and to reading your tips on sewing knits, you always make such wonderful knit dresses.

  14. A series on knits? I'm all for it! Thanks.

  15. Congratulations on being featured Victoria! I really can't wait to see your Mother's Day Dress (and Happy Mothers Day to you!) On another note, I absolutely love your wadder and hope you can save it!!! That fabric and the look is gorgeous. The start to your version makes me want that pattern seriously!! Your fabric is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I really hope you can save it.


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