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All I want for Christmas: My Christmas Wishlist 2010

I've been busily planning my Christmas shopping strategy for the kids or "little people" in my family. I'm an Auntie to 9 kids and a Mom to 1 so there's alot of little people to cater to and of course I like to do it in the most budget friendly way.  We usually only buy for the kids which means we don't get things for any other adults in the family. To keep things simple I think I'll make custom Christmas stockings for the little people  and pack them full of treats and a gift card to their favorite store. I'll keep it simple this year and let them pick what they want.

I got to thinking about what I'd like if I had some extra mullah. To be honest my husband got me thinking about it since he's been asking me about what I'd want.

So I remembered that I posted my list on December 22nd, last year and thought I'd revisit it. With the exception of a steam iron, I didn't get anything on my list. So I thought I'd update my list and maybe beginning this year and every subsequent year --little by little---I'll get everything on my list. I'm in no real hurry and I'm pretty patient. As always my goal is to get items at the best possible price.

My SEWING Christmas Wish List consists of........

1. Custom dressform from Andy's Dressforms in NYC. Out of everything on my list, this is the one thing I WANT the MOST. Oh how I would love to have the full body form with legs included ----totally made in my size. Even a customized dressform without legs would be great. It would simply be great to have a body double of myself. That would be ssssssoooooo awesome. That would make fitting things like jackets so much easier. Fitting my small back and narrow shoulders would be a cinch.

For some reason my Hubby has been asking me alot about this. Hope that's a sign that one's in my immediate

2. A Velva Board . I know you can use self fabric or a towel when pressing corduroy or velvet but I like to collecting nifty pressing tools. I'm planning to make several corduroy pants and skirts this winter so this would come in handy.

(Photo is a Google Image courtesy of Couture et Tricot--the only one I could find on the internet)

3. Blind hemmer since I do a load of hem alterations. Still doing my research and haven't decided on a brand yet.

4. Janome 900 CP Coverstitch Macine I actually have coverstitch capabilities since I own the Husquvarna Viking Husky Lock serger which not only allows you to serge but converts into a coverstitch machine. Howerver, it would be nice to have a separate coverstitch machine so I could serge without having to covert my machine over to the coverstitch option.

 5. Dressform tape for when I experiment with draping. This would be great if I get a custom dressform.
6. Threads Magazine DVD ROM. Who wouldn't want all of the Threads Magazines EVER published???? They've recently updated this to include the 2010 year of Threads magazines. I'm so cheap that I don't want to pay the $149 price tag but for 152 issues, you can't beat the price. It's less than $1 an issue. From that standpoint it's a real value and I'd like to have it.

7. Business Labels from Worldwide Label. I'm just having a hard time deciding on a logo. I think I'll forgo the logo and just have labels with my name.

9. Book: Building Patterns the Architecture of Women's Clothing. I have almost every popular pattern drafting book on the market (I'm not kidding) but I love to collect. This one come's with high recommendations and I've been stalking it for some time. Hope to get it for less than it's $65 price tag.

10. Burda Subscription: I had a subscription between 2006 and 2008. I wouldn't mind renewing my subscription since I know I'd actually sew up some of the patterns.
11. Gift Cards from my favorite sewing stores:
       * Fashion fabrics club

Ok, here's my NON-Sewing Wish List

1. A new eliptical machine: I bought one off of Craigslist for $75 and it works great but it squeaks just a little. I'd love to have a fancier one. I used to be a HUGE gym rat back in the day and have slowed down (and gotten lazy) since having my daughter. It's time for me to get back to working out.

2. I've always wanted a Rebounder. NASA uses them in training astronauts.  They're great for your health and stimulate the lymphatic system, etc. etc. They're a low impact way of using the gravitational pull on your body. The only bad thing is these guys can be pretty expensive ranging anywhere from $300-$400.
3. A new vacuum cleaner: A fancy one such as a Dyson equipped with all of the bells and whistles and an awesome Hepa filter system.

