Friday, May 13, 2011

Style Safari ---Part I

 Thanks so much for your feedback to my last post. You guys left some interesting comments that made me think a bit. I'm definitely ready to make some changes in my sewing selections. I'm ready to change up my style a bit.

But before I get into that I want to announce that I did get my sewing machine back and "she" has a clean bill of health. I thank God for Mr. Smiley and his 40+ years of experience in sewing machine repairs. It turns out that there was a small piece of metal underneath my needle plate that isn't typical of older Brother's. This piece, if I understand it correctly is suppose to prevent the thread from backing up if you turn the hand wheel backwards instead of forward. Well somehow it got bent and my bobbin thread was getting stuck on it preventing my feed dogs from moving properly. To solve the problem he removed that piece and she runs as good as new. Ok, on to the details of this post.....

I'm feeling good and for some reason quite liberated. I'm in the mood for an adventure. Based on my last post I had to do some soul searching about my sewing selections.  I've loved the things I've sewn but I'm ready to step out a bit to explore and get in touch with my style. To be quite honest I don't know how to define it. I know what I like but I don't know if I fit into any particular category. I'm sure I do, probably in a few, but I don't know what that is. But if I had to apply adjectives to my style I would describe it as colorful, fun, and feminine. I really love prints and explosions of color. 

So I'm pretty excited.  I'm ready to get out there and begin discovering my style. So I'm diving into this with a little research. I have about 40 fashion magazines I've been collecting for the past year that I really hadn't had time to dive into. So I plan on going through them and collecting pictures of what I consider my style and see if I can gain a bit of assessment there. I also hope to gain a little bit of style inspiration along the way. I'm in search of my style, how fun!!!! I'll let you know what I discover......

How about you, "Do you feel you've got a good handle on your style or are you still trying to discover it?"


  1. I'm still trying to discover myself too. Like you I like lots of different styles, but I don't know if I fall into one specific category. Maybe business casual if there is such a type.

  2. Glad to hear that Mr Smiley was able to save the day! I can relate to not being sure what your style is, I think most of us aren't that self aware. I hope you will show us a "mood board" when you have all your pictures collected!

  3. I am still discovering my style. I realized that what I wore 5 years ago is not to my liking now. So I am looking at more fashion magazine and sites then I ever did before.

    I hope you find your style soon!

  4. Great post! I'm wya, way off knowing what my style is. It used to be very smart, formal, dark in colour and "business like". Now I am struggling too and looking at patterns in a whole new way. It isn't easy is it? Be prepared for some mistakes along the way - and some positives too. I made the most simple top in a modern print and wear it all the time now. Funny how things work out!
    Good luck, I look forward to reading more posts. Glad to hear your baby is safe and working well.

  5. My style and I are passing strangers. I envision this well put together lady who looks like she just stepped out of anthropologie or j-crew, the reality is I just grab any old thing....
    Can't wait to see how you progress.

  6. It's good to hear all is well with your baby(machine) And I agree with Shawnta, I also can't wait to see your progres with finding your style! Which I know will be awesome!

  7. My style is clean simple lines. I wish I had a better figure to wear some of the things I really, really like. Until that happens, I keep things simple. Not settling, but being realistic about what I *can* and *cannot* wear with my shape.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with. I have a general idea of what you like, but that's something you have to discover yourself.

    Glad your baby is well again. It's no fun when the machine is on the fritz.

  8. Yeah!! Glad you have your friend back home! As I mentioned in your last post, I've given up trying to pin myself to a particular style, one because I love so much and two, because I tire quickly of certain things. So I would have to say, I'm sticking to keeping it a little sexy, a little classic and a whole lot of works for me!

    I anxious to see what you figure out, sometimes you'll surprise yourself! Good Luck!

  9. Glad your machine was able to be fixed easily and you are able to get back to sewing. I am interested in your exploration of your personal style. I have done the same as you-collected photos of ANYTHING, and then looked back to find common elements. I am pretty clear about what I like and what I believe looks good on me. That doesn't stop me from branching out, sometimes with disastrous results! I am currently working to refine my "retired teacher wardrobe" and put a little sexy sass into it. (sass, not #ss)!!

  10. Glad to hear your machine is better again!

    I'm with you about figuring out personal style. In the last year though, with sewing and reading tons of fashion blogs (love them for the real people and the real budgets!) I'm beginning to come into my own - style wise. I'm more daring while also having a better understanding of what looks good on my body and what doesn't. It's still a work in progress, but my husband is complimenting me more than ever before, so I must be doing something right :)

  11. Great idea! I think I've got a handle on my style AND I'm still discovering it. Of course, some weeks work better than others :-)

  12. I think I have a handle on my style, but I need to learn to stick to it - I am so easily influenced by other styles and constantly find myself off on a tangent!

  13. I have never been able to come up with one word that summed up my style. And often I haven't had the funds to practice the style to which I would like to become accustomed. :)

    As we go through life and change our style changes too, I think, to an extent. That is natural.

    The thing about sewing is that it exposes you to so many more designs than what is in a typical department store. A sewer can buy inexpensive fabric and give nearly any pattern a practice run to see if a design is flattering to her. That has made my style a bit broader, and maybe a little more confusing to myself, as I am not limited to the carbon copies of similar designs offered in most stores.

    Great question about style! I really appreciated hearing from other sewers in the comments.

  14. Good luck with defining your style! I made my inspiration board much the same way - clipping pictures from magazines - to get an overall feel for what appeals to me.

  15. I'm in the process of re-discovering my style. After many years of Jeans and tshirts as my SAHM uniform and then I sing professionally as well (lots of black evening-type wear)has left me with NOTHING that is dressy-casual. I'm a BIG girl and I am very tired of seeing an OLD frumpy big girl in the mirror; I didn't used to be that way.... SO, I'm also rediscovering my sewing ability, I've had my colors "re-done" and gotten rid of 5/6 of the stuff in my closet, and gone out and bought a PILE of new fabrics that go together (Sewing With a Plan) and am slowly moving in that direction. I've been checking out lots of blogs - mostly sewing & fashion - that are inspiring me. Back to lurking and I wish you the BEST in your quest for your own style!


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