4. A year's supply of Justin's Almond Butter: I discovered this stuff at a local health food store and have been hooked. It's sooooo good. I like that it's all natural and combines two great things---chocolate and almonds:) I've also tried the maple almond brand it's just as good. I like to put it on sliced apples to curb my sweet cravings. It's a little pricey---normally $11/jar but you can get  the 3 pack  on for much less (about $8.50/jar) and with free shipping. This stuff is so good that they ran out of my chocolate almond version on Hope they get it back in soon, I just have 1 jar left.

5. Gift Cards:
    * My favorite online site for books, household items, etc.
    * Apple's iTunes---- Music for my IPOD
    * Ross Dress for Less--- I always get Nine West shoes from her for $15
Well that's pretty much it. Nothing wrong with a little wishing is there? What's on your Christmas wish list? Well there's only 2 months left til' Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed because you never know what could happen!


  1. This is a great list! How I want that dress form too...

  2. Great list! A custom dressform, now that would be a fantastic and supremely useful gift!
    I'm planning a similar post myself for Christmas wishlist ideas as well :)

  3. You have a very impressive christmas list! :)
    All great things to have.

  4. I could shop from your list! :) It's a great place to start for ideas!! I would love to have anything to do with teaching me draping and pattern making! I'd like to start there and say...I'd love to have a few classes in draping/pattern making top on my list!

  5. I love your wishlist. I want a custom dressform, too, and that Threads DVD. I began reading a How To book last night on draping. It is a skill I want to learn, but I wonder if there are some DVD's out there that teach it. I really need to be shown how to do something.

  6. I forgot to add that "Pattern Magic" and its counterpart "More Pattern Magic" is coming out in English this month on Amazon. They may already be available for purchase.

  7. I know Rachel---isn't that great. Pattern Magic is already available from Amazon (I'm thinking about getting it this week) and More Pattern Magic is available for Pre-Ordering now but won't ship until January 2011. If I can't find them anywhere else for cheap, I definitely plan to pick them up soon (maybe before Chrismas (wink)).

  8. Where are you going to get your Velva Board? I can't seem to find one anywhere.

  9. Right now the only sewing thing I can think of is a sewing table for my fancy machine. That way I have a completely flat surface for free-motion quilting.

    Non-sewing I'd like a generator for our RV, so that if the electricity goes out, I can still sew. :-)

  10. Great list! Now you have got me thinking of what I want for christmas! :)

  11. Your list has given me ideas as well. Actually, I am thinking I will need to try Justin's almond butter now!

  12. You've got some wonderful things on your list - and I think you deserve to get them all! I'm glad to see that you have a coverstitch machine on your list - I'm already beginning to love mine :) I was very intrigued to see the kind of dress form you have picked out - I would love one like that. Good luck - I hope that Santa thinks you've been good this year!

  13. You know you can get one of the fully equipped Dysons refurbished for like $250 from Overstock. I got one and it works perfectly for half the price.

  14. Thanks Kellan--I'm all about paying 1/2 price!!! I'll be sure to check them out when the time comes!!!!

  15. Christmas presents? People still do that? In this economy? I must say your list is impressive. The Dyson is a good choice though, I have one os the older ones bought at closeout from one of those linen stores. The newer one have a lower head that can reach under your cabinets to the baseboard. My has a fat head but really sucks up the dirt and is easy to use.

  16. LOL, Toocutedobs!!! That's why I'm hoping for a Benefactor:) I need someone to fulfill these wishes otherwise, it will be some time before I accumulate all of this stuff!!!LOL!

  17. Great list! I not only own a velvaboard (great tool, I have Summerset to thank for sending it to me), I also own a Rebounder and I usually exercise on it at least twice a week. I do a fitness class called "Power jump" (you can download some of the instructional videos from here, if you wish:; mine is not that expensive though (maybe we're talking of different sizes). We call it a "jumping table", "jumping mat", or "mini-trampolim" in Portuguese. I highly recommend it, since I have a knee injury and this exercise doesn't hurt my knees at all


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